Repro/Sticker: Classics Road Rage from BotCon SG Tracks

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by PyjamaPrime, Aug 29, 2012.

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    Wasn't sure which category to put this under, since both the paintwork and stickers were extremely minor. Since the paint is SLIGHTLY less important than the stickers, it'll go under Repro/Sticker, but it really could be under either. Anywho, here's my first entry on the Radicons, so be nice please. I don't really post at all on the boards, so I guess this is as good a place to really start.

    For a while I had the idea to do this custom to an actual Turbo Tracks, to the point of getting an extra one... then SG Tracks was announced. Here, 99% of my work was done and I could have my own Road Rage for the low low price of $50. This year's set was already somewhat interesting to me, due to the fact that the Club somehow knew that people wouldn't like their SG fiction and made most of the SG figures with the intent that they could be changed into regular Classics figures, so someone had to have come up with this idea other than me. I got this figure off of Mindy (@artoni) at TFCon this year and I love it. I almost instantly got to work once I got home on the Friday night and other than a tiny touch up I did the other day, It's really been done since then. I just thought I'd get it out there.

    So this is a Road Rage custom out of BotCon SG Tracks (as the title suggests). All I did was take a red Extra Fine tip Sharpie paint marker to the lips and slap G1 Autobot symbols on the chest and hood over the SG ones. the Hood took a bit more work, with me having to cut a symbol in half from one of the freebie Reprolabel sheets. Yes yes, I realize that I "defaced" a priceless BotCon toy, but I've done more to a rarer figure a few years ago at TFCon, turning Aveo Swerve into G2 Flash.



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    hey, I have no problem with this, especially considering I've had this idea since I saw the set. The lipstick is kinda not important to me, but otherwise, well done.
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    I want to do the same, but give her the proper Diaclone-style head.

    Though Lipstick works well for when she's not babysitting Crosscut and wants a night out on the town ;) 


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