Classic Fanfic: Separation (Remastered)

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    This one mostly goes out to the fans that have been around since the stone-age of this fandom.

    Jump to the next post if you want to dive straight in. What follows from here is a foreward, because this thing has a bit of a legacy-

    I present, for the first time in 14 years, my fanfic "Separation" in its entirety. Why post a a decade and a half old fanfic? Because it still pops up in conversations from time to time. I won a bunch of fandom 'awards' for it back in the day (It hit the Trannies a bunch of times, and got promoted as a "best fanfic of XXX" by some fan review group).

    Part of me feels self conscious presenting this as if it's some kind of phenomenon, but a wiki-walk in Google the other night led me to see more than a few posts in the dusty halls of the Internet of people looking for this beast. As recently as 2008, right on this site, for instance.

    So it had an impact, and I'm finally going to give it a new home here on my favorite TF site.

    Re-reading it I see the genesis of my ficton-style, though it's still pretty rough and raw here. I've gone on to be a professional writer in the years since this was created. I write technical stuff by day, and have a small paid-fiction career by night.

    I can tell that my heart was in this one, because even 14yrs later I still rather like it.

    I can also see why people responded, it strikes at a lot of core concepts of the G1 mythos, and I was working VERY hard to give the whole thing a feeling of realism and "lived-in" age, at least within the limits of the Cartoon-based framework.

    So, for those who aren't salivating at this being reposted, because it's Separation, here are a few notes:

    We're set in the G1 cartoon Universe, Rebirth more-or-less happened, though the finale evidently played out a little differently, and now several decades later the Autobots have their stuff together, and the Decepticons are falling apart. Toy-line history marched on, but little else did. But Hook and Soundwave have a plan to change the equation in favor of the 'Cons at long last.

    This is mostly a Decepticon story, with just enough of an Autobot presence, to give what the Decepticons are doing some weight and context.

    Envision this as a feature film, Animated Movie mk2.

    For my old fans revisiting this, and anyone wondering about some of the continuity oddities:

    So, this thing was originally a NIGHTMARE of mix-and-match continuity, set squarely in my own crazy fanon circa 1997. I've tried to strip some of the most offensive elements out, resulting in a number of "Pretender" characters being added in (some canonically so, others not) to replace some really continuity-displaced characters.

    There is a Japanese-Transformer element in here still, but then as now, not with any relation to ACTUAL Japanese continuity. I sort of regret the choice in retrospect, but it still works in context...and may actuallly be less stupid than the real version :) 

    Finally, this story touches on Megatron's origin, and interestingly, I pre-saged a number of little tidbits from modern continuity here. So if anyone reading this thinks "Gee, I bet he got that from IDW" remember that this is 14yrs old, and they, evidently, stole it from me ;) 

    For anyone who's really creative and loves this story:
    In revisiting this, I've come to again see some of the reason why people got excited over it, but I definitely feel giant-text-block internet-fanfic is probably about the worst format for the story to be told in. Since I'm dedicated to pay- and potential-pay- projects these days, I won't ever have a chance to re-format this into any other medium, but if any creative types want to take this and re-work it into a comic, animation, audio-drama, or any other thing at all, just PM me. I'd love to see it reach a wider audience.

    So without further rambling, I present Separation (Remastered)
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    He dreamt of dreaming. There were few beings in the universe whose subconscious would be perplexed enough by the sheer act of dreaming to ponder the act in sleep. But, for him, dreaming was unnatural. It was an unnatural act for his race. Their race had been programmed with the
    ability to sleep and to dream, but it was not necessary for them to do so. Their creators, their former masters, had given them the ability so that they would be more pleasing to their organic owners. For this reason most Cybertronians shunned the act. To his disgust Galvatron had discovered necessity in the thing.

    As he slipped deeper into sleep, his mind drifted onto other things; no longer did he dream of dreaming, but now he dreamt of himself. He sat cowering at the feet of some mighty behemoth, he could see nothing but the monster's massive black feet. At first Galvatron suspected that his father and tormentor, Unicron, had returned from the dead to torment him. He gazed up at the towering figure and could sense nothing of his father's presence; his mind was being tormented, but not in Unicron's way. It was something deeper, something more internal. It was something the fools on Webworld had tried to correct or eradicate, or both. It was something essential to who he was, but something which was tearing him apart.

    He feared for his life; he feared angering the mighty beast which hovered over him; but he had to know, he had to see the face of his tormentor. With fearful reluctance, Galvatron fired a tentative blast from his plasma cannon, illuminating the darkness around him. In the brief flash of light, he saw who it was that was destroying his mind.

    The towering figure was a mighty Decepticon warrior. He was a shining silver sentinel who bore a slight resemblance to Galvatron. A tyrant who had a face that looked nothing like Galvatron's, but which he was tempted to call his own. It was a figure of power and destruction who carried the mighty Fusion-Cannon on his arm. A deadly weapon, forged in the fires of Cybertron's birth along with the other mighty artifacts, which was poised to destroy Galvatron for his insolence. He heard the mighty black weapon shudder to life; he saw the deep purple energy surge forth, he felt it tear his body apart...

    "No!!!" Galvatron sat bolt upright in bed, his sudden motion tearing many of the electrodes adhered to his titanium body. He breathed hard, his body metabolizing the particles in the air to produce a meager amount of energon. The hyperventilation revitalized just enough for his eyes to come into focus as he looked around the room.

    "Lord Galvatron, we may have discovered the source of your problem." Soundwave's disturbingly hollow voice caught Galvatron's attention. He had always wondered how a Cybertronian could have such an advanced mind and such a primitive synthesizer.

    "Yes, speak Soundwave. The use of my dreaming program is...disturbing. I dislike them and wish to alleviate my problem as soon as possible."

    Soundwave remained silent and exchanged a look with Hook, indicating that the Constructicon should explain their findings. Though always dedicated first and foremost to the Decepticon cause above all else, in his spark Soundwave felt his personal bias, and was unsure if he could speak now without betraying that bias. While he was almost completely without emotion, Soundwave did have a strong capacity for loyalty, and his loyalties lay with his true lord, not this mockery.

    Hook tapped the computer console before him and a stream of data popped up on the screen. It represented in code what Galvatron had experienced in his dream. "Our computer analysis is not yet complete, but we have detected a surge in data redundancy every time your mind is not completely active."

    Galvatron could sense that the scientist had not seen the frightening images he had experienced, their data was purely scientific, not aesthetic, that was good; he could not afford to have his fear revealed.

    "This includes not only when you sleep, though the redundancy seems to surface most strongly then, but also every time your mind is not actively processing anything." Hook paused, he knew his harsh voice had a tendency to enrage the Lord at times, Galvatron looked calm at the moment, but Hook didn't want to take any chances. "What we suspect is that when Unicron reformed you into the being you are now, he did not simply alter your mind as we originally suspected."

    Galvatron eyed him suspiciously, "Your findings must be incorrect, that, or you are lying to me. I have seen the reports on the autopsies I ordered to be performed on the Sweep specimens; their minds had simply been altered. Why do you deceive me?"

    Hook could tell Galvatron was on the verge of another one of his “episodes”, a bit of soothing was in order. "The Sweeps are lowly creatures lord, they are little more than automatons. Unicron likely realized that a true and mighty lord needed to have a strong and healthy mind. My hypothesis is that he didn't dare risk corrupting Megatron's personality, nor did he feel competent enough to create a new personality from scratch. Instead he copied Megatron's mind, altered it to create your personality, and then checked it against the original copy to make sure its integrity was preserved. He then placed you into the newly reformed body. Apparently he may have left the original copy intact, buried somewhere deep inside of you, presumably so he could use it as a model to repair you if anything ever went wrong. We suspect that it may in fact be creating the very problems it was intended to avoid.

    "We have concluded that in all likelihood the submerged personality may be trying to come to the surface and take control of your body. The best course of action would be to remove him from your processors and transfer him elsewhere."

    "Why transfer it? That," he spoke the word with contempt, "other personality was obsolete." Galvatron drew the last word out into a long hiss. He took a strange joy in over emphasizing his speech patterns.

    Soundwave's head snapped in Galvatron's direction, a little too quickly for his usual level-headed personality, “Lord Megatron was an effective leader. It would be unwise to sacrifice such a mighty warrior."

