Minor/Repaint: Classic Mayhem Attack Squad part 1 Bludgeon

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by chlokai, Jan 5, 2009.

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    remember the pretenders? the small robot went inside the shell and the extra partsforming bit went on the back or arm? well I'm not good enough to make a shell so my whole small robot is going to be a 'backpack' for the large bot.

    the story is that the mayhem attack squad (UK version, bludgeon stranglehold and octopunch) were all very small robots and no one took them seriously, so they decided they needed bigger partners, and with energon running so low they decided to have none transforming androids that they could connect with to conserve energon etc. it also helped when on mercenary missions in places TF's weren't liked.

    so what do you's think?

    havn't started octopunch or strangleholds inserts yet, don't think they will be a rhino or a crab though, maybe cyb legends scourge and megatron repainted.

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    I LIKE IT!!!!!!! i love that legends megatron! wat did u use to make the pretender shell?

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