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    updated 3/23/13

    Got some loose and packaged bots for sale. Please PM or post and I'll get back to you within 48 hours. I ask the same courtesy.

    Pictures show what I have, if there is a certain part you need but don't see, please contact me and I'll see if I have it. I usually have all the parts, but keep them separate.

    Paypal only, and I will entertain any offer. Shipping only within the US and I will update this first post timely. Shipping for a single item is $10 but combine shipping for discounts.

    In addition, I give BIG BIG discounts for multiple items, and priority to those sales.

    Wanted items:
    Deluxe Airachnid

    Update 3/25/13
    Cybertron Primus

    Energon Dreadwing $30

    Korean(?) Big Convoy $40

    Armada Wheeljack with Windsheer $20

    Universe Powerglide $20

    Costco Overload $30 (Missing two yellow missiles)

    Leo Prime $20

    Alternators Smokescreen $20

    Alternators Hound $20

    Universe Acid Storm (x2) $20 each

    Landmine $10

    Movie Overcast $10

    Best Buy Exclusive Ratchet (Metallic Deco) $20

    Movie 1 Ironhide $20

    Stormjet (?) $10

    Nightscream $20
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