    Hook thought it best to back Soundwave’s position, if he sent Galvatron into one of his fits it would make life difficult for all concerned. "Yes, Soundwave is correct, Lord. Megatron was a far inferior leader when compared to you, but our forces are so weak at the moment, we need as many warriors as we can muster if we are to take back Cybertron."

    Galvatron looked out the window of the medical facility. Megatron had been lord of Cybertron; Char was the only world Galvatron had ever ruled. The desiccated dust ball was a festering pit of unstable plasma. The substance was damaging to any who came into contact with it and too unstable to produce any energon. If he could take Cybertron as his alter-ego had, he would at last wipe the doubts from the minds of his less loyal troops. Perhaps bringing Megatron back wouldn't be such a bad idea after all.

    "I consent. But I ask, as my body was formed from the weak fool's carcass, where do you propose to transfer him to?"

    Soundwave spoke, "We have created a new body in preparation for this contingency."

    "I see. When can we begin the transfer?" Galvatron was not pleased that his scientists had created this new body without his knowledge or consent. It was possible that they were just being extremely loyal, planning against every contingency to protect his health. More likely though, they had been plotting his demise.

    "Immediately Lord, if you're feeling up to it." Hook's voice always seemed to have an edge of malice to it. That was a quality Galvatron hated about the scientist. It left his bedside manner with much to be desired.

    "Good. I feel fine. Proceed immediately."

    They traveled deep within the heart of Trypticon City. Soundwave had directed Hook and his Contructicons in creating a huge lab near Trypticon's power generators. There they had constructed Megatron's new body. The new form corrected the mistakes that the Autobot's Ark had made. On Cybertron, Megatron had been the mightiest warrior ever known, and when he transformed his mobile cannon mode all his energies were devoted to his Fusion Cannon, making the weapon unstoppable. But such a weapon was unknown on earth, and the nearest match Teletran 1 had been able to find was a terran hand-gun.

    Megatron had been able to control the rate of his size change so that he could still utilize his fusion cannon in this mode, but his dependence on his minions was crippling. He put himself at their mercy whenever they held him, and to make matters worse, for the most part, their aim was terrible.

    Soundwave had solved these problems in constructing this new form. His Lord's new body was massive and powerful, the secret of the Fusion Cannon had been lost when Megatron's original body had been destroyed, but Soundwave had designed a new weapon for him: a seismic cannon that would shatter the earth and topple buildings at even the lowest settings.

    His alternate mode was just as powerful, now able to transform into a mighty tracked assault vehicle, his Lord would be able to double the strength of his armor in this alternate mode, and still use his seismic cannon at full strength.

    The new body, however, was only half of Soundwave's genius. He had also created the device that would, bit-by-bit, sort Megatron's essence from Galvatron's, extract it and then transfer it first to a buffering matrix and then into the new body. Only one other device had ever been created that could manipulate the essential sparks of Cybertronians in this manner. The other was, of course, Vector Sigma, a comparison Soundwave enjoyed making.

    Galvatron looked around the huge chamber in distrust. The place was dark and radiated with waves of processed energon from Trypticon's core. On a giant steel slab lay a body, forest green, black, and silver. The body was clearly strong, probably physically superior to Galvatron. But what truly frightened him was the face of that empty shell. It was the face he had called his own long ago. It was the face of Megatron. Or at least it was a memorial to the fallen champion.

    There was a hard, angular nature to the face that exceeded Megatron's original visage.
    Indeed the face resembled the scowling countenances on the statues of Megatron that had once stood throughout the Tyrant's empire. They had inspired fear in his subjects, while the Lord's true face had only inspired trust, if not reverence.

    Wishing to get this over with, Galvatron allowed himself to be strapped onto a table on the other side of the strange mechanical contraption erected in the center of the room. As he gazed up at the machine he noticed the chamber at its center which contained a glowing energy matrix. His attention was diverted as Soundwave and Hook began opening access panels all over his body and face and began attaching cables and electrodes.

    He hadn't known what to expect of the process, but it hadn't been this violation. He lay on the table for what must have been hours. He stared alternately at the darkness above him, and then at the glowing energy matrix. His eyes wandered about like a child's, never content nor interested in what they took in. He noticed several other Constructicons milling about following Hook's orders. He also noted, with disgust, that many of Soundwave's disgusting little minions were also scurrying about the chamber.

    He knew that the pathetic creatures were better at transferring data files than any other Cybertronians, save their Autobot brethren, but what Galvatron disliked was that he knew they were utterly loyal to Soundwave. Whereas he was never sure who Soundwave was loyal to.

    At last, Hook warned him that the process was about to start, and that he should stay relaxed. He heard the generators in Soundwave's machine beginning to warm up; its processors quietly clicking and humming in the distance. Then he felt it begin to affect his body. At first the sensation was nothing but a warm tingling. But then the heat increased, and he felt a great weight pressing upon all sides of his cranial housing. At last he recognized the sensation as it intensified.

    He began to feel his mind being torn apart in a manner disturbingly similar to the punishment Unicron had inflicted upon him. He began screaming.

    Soundwave had anticipated his "master's" reaction and taken precautions. The moment he sensed Galvatron was getting agitated he pushed a button on his control panel and titanium bands snapped into place over Galvatron's torso and appendages. He would not be pleased when he was released at last. But that was all right, by that time their true master would have arrived to make sure all was well.

    Soundwave and the rest of the Decepticons in the chamber watched in fascination as a ghostly image began to form in the energy matrix high in the chamber. At first the image was quite faint, but it was becoming clearer by the moment. As if projected into the thin air, Megatron's image began to form above their heads.

    He stood mighty in his shining glory. At first he was completely inanimate, but then his facial servos started to move, and his fingers twitched. Soon his entire Spark would be in the matrix and then it could be transferred to the body.

    Suddenly alarms starting going off on Soundwave's control panel. Then lights and buzzers erupted all over the camber and the Decepticon technicians all scrambled to their stations.

    Hook's voice cut above the din, "The matrix isn't powerful enough, it's over loading, and I'm reading only a sixty-five percent transference of the Spark."

    Soundwave responded coolly, "I am aware of the situation."

    "Can we boost the power enough to finish the transfer?"

    "Negative." Even Soundwave's flat voice sounded frustrated, "Preparing to reverse the transfer."

    Galvatron's voice boomed across the chamber. "Don't" No one had noticed that he had stopped screaming incoherently. But now they all looked into his eyes and saw a stability there absent since the first moment of his creation, "My mind is whole again, I forbid you to reverse this process."

    It was clear he was both lucid and deadly serious. Hook leered nervously at the over-loading energy matrix, they had stopped the transfer, but the system would crumble soon if they didn't transfer something out of the matrix. "What are we going to do Soundwave? Can we transfer what we have into the new body?"

    "Negative. We would not be able to transfer the rest later. Megatron would be as unstable as Galvatron was. I am going to reverse the process."

    Hook placed his hand on Soundwave's wrist before he could access the panel. "I can't let you do that, he would destroy us both." Hook paused for a moment in thought, "Could we put the device into some kind of continuous transfer routine. Just draw the remaining parts of Megatron's spark directly into the new body once we start transferring what we already have?"

    "Negative. The matrix is designed to separate the two Sparks; transfer one; defragment it, repair it, and then transfer it into the new body. Unless the entire Spark rests in the matrix first, Megatron's personality will be jumbled and corrupted."

    "Well that's better than having our heads torn off." Hook reached for the control panel and started the process. He had planned for such a contingency and so knew that when Soundwave lunged for him, the arrogant throwback would be stopped before he could disturb what Hook was doing.

    He heard the sounds of a scuffle behind him. But he knew that his fellow Constructicons could easily subdue Soundwave and his minions long enough for him to finish the transfer.

    The ghostly image howled in pain as it was drawn out of the matrix. As the empty shell began to twitch and convulse the matrix glowed hot with the rest of the Spark being transferred. Hook caught Galvatron's beaming face out of the corner of his eye. He and his Constructicons would be rewarded well.

    After two cycles all was silent. Soundwave and his minions stopped struggling, so the Constructions released them. All optic receptors were on either Galvatron, Megatron, or both.

    Both figures stirred calmly on their tables. After a moment Galvatron strained against his bonds and they popped, one by one, releasing first his arms, then his torso, and
    at last his legs. He sat up and roared with laughter, "I am reborn!"

