Minor/Repaint: Classics Galvatron [WIP]

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by hXcpunk23, Apr 8, 2008.

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    I've been working on this sucker for the last 3 or 4 months. In that time, I've gone through 3 (yes, three) different arm cannons, 2 styrene chest mods, and a rejuvenation with a few G1 parts to bring it to life. I've watched others try this custom in recent months and I've loved every single one of them. I also did some extensive searching to find others that I hadn't seen before. All in all, it had to be the Jin Saotome version that kicked me to start it. I really liked his paint apps and the general look of the figure.......but it still wasn't "G1 enough" for me (especially in that crazy space cannon mode he had--it looked great, but I just wasn't feeling it). So I did what any G1 fan would do, I shredded my old school G1 Galvatron for parts (trust me, it was ragged out already) and took the repainted figure I already had and began to breathe some old school Galvatron into it. I had already had the general robot look down, but the hardest part was trying to come up with a more modern concept of his alternate mode "tripod" cannon.

    In some of these pics, you'll see the original "test" paint job I did (just to get a feel for what I wanted to do) and the original concept for the tank treads on his alternate mode (which I got by shredding the small electronic tank that came with this voyager Energon Megatron--I hit it with the dremel and glued them on to see how it held up). It didn't look too bad, but it wasn't quite big enough. Enter more G1 parts. :) 

    It took a lot of thought and planning to get this thing just right. I used a dremel to grind down and cut out some of the "wings" in robot mode (which now serve as the "arms" to his alternate mode). I also added magnets to give me the option of keeping it attached to his body (which looks like complete crap--too much kibble) or the option of removing it (parts-former!), which honestly looks much better. So before going on the offensive about parts-formers, please note that THIS one was almost impossible to retain that G1 feel with that crap hanging on his back. lol--Anyway, I also tried some drybrushing to give him a worn look, but I didn't like it, so I gave him the more natural look. The pictures don't do it justice (my fiancee has her camera that I used for the WIP stuff and the FINAL pics are taken with another camera). The WIP pics look better and more detailed, so sorry for blurry pics on the finals. I still plan to do very small paint touch ups on him, but other than that, he's DONE.

    ENJOY! (the FINAL pics will be in another thread soon)

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    That's a pretty sweet alt-mode man. My only complaint on the work you've done is the pieces on the shoulders. They don't even serve a purpose anymore, and they're an eye-sore empty. I'd chop 'em off if it were mine. :) 

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