Classics Megatron Mace on the cheap - PCC's Throttler

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    Using Throttler, the PCC from the relatively new release of Sledge to Classics Megatron (I'm using Henkei) we have a sweet mace for Megs on the cheap. I know these guys run about 10 bucks above or below the border, this beats handing out $75+ for a mace from Masterpiece Megatron as seen in the thread below (which also looks kick ass, if you can get over the $$$$$$$ or know someone who wants to part with that mace):

    Have a bunch of Lego sitting around, I used an ordinary "link chain" lego piece to attach the PCC to Megs. Although it was a tight snug fit onto Throttler, it was a bit loose fitting into Megs' hand so I used a common Lego rod (the same dimensions used for Lego lightsabers) as a handle so that Mega could grasp it easier.

    Of course, just winding the chain around Megatron's forearm will keep it in place. Anyway, it looks pretty decent. I know shape-wise it's not a perfect mace by any means, but it is G1 color accurate (for those of us that care ;)  ) and dude.... it's ten bucks.

    As you can see, I'm also using Chopster (another PCC from Smoulder set) as Optimus's energon hammer so I'd say these two look pretty nice together. For $20+ you can have a decent Classics energon upgrade set here.

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