    Megatron's figure was slower to stir, but when it began to move at last, it was quick to fire its shoulder mounted weapon at the bands which held it to the table. They vibrated themselves to pieces and the entire room shook with a dull rhythm. "Intriguing device. Soundwave, report.
    Where am I?"

    Soundwave walked confidently across the room to stand at his master's side. His minions also slinked into that half of the chamber. Hook and his Constructicons had gathered by Galvatron.

    Soundwave spoke, "My lord, you have slept within another body since destroying Optimus Prime. Your original body was destroyed so this one was created to house your Spark."

    Megatron flexed his new and powerful hands. He stared at its fingers, the digits were more massive than they had been before, but didn't seem less dexterous. Slowly he realized that he was having difficulty following his lieutenant's words… "Then Prime is dead at last!" He laughed, perhaps longer than he should have. But the response seemed beyond his control.

    Soundwave responded, "No lord. He was for a time, but he too has been reborn."

    The glee disappeared from Megatron's face. He looked around the room and saw Galvatron. He didn't recognize the figure, but he somehow seemed familiar. "Soundwave, who is that?" He looked in the strange robot's direction.

    "That is Galvatron. Unicron re-formed your body and mind to create him,
    he has ruled in your place."

    Megatron laughed uncontrollably again, "That maintenance drone has ruled in my place?" He laughed for a moment more and then stopped suddenly. His photo-receptors diffused losing any immediate focus. He stared off into blank space, "Unicron." He paused and then his eyes snapped back into focus, but still he looked at nothing, "No one summons Megatron!...No one!"

    Megatron seemed to recover slightly and then jumped to his feet and stared at Galvatron. "And no one rules the Deceptions but me!" He jerked a thumb towards his chest.

    Hook stepped away from his Galvatron. He anticipated Galvatron would go into a furyupon hearing Megatron’s challenge. He had always been even more paranoid about maintaining his leadership than Megatron had ever been. But Galvatron just looked calmly at Megatron. He didn't even flinch when Megatron aimed the seismic cannon in his direction.

    “This is my mighty predecessor?” Galvatron crooned, “Perhaps our guest should take a rest before he begins active duty again." He looked Megatron directly in the face and said, "Perhaps when you recover fully, I shall make you one of my generals."

    Megatron exploded into rage, "General?? I am supreme Imperator of the Decepticon Empire!" His seismic cannon began humming loudly. "I have charged this excellent weapon to full power, Galvatron. If Soundwave's technical skills haven't declined while I was away, I can assure you that it will tear you apart at this setting. I do not wish to destroy a useful pawn, like yourself, but I will if I must!"

    Hook knew that Megatron was serious, he never gave idle threats, and the look in his eyes spoke clearly to the fact that he was irrationally enraged. Hook looked about him to make sure all his minions were there and then shouted, "Constructicons merge! Phase one! Transform!"

    Galvatron held up his hand and spoke evenly, "Halt, do not merge." He looked again into Megatron's starving eyes, he saw there the madness he had felt almost since his birth, but now was gone. He understood. "Megatron, you ruled before I was created, I would not exist without you. If you can prove to me in battle that you are the stronger I shall give up leadership to you. But do not do battle with me now, it would mean nothing if I was able to defeat you before you had regained your full strength. Now rest, repair, and we will do battle when the time is right."

    Soundwave spoke silently to Megatron oe one of their personal frequencies. "He is right, my Lord. You have not yet recovered your full strength. Accept this truce, you will defeat him once you have recovered."

    Megatron looked deep into Soundwave's photo-receptors, Soundwave had never betrayed him, and he had always provided wise counsel. He would trust Soundwave's judgment until he was sure he could trust his own. "Fine it is agreed. Soundwave show me to my quarters."

    As Soundwave started walking away, Megatron laid a hand on his shoulder, "What place is this?"

    "We are in Trypticon city on the planet Char."

    "Char?" Did we conquer this city, are there Autobots here?"

    Soundwave led Megatron discreetly from the room. It would be best that Galvatron remained unaware of what Megatron did and didn't know. "No we built this city. Once it transformed into a mighty warrior. But that required too much energon, and this dry asteroid produces almost none, so its personality component was removed and put in a new body. The city can still convert to a battle station mode however. The status of Autobots remains, as it always has here, non-existent. They control Cybertron, its new moons, and earth,"

    "We have lost the empire."

    "Yes. When you were destroyed our forces fell apart. Unicorn's attempt to devour Cybertron drove our forces from the home world and allowed the Autobots to take control of it."


    Soundwave quickly changed the subject. "You successor has allowed many of our troops to become partly biological."

    Megatron stopped walking and stared in disbelief at his soldier, "What?
    You mean our warriors now wear flesh?"

    "Yes, he has attempted this many times. At first he allowed them to bond with cyborg-humanoids in an attempt to improve the Deceptiocns’ capabilities. And then he designed biological shells that our warriors could wear." Of course Galvatron detested Lord Zarak and had never condoned any of the attempts to bond with the Nebulons, but Megatron didn't need to know that. "And now he converts soldier after soldier into what he calls 'Pretenders' they are not true Cybertronians, but cyborgs, half flesh. Some convert into organic animal forms from Earth."

    Soundwave knew that the thought of mighty warriors being cursed with the poor alternate modes of Earth would make Megatron hate Galvatron even more. His rage would lead Megatron to destroy Galvatron. If he remained rational, he might allow Galvatron to live and serve. Galvatron was too powerful, he had to be destroyed. If Megatron allowed him to live and serve, he would assuredly revolt and try to retake power. Such an attempt would surely end with Soundwave's demise.

    Megatron simply growled to himself in discontent. "And he was accepted as your leader. My replacement?" He walked several more paces in silence and then his voice exploded with rage. "Why did my warriors follow him? Why didn't one of my lieutenants take power? Shockwave perhaps, Blitzwing?"

    Soundwave contemplated how to answer the question. The raw truth seemed, as it usually did to him, the best approach. "Starscream attempted to take command, but was destroyed during his coronation by Galvatron. It was a calculated act of psychological control. After that demonstration no one ever challenged Galvatron's dominion."

    Megatron halted. "Starscream." His seismic cannon began humming with life, and then suddenly quieted. "Then he is destroyed?"

    "Starscream's status is uncertain my lord. It seems he existed in a non-corporal state for some time, and then somehow found a new body. But he was damaged, or destroyed, and sent hurtling into space after a battle with Galvatron. He may yet live, but is no longer a threat."

    Megatron began laughing uncontrollably again, "Then the fool, Galvatron, could not rid himself of the sniveling dog either!" He laughed for several more cycles, "I'll say one thing for Starscream, if nothing else he was a master at avoiding the destruction he so painfully deserved!"

    Soundwave gently took his lord by the arm and shoulder and urged him to continue down the corridor. After several macro cycles they arrived at the portal to the chamber Soundwave had commissioned for Megatron. They stepped inside. Megatron looked around the room and said, "This seems suitable." He walked into the room and sat down in the massive throne
    Soundwave had ordered constructed. Megatron asked, "Is there refreshment to be had?"

    Soundwave walked over to a wall panel that opened when he waved his hand before its sensor. A small tray with three tiny crystal flasks of liquid energon slid out of the wall recess. Soundwave carried the tray to his Lord who took and began sipping the first flask. "It is good Soundwave, but the portions seem meager."

    "As I have explained, Lord Megatron, energon is in very short supply due to our crisis. We can afford to refine only a very small amount of energon into recreational forms. Most of our meager supply has to be used to simply keep our troops alive."

    Megatron slowly shook his head. "I have been gone far too long. The doppelganger that has held the throne brought misery to my empire. His reign must be brought to an end."

    "Affirmative." Soundwave was about to say more, but his com-link buzzed in his audio-receptor. Soundwave switched his communication processor to silent mode and answered the call. "Yes."

    "Soundwave this is Hook. I think you will agree that we need to speak. Immediately."

    "Agreed. I will meet you in your chamber shortly."

    "Good. Hook out." The internal connection cut off with a faint hum. Soundwave turned to his lord and said aloud, "I will leave you to rest now, my Lord. We will speak more about the removal of the usurper in the morning."

