Classics Optimus Prime (MISB) for Classics Hardhead

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Digitalskull, May 13, 2010.

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    UPDATE **** DONE DEAL ****

    Good Day,

    I would like to get Classics Hardhead... Anyone would like to trade?

    Here's my sale thread if Optimus is not what you would like...


    - Classics Optimus Prime (MISB)
    - Human Alliance Bumblebee (MISB)
    - TFTM Premium Megatron
    - Unleashed MEGATRON Turnaround: (MISB)
    - Infiltration Comic series
    - Devastation Comic series
    - ROTF Smokescreen (with 3 autobot stickers added)
    - Universe Springer (From the 2 pack with Ratbat)
    - RID Megatron (Incomplete but beautiful!!)

    Iron Man:

    - Iron Man: Mark VI (Exclusive)

    Star Wars

    -Sealed 100th Figurine Luke Skywalker
    -Sealed 3D R2-D2 Puzzle
    -Sealed Mastervisions Overseized Cards
    -A bunch of Star Wars Insiders
    -The Courtship of Princess Leia Hard Cover
    - 3x Star Wars Galaxy
    -1984 Land Speeder
    -Laser Canon tri-pod
    -Sealed Episode 1 card game
    -Star Wars Tie!!
    -Yoda & Darth Maul Figurine
    -Pez Dispensers

    Console Games

    - PSP Lumines: 5$
    - PSP Secret Agent Clank: 10$
    - PSP Miami Vice: 10$
    - PS3 The Club: 10$
    - WII Redsteel: 10$
    - WII Link's Crossbow Training (Sealed): 4$
    - Nintendo DS (ALL LOOSE) 5$/Each or 20$ for the lot (Lowered):I did it Mum!, Brain Age 2, Pet Vet, Cake Mania 2, Hell's Kitchen, My Fashion Studio, Gourmet Chef.

    DVD (Like New)

    - Star Wars The Phantom Menace & Attack of the Clones: 16$
    - The Fifth Element: 8$
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