    "Yes Soundwave, let us meet in the morning. I will rest now."

    Without another word, Soundwave slipped from the room and strode hurriedly down the passageway, making his way to the Cronstructicons’ lair. He disliked the place.

    After Trypticon had had his spark removed from the city, the Constructicons had begun taking structural liberties with their residence. The entire wing where they and their crew of engineers worked was a monstrosity of twisted steel and cable. Every bolt they had installed served some purpose which only they understood. Every seemingly useless device added in some way to their comfort, or their research. And the entire place conformed to their twisted sense of aesthetics.

    Soundwave halted before the door to Hook's chamber and knocked on the titanium portal. The door ground open with a subsonic screech. It was one of those sounds that Soundwave was never quite sure if the average mechanoid could hear or not. The frequency was just unusual enough to escape the notice of most audio-receptors, but probably not so distinct as to be audible to him alone.

    Hook's grating voice, on the other hand, was never missed by anyone, "Enter Soundwave."

    Soundwave entered the chamber and the door screeched closed behind him. Hook didn't hesitate a moment before speaking, "Well it has become quite clear where our respective loyalties lay, eh Soundwave?"

    "Affirmative. You back the false lord. I serve our true master."

    "Leaving the issue of rightful ruler ship aside, it should be clear even to your weak scientific intellect that this new Megatron is as mentally unstable as Galvatron was before we performed the operation. It is also obvious that you will not willingly allow Megatron to be taken off-line.
    And it is also clear that even without the Fusion Cannon, this Megatron is powerful enough to avoid destruction by force, at least by our pathetic rabble. So we must find some other solution. Agreed?"

    "Yes, Lord Megatron cannot remain as he is."

    "Well I propose a compromise. We can transfer his spark to cold storage until we can perfect your transference matrix and then finish what we've started."

    "Negative. Megatron must lead. For the Empire to survive he must take control as soon as is possible. Further, the process is simply too complex for our technical skill. I will not be able to upgrade the transference matrix sufficiently."

    "Well my plan is still our best solution. Perhaps we could kidnap a Quintesson engineer and force him to aid you."

    "Negative. Ignoring the animosity that all Quintessons feel for our race, it is unlikely that any among their number still possess the skills that their ancestors used to create us. We must use an existing artifact to complete what we have started."

    "Its a fool's dream Soundwave. The only artifacts that would be capable of completing the process are Vector Sigma and the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Both of which are now rumored to be non-functional, and both are definitely under Autobot control."

    "There is another."

    Hook leered at Soundwave suspiciously, "You're not talking about what I think you are."

    Soundwave's face betrayed no emotions as he said, "I speak of the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership."

    Hook began laughing, "You *are* a fool Soundwave. Do you remember when Galvatron searched for that thing? It simply doesn't exist."

    "You are mistaken. Galvatron is a fool, he sent his least competent minions chasing after rumors. I have uncovered vital information that will lead us to its true resting place."

    Hook laughed again, he had a hard time believing that Soundwave had really discovered any such information, but on the other hand he had never known Soundwave to lie. "And just where did you discover this information? Talking to the Sweeps again were we? Or maybe the Insecticon clones?"

    "Negative. During the chaos on Cybertron caused by Unicron's assault, I sent all my minions to download as much information as possible from the library databases. It was not until we had sufficient dealings with the Quintessons that I was able to decode their language, and then extrapolate their computer encoding language from that data. After that, it was merely a matter of time before I could begin de-encrypting the records that my minions had copied. According to the files that I have managed to decode there were definitely at least two matrices known to the historians, both of which were hidden by the Quintessons when they realized the potential they would have in our race's hands. From their standpoint it was a deeply unfortunate accident that the Autobots discovered the first Matrix."

    Hook was stunned, if Soundwave had uncovered the ancient Quintesson archives he would have knowledge regarding the essential nature of the Cybertronians that was held by few other individuals in the entire universe. "So what? Even if you have uncovered these interesting bits of history, you still don't know where the thing is hidden."

    "You are mistaken again. I don't know the exact location yet. Quintessonian stellar cartography is much different than our own, and their system is at times, erratic, if not illogical. But I have narrowed the necessary search parameters to a manageable area. All we need is a competent search team and some time."

    Hook was not pleased by Soundwave's self-assurance; he was not the type to go chasing after rumors. "Fine Soundwave, go chasing after legends. I won't stop you, I won't even report your endeavors to Lord Galvatron, but on two conditions. First, you must lead the expedition yourself, and second, you must take Megatron with you."

    Soundwave responded without a hint of emotion, "I will accept these terms, not because you have dictated them, but because they are logical. I will prepare my expedition and leave tomorrow." Soundwave turned on his heel and walked out of the door.

    Neither Decepticon noticed as a tiny terran rodent scurried out the door after Soundwave.

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    Trypticon City was plagued with rats; it had been ever since its creation on Earth. Innumerable efforts had been made to exterminate them, but they seemed to reproduce faster than they could be killed. No one ever took notice of a single rat. Neither did they ever take notice of a stray energon signature within the living city. For these two reasons no one ever took notice of Packrat.

    The Autobot thief scurried through the winding passages and air-ducts in Trypticon City. He scuttled boldly between the legs of Decepticon warriors that would surely scrap him if they realized his presence. He fought hard to resist the urge to grab the occasional piece of shiny scrap that he encountered within the passages. At last he worked his way back to the tiny air vent that he had used to enter the city. He scurried quickly away from the city. The notion of a common rat walking through the vacuum of a barren world like Char would have made most
    Earth biologists laugh. This rat had no difficulty however. When at last he felt he was a safe distance from the city, he emerged from his organic shell, transformed and broke into a run, rapidly moving across the sulfurous surface until he at last came to the place where he had hidden his shuttle. The palm scanner recognized his hand, and the hatch opened.

    PackRat quickly ran through the shuttle's ignition sequence and activated the stealth equipment. Within twenty minutes the craft was beyond Trypticon City's long range scanners and streaking through space towards Cybertron. He broke radio silence, "Come in Iacon Base, this is Operative PackRat returning from reconnaissance. I have urgent news."

    The familiar voice of Chief Communications Officer Blaster exploded from PackRat's console's inadequately powered speakers, "This is the Master Blaster comin' at ya mouse man, what can I do ya for today?"

    "Big news Blaster. For Optimus's ears only, tell him to have the debriefing room prepped for the moment I arrive. But tell me something, do you ever take a break from manning the switchboard?"

    "Don't worry, Prime's ears will be ringing with the news of your arrival in about two nanoseconds, and nope, never do. I've got the gift of gab and I love usin' it. Besides the communication grid picks up more broadcast music signals than any other stereo system in the universe. Who needs a vacation! Catch ya later mouse-man. Blaster over and out."

    Several hours later, PackRat's shuttle touched down at Iacon City's primary launch bay. Technicians, both sentient and droids, flooded over his craft like a swarm of insects, powering down the craft, running maintenance and security sweeps, and collecting as much preliminary mission data from him and his craft as they could so that his superiors could create the most effective debriefing session possible.

    It was during moments like this when PackRat truly felt the division of his mind, that part which was synthetic, and that part which was biological. His computational self quickly analyzed the technicians' questions, and efficiently formulated responses, all the while his animal mind was still buzzing from the thrill of the mission, and the anxiety he was feeling about talking to the great General Optimus Prime.

    He had talked to many other Cybertronians about the mental division he felt, his fellow Pretenders reported identical experiences, those who had bonded with the Nebulons seemed to understand completely, and even the pure Cybertronians seemed to have some concept of what he felt.

    Of course he could never be quite sure that what the others told him was trustworthy. His reputation, though unfounded, was that he was unreliable and an 'enemy-sympathizer' seemed to prevail throughout the ranks. At least his leader, Optimus Prime, seemed to understand and accept him. Prime seemed to understand and accept all Cybertronians, regardless of the differences in their subraces.

    PackRat had always suspected that was because _this_ Prime was not a pure Cybertronian either. Indeed he possessed the true Prime's mind and memories, and his body was a near replica of the original's, he even the possessed the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Despite all those links to the original, it was still well known that the first Prime had finally been completely lost.

    Somewhere deep within the bowels of Nebulos he and his binary-bonded partner Hi-Q had been damaged beyond repair fighting for the survival of the Cybertronians and the freedom of the Nebulons. Hi-Q had some how sacrificed his mind, and reformed his body so that Optimus Prime might be reborn one last time. This was like no binary-bond ever established previously, however, somehow Hi-Q remained within the soul of this new Prime, somehow subtly altering the heart of the compassionate leader.

    This Optimus Prime was the true Optimus Prime, and yet wasn't. The confusing story had already become a legend before the birth of PackRat's race. All the Pretenders had clung to it, trying to understand the one they called 'Creator,' for they felt somehow his dual nature somehow held the key to understanding their own.

    As PackRat reached the door to the council chamber where Prime awaited him, the swarm of buzzing technicians dispersed, leaving him to enter the room alone. The door's visual sensor detected and recognized his presence and within seconds Prime keyed the door open. PackRat walked into the chamber and the door slid shut behind him. The war-hero reborn sat at the head of the massive council table. His armor bore none of the scars of battle that would denote a warrior as old and experienced as he.

    Indeed, one who was knowledgeable in Cybertronian physiology would doubt that this Optimus Prime was a true member of the race. His body seemed to be configured in a way that would make his expected transformation into an Earth vehicle impossible. Of course all had now come to expect and accept these strange variations in the hero's appearance, as they had the slight variations in his behavior and personality. This being that sat before the awed PackRat's eyes was indeed more than the original Optimus Prime ever was. He was a living monument to the mythology and ideals of the fallen hero.

    Optimus spoke, "PackRat, Blaster tells me you have some urgent news for me."

    PackRat nodded violently as he stumbled into his seat. His anxiety was making him lose his composure; he felt the rat in him more fully than usual. "My foray into Trypticon City produced some news more shocking than any of us could have imagined."

    Optimus could sense PackRat's anxiety; he knew part of it was his own presence, the Pretenders all revered Optimus as combined father figure and creator-god, but there was definitely something more beneath the surface of this anxiety which was bringing him far greater distress.
    "Take your time PackRat, what is it?"

    PackRat took a deep breath, felt his internal processors metabolize the air into oxygen for his blood stream, and the other gasses into energon for his mechanics; his head cleared. "I'm not really sure what I saw. I'm too young; I never took place in the main part of the Great
    War. I can't really be sure."

    "Go on."

    "The Decepticons did something to Galvatron, they extracted some part of his spark, passed it through an energy matrix, and then into a new body. Galvatron's sanity seemed to come back to him, while the new entity seemed very unstable." PackRat hesitated.

    "What is it PackRat?"

    "Commander, they called the new being 'Megatron'." PackRat searched his commander’s face for a reaction to the name but saw none, he remained as stoic as always, "I can't be sure if it really was _him_ I saw or not. But the images I saw in the energy-matrix they were using, and the face they gave to the new body, they all seemed consistent with my files on Megatron. Besides, who, or what, else could they have extracted from Galvatron's spark?"

    "PackRat do not concern yourself with evaluating what you saw, simply describe what it was you observed." Optimus’s voice was even, no reprimand to the troubled young warrior, but this development could have tremendous ramifications which PackRat could not possibly understand. For the moment the important thing was learning as much as he could.

    PackRat described in exacting detail Megatron's new body and his erratic behavior. He gave his best guesses on Megatron's new alternate mode based on his warrior-configuration. He related almost verbatim all the conversation he had overheard. Finally he told him everything he had heard about Soundwave's mission to acquire the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership.

    Prime shook his head slowly and solemnly. "Describe to me again, in exacting detail the shoulder mounted weapon you described. Tell me just what sound it made any visible data you recorded when he powered it up."

    PackRat described the weapon exactly as he had seen it and said, "If you're concerned about whether its the Fusion Cannon, I don't think it is, it didn't seem anything like how that artifact is described in my data files."

    Optimus nodded in appreciation, "That is exactly what I was concerned about, and I agree with your assessment. I am, as always, pleased your performance and training. Proceed to the debriefing chamber for a formal debriefing, and keep up the good work."

    "Yes commander." PackRat rose carefully from his chair and marched out of the room. Optimus's praise gave him unspeakable confidence in his future as an Autobot.

    Optimus tapped the table's com-panel and said, "Blaster, contact FangWolf, Catilla, Mirage, and Sky Lynx, and have them report here immediately."

    "Sure thing commander. They'll be there in a nano-second!" The link was clearer than usual, Optimus reasoned that Blaster was probably in communications mode and linked directly into the system, "Thank you Blaster, Prime out."

    It was actually several minutes before the four warriors filed into the chamber. The two Pretenders arrived first and took seats near to, but not next to Optimus. Mirage arrived third and, after exchanging a short personal greeting with his commander, took his seat at Prime's right hand. At last Sky Lynx ducked past the small doorway and wedged himself into one corner of the comparatively small room. He curled up, much like terran dog, and rested his massive head on his forepaws. When he had at last settled himself he looked up at Optimus and said, "Sir, as your Lieutenant Commander, I must once again request that you begin holding these councils in a larger space that will more easily accommodate my person."

    Optimus caught Mirage's smirk out of the corner of his eye and responded, "Suggestion duly noted, as always, Lieutenant Commander. Of course if you'd simply submit to have yourself converted into a Pretender I'm sure your suggestion would become irrelevant. I'm sure our engineers could design some sort of mammalian-dinosaur hybrid form for you."

    "Commander, I am simply shocked that you would even suggest such a thing, you know full well that I have no desire to trade my clearly superior form for anything else."

    Optimus's eyes tightened in what passed for a smile on his face and said, "I was simply making sure you were aware of your options Lieutenant Commander." Prime waited for the general chuckling to cease.

    Even he was aware that the current favorite Sky Lynx-joke among the ranks was his conversion into a Pretender. His reaction to the engineer corps' initial, and entirely serious, suggestion had apparently been priceless.

    After everyone had regained their composure Optimus began in a grave tone, "PackRat's most recent expedition into Trypticon City has resulted in the acquisition of some most disastrous news. Some how the Decepticon scientists have managed to extract Megatron's dormant spark from Galvatron's body and implant it in a new body. The result is that Galvatron
    is now quite sane, and due to some sort of accident in the process Megatron is now quite insane, though in a body potentially superior to his original.

    "Fortunately the Fusion Cannon is apparently still lost to the Decepticons, however, Soundwave may have located the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership. It seems there may be a chance that it is more than a legend. The Decepticons seek to recover it to use it to repair Megatron's mind. I fear that if they do locate it that it will probably grant more power to Megatron than he has ever had before. We are all aware of the power of our own Matrix, you can imagine the destruction Megatron would be capable of with an equivalent power.

    "Obviously these events could turn the tide of war back to the Decepticons and renew an active full-scale conflict. I have hand-picked you three, my best trackers, to follow Megatron and his party to the location of this ‘Decepticon Matrix’ and then assassinate him before he can use it."

    Sky Lynx spoke up, "I suppose you want me to lead the mission Optimus. I had really wanted to tear Galvatron's head from his body, but I shall relish Megatron's destruction equally."

    "No Sky Lynx, you will not be going on this mission, it requires a degree of subtly which you have rarely exhibited on the battlefield. You are here merely so you will be advised of this vital mission's details and so that you can offer any advice you might have."

    Sky Lynx snorted and laid his head down on his paws in a huff.

    Mirage spoke up, "Optimus, after all we've been through you know I'd do anything you ask of me, but this is a suicide mission. We're going to need a warrior like Sky Lynx to take out Megatron. You're the only one who's ever successfully defeated him in battle, and you died in the process, what chance do I and a couple of kids have?"

    Optimus weighed his answer before responding, "I understand your concerns, but this is not the Megatron we knew, at least not yet. At the moment he is robbed of his two most powerful weapons: his mind, and his Fusion Cannon. Catilla is an excellent assassin, and FangWolf
    is a superb warrior. Megatron is very vulnerable right now, with their strength and your experience and skill you should be successful. I would launch a full scale assault instead of risking you lives, but that would only bring the entire Decepticon army down on our heads, and then we would never know the location of the Decepticon Matrix. This mission needs to be completed in secrecy with perfect timing. You three are the perfect candidates. FangWolf you will command the mission, Mirage you have point and reconnaissance duty, Catilla, you'll be in charge of the assassination attempt."

    Sky Lynx raised his head and said, "I have a suggestion Sir. I doubt that these three warriors have the grasp of stellar cartography and archaeology necessary to acquire detailed enough data on the Decepticon Matrix's whereabouts for us to field a salvage team later on. May I suggest we add Rewind to the roster, he should be able to keep a very accurate log of the entire mission, and his eclectic knowledge might even be useful as the operatives scour the most obscure corners of the galaxy?"

    Optimus nodded, "Agreed. I'll add him to the roster when I write up the official mission parameters. You are all dismissed. Your official briefing will take place in one hour, your shuttle will launch from pad eight in three hours. 'Till all are one."

    The other four spoke in unison as they rose, "'Till all are one." They filed out of the room one by one, Sky Lynx being the last one to lumber out.

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    In another part of the Galaxy another council meeting was about to take place. Galvatron sat in his observation lounge atop the highest tower in Trypticon City. As Cyclonus and Scourge entered the room he remained with his back to the door, staring out over the barren landscape. Mere days ago he would have never dreamt of leaving his back turned to any door. When the doors slid shut behind his two lieutenants, Galvatron spoke, "It occurs to me that it is somewhat pointless to have an observation lounge which overlooks such a desolate landscape. Perhaps
    if one possessed a poetic sympathy, one could find a stark beauty in this place, but I have no such capacity."

    Cyclonus responded, "Yes my lord, there is no room for such pointless sentiments in a warrior."

    Galvatron saw little point in discussing philosophy with the cold-hearted warrior, with Cyclonus it was best to speak only of military matters. "Indeed, this is why I have chosen you and the Tracker as the perfect candidates to eliminate Megatron."

    Scourge snickered, "So you fear the re-born warlord, and need my hounds of destruction to eliminate him. You have become wise once again my Lord." A cruel smile spread across Scourge's face. In the brief time when he had served his lord during the battles serving Unicron Galvatron had been an effective leader, Scourge's hunts had been glorious and invigorating. After Galvatron's madness had set in though, he had forced Scourge to live without purpose, his Sweeps used as common foot-soldiers, it seemed the glory days were to return again.

    "Yes Scourge, for the first time since my birth I feel truly capable of leading the Decepticon Empire to glory. If things would only remain constant I will rule the galaxy."

    Cyclonus finished his lord's thought, "And Megatron can only disrupt the balance of power. He will be eliminated."

    Galvatron smiled, when his mind had been clouded he was incapable of appreciating this warrior's unending loyalty, now he truly understood it as an asset. "Yes Cyclonus, you and Scourge shall accompany Soundwave and Megatron on their quest, eliminate Megatron, and recover the Matrix. Of course this will require expert timing, for if you destroy Megatron too quickly Soundwave will never reveal the location of the Matrix."

    Scourge laughed, "Lord, I thought your mind had recovered! Surely you do not believe that the thing truly exists, Soundwave is a fool!"

    Galvatron smiled coolly at the arrogant hunter, "What you do not know is that I have a spy within Soundwave's supposedly secret society who has been leaking all the information I need. My spy assures me that the Matrix does exist, and that Soundwave knows its location."

    Cyclonus nodded, "Then we will recover the artifact for you as you wish." He paused for a moment, “And what of Nightstick and Fracas?"

    Galvatron scowled, "Even during my madness I didn't trust the cyborgs, I certainly do not now. Now I realize all too well that they are far more loyal to Zarak than to the Empire. I doubt they honor our alliance. This matter is far too delicate to involve them."

    Cyclonus nodded, "As you command Galvatron."

    Galvatron swiveled around in his chair again to stare out over the barren landscape, "You are both dismissed."

    The two warriors walked from the room. As the doors slid shut behind them Cyclonus immediately began giving orders to the Tracker, "Without our Nebulon weapons, destroying Megatron is going to be much more difficult. Soundwave is a fine engineer, I'm certain Megatron's body will be able to sustain a great deal of damage before he falls. We'll need a full battalion of sweeps with full armament."

    Scourge stopped in his tracks, "My hunters are _not_ mere foot soldiers to be used at your discretion! Now that Galvatron has come back to himself it will do you well to remember that. We will destroy Megatron, but we will use _our_ methods. If you wish to destroy by brute force then you can use the armada that Unicron granted you. My warriors will be used as cannon fodder no longer."

    Cyclonus did not like his subordinate's attitude, but realized the Tracker was ruled by his passions and his arrogance. It was a weakness within the command structure, but tended to be a strength on the battlefield. Cyclonus would over look it. "As you wish, Scourge. I will not involve my armada in this conflict, without their Nebulon partners; they are too weak for this battle. The Seekers will surely throw their loyalties to Megatron, which leaves your Sweeps as the weapons of choice. I leave their use to your full discretion." As he contemplated it, he realized that perhaps Galvatron had been misusing the sweeps in the past years. While they were serving Unicron and Galvatron under Scourge's command, they had proved very effective, terminating one Autobot after another, it was only after Galvatron's return from the dead, and the onset of his madness that they had ceased to be effective. Perhaps the time had come for them to answer solely to their true master.

    Eventually the two reached Trypticon City's primary shuttle bay where they found Soundwave's ship being prepped for takeoff. Apparently Scourge had already sent for his troops, for an entire battalion of Sweeps in deep-space mode were already prepped for flight in formation across the shuttle bay floor. One of Soundwave's guard-drones was guarding the ramp onto the shuttle. As Cyclonus and Scourge attempted to board it rolled into their path and raised its weapons.

    Cyclonus didn't even meet the drone's optic-sensors and said, "Imperial Override, Cyclonus. Galvatron has ordered us to join the mission, step aside."

    According to its protocols the droid rolled out of the warriors' way. As soon as they had passed, however, it immediately sent a transmission to Soundwave of the apparent change in his mission parameters.

    Cyclonus and Scourge had hardly passed the entrance bay before Soundwave arrived and blocked their further passage. "Alteration in mission parameters has not been authorized."

    Cyclonus coldly responded, "Your authorization is not required, this mission is ultimately authorized by Galvatron, and he is the one who has authorized our presence."

    "A military presence is not required on an archeological mission."

    "Galvatron feels that any expedition into unexplored space needs to take the proper precautions."

    Scourge roared with frustration, "Enough of this useless prattle," he forced Soundwave to one side and walked into the ship, "We are here on Galvatron's orders, we both outrank you, _he_ outranks you. If you wish to contest our presence here then do so by force." Scourge ignited his
    energon whip and held it forcibly under Soundwave's chin. "Do you have a problem with that Chief Communications Officer?"

    Soundwave was well aware that Scourge would be more than willing to back up his threats with an armed confrontation. Such a battle would accomplish nothing. Soundwave knew it was best to simply bide his time until an opportunity to regain the upper hand arrived. "As the Imperator commands." He stepped aside to allow Cyclonus to pass.

    Soundwave allocated crew compartments to his uninvited guests, as protocol demanded, and then, once the two warriors were safely on their way, hurried to Megatron's chambers. He found the room empty. His Lord's presence, however, clearly marked the room. All the furniture and equipment had been destroyed, clearly Megatron had gone into another one of the fits he had been having ever since his rebirth.

    Soundwave spoke to the ship's computer, "Locate Megatron."

    The computer's voice responded, "Megatron is in your quarters."

    Soundwave was not entirely pleased by the news, he doubted Megatron would do any damage to Soundwave's quarters, the tyrant seemed to be comforted by anything associated with his communications officer, but if he had fled to Soundwave's quarters there would be no getting him to leave again. This was not a tremendous problem, but it would serve as a distraction that would keep Soundwave from completing his translation of the Quintessonian records of the Matrix's location.

    The computer's voice spoke again, "Pre-launch sequence completed, launch on your

    Soundwave said, "Initiate launch sequence." He left Megatron's chamber and returned to his own, the lift-off and flight itself would probably be flawless, but he somehow suspected it was going to be an arduous journey.

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    Hours later Soundwave's shuttle was on the edge of known-space, he was in communications-relay mode and hooked directly into the ship's navigational computer, continuously updating the computer's star-charts as they plunged deeper into the unknown. After hours of useless prattle, like that of a small protoform, Megatron had grown bored of Sounwave's chambers gone to wander the halls of the ship; Soundwave had tried to argue him out of the idea but his Master would hear none of it.

    Thankfully Megatron had consented to allow Overkill and Slugfest to serve as escorts. He had already made use of all the data stored on those two minions and was quite glad to have the three out of his laboratory. "Squaktalk, transform. I need you to run translation-algorithm alpha-six-twelve." The Cybertronian bird converted into his data-storage mode and merged with Soundwave. As he began intermeshing his programs with his master's, their minds became almost as one. Bonded in this manner Soundwave began attempting, once again, to unravel the data-stream which he was sure contained a map of the stellar-system where the Quintessons had hidden the Matrix.

    Soundwave's work progressed quietly for several hours when suddenly an alarm sounded throughout the ship. The computer's feminine voice spoke in a calm which stood in stark contrast to the blaring sirens of the alarm, "Unscheduled weapons discharge detected; potential hull breech detected."

    Soundwave disconnected himself from the ship’s computer and transformed into warrior mode. "Squaktalk eject. Computer, locate approximate location of weapons discharge."

    The computer responded, "Discharge detected on deck three section C."

    Soundwave hurried from the room, Squaktalk gliding after him; rambling incoherently about his theories on who was firing at whom. After several minutes, Soundwave arrived in the designated sector and found Megatron standing over some fallen Cybertronian, his seismic cannon powering down. Overkill was laughing gleefully at the sight while Slugfest stared dumbly at his approaching master. Soundwave addressed the data-courier, "Slugfest, status report."

    "Megatron fired on him, Ramjet. He call Ramjet Starscream. I no remember the rest, Overkill kick me."

    Megatron whirled around at the sound of Soundwave's voice, "Soundwave you told me Starscream was in an unknown sector of space, presumably dead. How is it that he is aboard this shuttle?" Megatron's eyes glowed deep red with anger and frustration.

    Ramjet spoke pathetically from his position on the floor, the entire right side of his body was in pieces, the joints on his left side seemed about to separate from his body as well, "Soundwave, please tell Megaton that I'm Ramjet, his loyal servant, that I joined this mission so I could help him take his rightful position of commander again. I don't deserve this."

    Megatron shouted, "Silence the traitor, Soundwave, before I do so myself, permanently."

    Soundwave slowly began leading Megatron away from Ramjet, as he left he spoke to his minions, "Squaktalk, Overkill, Slugfest, get Ramjet to the infirmary."

    It took some time but Soundwave eventually coaxed Megatron back to his quarters and convinced him to sit quietly while Soundwave continued his work. Shortly after he had reconnected himself to the ship’s navigational computer a message came through over the communications channel, "Soundwave, this is Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps and I are outside the ship running escort. One of the Sweeps reported sensing weapons fire from within the ship, is everything well?"

    Soundwave reported, the constant interruptions were beginning to disrupt his time table, "Affirmative, condition normal, a weapon was accidentally fired during a routine drill, nothing more."

    Cyclonus's voice buzzed over the computer sounding unconvinced but pleased with himself, "Good, we will resume our course then. Please continue relaying course data as it becomes available. Cyclonus out."

    "Affirmative. Soundwave out."

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    In a different sector of the galaxy, another Cybertronian shuttle was working its way towards a different destination. At the helm of this ship, Mirage and FangWolf served as pilot and copilot. FangWolf watched the navigational array nervously. They had blasted off with almost no idea of where the Decepticons were headed, and now Mirage was piloting he ship towards a very well known area of space. In fact it almost seemed as though he was taking them towards a notorious pleasure sector. "Mirage I think its time you told me where we're going, Prime put me in charge of this mission, not you."

    Mirage smirked at his younger 'superior,' he loved it when Prime assigned him to missions like these. It was the sort of mission where he was more qualified than those in charge, a mission where he could make all the decisions without having to take any of the responsibility. It was almost like the days before the war began. "I know you're a youngster FangWolf, but even you should recognize our heading, it’s a rather well known route."

    "That's exactly what I was afraid of; this is no time to take a vacation Mirage. The only significant planet in this sector is Moymell-9."


    "And what is our business there?"

    "Well lets just say they have a few night clubs that have become notoriously popular among socially-aware mechanical life forms like ourselves. One in particular is known for catering to the Cybertronian sense of fun."

    "Again I must ask what our business could be there in this time of crisis?" FangWolf was starting to become annoyed with the veteran; Mirage was cocky, and he was hiding something, but most frustrating of all he was enjoying playing with FangWolf.

    "OK, I'll come clean." Mirage smirked again, "Cafe Ribfir may well hold the key to discovering the location of our fellow scavenger hunters."

    FangWolf growled beneath his breath, he was beginning to dislike the “legendary” Mirage. For all his skills he didn't seem to interested in being a “team player,” and as far as FangWolf was concerned complete cooperation was essential to any mission. "So I suppose you have heard a rumor that the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership is serving as the disco ball in this night club?"

    Mirage looked at the beast warrior out of the corner of his eye, "Cute. Nope but I'm somewhat familiar with the club's proprietors. I'm fairly certain that these mechanoids, if any being in the universe can, will be able to tell us exactly where Soundwave and his crew are at any given moment."

    FangWolf seemed content enough with this answer, and Mirage brought the shuttle down on Moymell-9 without further incident. The ship touched down at what appeared to be a giant, abandoned, docking complex and they disembarked. A few of the doors stuck as they made their way through the rusty corridors down to street level, but Mirage seemed perfectly at home as he led his three companions through the complex.

    Once they hit the streets they threaded there way through crowds composed of a seeming infinite variety of species. The crowds were composed mainly of mechanical life forms, as were most crowds on most planets in Cybertron's quadrant of the galaxy, but there were also a wide variety of organic and cybernetic organisms all hurrying through the streets.

    At last they found themselves in front of a short and squat, by Cybertronian standards, building which had the words 'Ribfir Cafe' phonetically represented in neon lights in a thousand different languages over the entrance to the club. The four Autobot warriors got into the long threading line which was slowly snaking its way into the club and waited for their chance at entering.

    Almost every being in the line was mechanical, in fact, most appeared to be Cybertronian, though the four Autobots were the only ones wearing faction symbols. After they had stood in line for over an macro cycle, they arrived at the door where a massive hulking robot with simian features was observing each potential patron before letting him through the door. He looked at the four companions and grunted, "You four 'bots together?"

    FangWolf answered, "Yes we are."

    "You four'll be a nice change of scenery, you can go in." They started moving but the ape threw his massive arm in front of them, "But yous and yous," he indicated Mirage and Rewind, "have got to stow your weapons with me."

    Mirage nodded and removed his shoulder cannon and turned over his hunting rifle and motioned for Rewind to remove his back-mounted adhesion rifles. After they had been disarmed they were allowed to pass into the club.

    Once they had slipped deep enough into the crowd, Mirage shouted loud enough for FangWolf and Catilla to hear, though it was unlikely anyone else could hear him over the din of the music, "Its a good thing you two have those integrated weapons systems."

    FangWolf shouted back, "Why? Are you expecting a fight? I thought we were going to meet a contact here."

    Mirage smirked again, "We are, sortta."

    Mirage moved away from FangWolf before he could respond and squatted down next to Rewind, "We'd best try to blend in, I'll need all relevant information of the etiquette in a club like this."

    Rewind closed his eyes for a second and his body began glowing softly as he accessed his light-matrix data storage system. "I've called up all relevant files, proper etiquette all depends on the song that's playing, there's a different ritual for each one, and according to my data tracks, this one is about to end. We'll have to wait until the next one begins before I can determine which ritual is appropriate."

    Sure enough, after a few seconds the song came to an end and the room fell to the slightly quieter din of conversation. FangWolf exclaimed, "Thank the Matrix, I can hear myself compute again!"

    The deejay's voice exploded through the club's sound-system, "And that was Cold-Slither! Now pull off your break-dancin' pads and get ready for a hot tune that captivated Earth a decade after Cold-Slither’s chart-bustin’ days!"

    FangWolf's head had almost stopped its pounding when a strange pulsating sound began filling the club. Catilla snarled, "What is that strange sound? My audio receptors will overload if I am forced to listen to it much longer."

    As the throbbing sound exploded into a more complex rhythm Rewind responded, "According to my data it is a song associated with a dance craze which was quite popular during the latter part of the twentieth-century on Earth. Apparently it was named after some form of terran pasta...No wait that can't be right...Let me check."

    Rewind started glowing again but Mirage cut him off before he could complete his search, "Never mind, what is the ritual associated with this song?"

    Rewind answered, "Hmm it seems like a very simple and repetitive dance, mainly involving a regular repositioning of the arms. Let me demonstrate." Rewind closed his eyes and watched his video clips of the dance as he imitated it. He placed his arms straight out in front of him, and then repositioned them in time with the music, crossing them over one another, and then touching them to his head, waist, and hips in turn before hopping one quarter turn and beginning the process all over again. After he had mastered the motions he opened his eyes again, "See, quite simple really."

    Catilla growled in Mirage's ear, "What are those ridiculous motions he's making?"

    Mirage responded, "It's the dance which accompanies this song, and you'd better do your best to imitate it or we'll attract undue attention to ourselves; if you'll notice, at the moment we're the only ones not engaging in the ritual." And with that, Mirage began imitating Rewind's movements.

    As the song progressed, the two Pretenders began engaging in the dance and after a few minutes they seemed to have the rhythm down perfectly and were moving through the motions more fluidly than any of the club's long-time mechanical patrons.

    Retrovamp, the club's audio technician and effects manager scanned the club's darkened floor below him with his infrared optics in place. As he tracked across the floor he quickly noticed two partially organic lifeforms blazing with heat, as he focused in on them he noticed that they were dancing with the most natural movements the club had seen in a long time. As was his job, he decided to make a floor show out of these two and swept the glaring-white spotlight across the floor and centered it on these two dancers.

    At the club's audio system control panel a Cybertronian who _was_ wearing a faction symbol watched as the spotlight tracked off the club's usual stars and found its way to a pair of cyborgs near the center of the floor. These two had never been in the club before, but the two robots, dancing clumsily on either side of the pair looked somewhat familiar. It wasn't until he refocused his eyes into magnification mode that he noticed the two cyborgs were wearing bright-red faction symbols on each of their shoulders; he then recognized the faces of Mirage and Rewind as the figures dancing with these new cyborgs. Frenzy slammed the power switch on the audio-system to the off position, turned the club's lights on full, pulled one of his rifles from his back, jumped on
    top of the control panel and shouted, "Autobots!!!!!!!!" He started firing blindly into the crowd and using his grating scream as a sonic attack.

    As the patrons of the club started running towards the entrance Mirage said to FangWolf, "Meet our contacts." He activated his electro-disrupter field, disappearing from view.

    At the back corner of the club where refreshments were served another grating voice cut above the din, "Aww great, this is really gonna screw with our profits." The second figure leapt over his bar and hit the dance floor. Within seconds he had retracted his hands, extended his pile-drivers and started sending low-frequency vibrations coursing through the club. Rumble looked on with dismay as all his paying customers poured out of the club's exits, or got trampled into the ground after the floor started shaking, while the stupid Autobots not only remained in the club, but on their feet. "This ain't worth the repair costs, Ravage sic 'em!"

    A black rectangular object shot out from a data-storage console under the bar and unfolded itself in a blur of motion in mid-air. Ravage finished his transformation just as he hit the ground and made two bounding leaps to pounce on Catilla with savage fury. The ultra-agile Pretender struggled to retain his feet as he did his best to keep himself clear of Ravage's flashing teeth and claws. Seeing a momentary opening, Catilla did a back-flip through the air, jumping clear of Ravage's attacks, and managed to separate his Air Concussion Cannon from his body.

    Before he could get off a clean shot, Ravage was on him again, propelled across the room by a burst from his hip-mounted thrusters. Catilla quickly realized that Ravage was forcing him into an area of the club that the over-head lights did not illuminate. As they moved deeper and deeper into the shadows it became more and more difficult for Catilla to see his foe.

    A hit caught Frenzy on the back of his shoulder and he whirled around firing a barrage of attacks from his blaster. One contacted and momentarily shorted-out Mirage’s Electro-Disrupter. Mirage shimmered into view and clutched his shoulder before disappearing again. Frenzy swore at his disappearing foe, "Damn Autobot!"

    Rumble dodged a bolt from FangWolf's Tail-Launcher and said, "I don't like the way this is going, why don't we turn out the lights?"

    Frenzy grinned, "Sure bro!" Rumble looked for an opening so he could make his way back to the light-control panel, but before he could, his brother opened fire on all the light fixtures in the club.

    The building was plunged into darkness. Rumble elbowed Frenzy in the torso, "Whatcha do that for??? You have any idea how much its gonna cost to replace those things?? Man I'm starting to hate being a business owner!"

    As darkness fell on the club, FangWolf re-attached his tail-weapon to his superstructure, transformed into his wolf mode, and manifested his organic shell around himself. His canine eyes were naturally adapted to the dim light, and so he was able to react before the Decepticons could re-adjust their photo-sensors.

    His sensitive ears heard Rewind jump for cover and the 'cons power-up their blasters for a second barrage. Further away he could hear Mirage quietly working his way around to the Decepticon's left flank. He bounded quickly and silently around to their right. As he readied to pounce he retracted his biological fangs and claws and extended his titanium ones. Weapons of flesh and bone were fine for the hunt, but battle-claws were required for this prey.

    Catilla had still not managed to get a single clean hit on Ravage when the club was plunged into darkness. He had already sustained a few lacerations and now Ravage had completely disappeared from view. Catilla realized that his robot form was not agile enough for this
    foe, nor were his photo-receptors sensitive enough for this battle-field. He converted to his armored feline-shell mode, and Ravage suddenly stood out in stark contrast to the true shadows around him. Catilla sprung on top of the purely mechanical feline and they rolled across the dance floor. Now Ravage had a slight size and mass advantage over Catilla, but the Beast Warrior easily out-matched the Decepticon in agility and suppleness.

    Rumble and Frenzy opened fire on the space in front of them. The club was illuminated by the strobe-like light from their blasters. For a moment they reveled in the glorious blaze of destruction from their weapons' fire but they soon realized that the only thing they were pulverizing was their own club. They powered down their blasters almost simultaneously and started to reconfigure their optic sensors for low-light mode when each was struck from one side.

    Mirage dropped to his feet and rolled into Frenzy as soon as they stopped their blaster fire. While the Decepticon was still off balance from the impact, Mirage got his feet under him again and struck the back of Frenzy's knee with one leg. The Decepticon crumbled to the floor and
    Mirage had him pinned within seconds. At the same moment FangWolf leapt through the air, driving his fore claws into Rumble's shoulders and digging his rear paws into his hips.

    The Decepticon hit the floor hard, taken completely unaware from the attack. The moment they hit the ground, FangWolf transformed back into warrior mode, releasing the grip on his foe only momentarily. Before Rumble had regained his senses he already had a missile leveled at his head.

    As soon as he was sure both of the Decepticons were safely pinned to the ground Mirage shouted, "Rewind, dump some data, we need some light in here."

    Rewind ran quickly through his data catalog trying to find some data hierarchy that he could sacrifice. Once he came to his extensive files on the Thermodynamics-of-Earth-Gelatin-Products he decided, with some regrets, that the data was expendable. As he purged the files, there was a momentary burst of intense light and then a softer afterglow.

    As Catilla and Ravage clawed and scraped at each other in the dark they seemed a rather even match. Both were sustaining considerable damage, in several places nearly all the flesh had been lacerated from Catilla's body. But then, a sudden burst of light flashed in the room and Ravage fell away with a yelp. As the light subsided the Decepticon feline stumbled about apparently blinded. Catilla didn't wait for a second opportunity, but converted to warrior mode and drew his Air-Concussion-Cannon. He fired four shots, each one hitting Ravage squarely in one leg. Catilla felt fairly certain this foe wouldn't be walking again for some time.

    As the light began to fade again, FangWolf planted a foot firmly on Rumble's chest and stood up. He called to Rewind, "Find a light switch will you?"

    Rewind fumbled about at one of the control panels and a fluctuating multi-colored glow filled the club. "That'll do Rewind." FangWolf waved at the smaller robot and then supervised as Catilla disarmed the three Decepticons and stored their weapons. Rumble smacked FangWolf in the ankle and said, "Hey man! We know when we're licked, you can let us up now, we ain't gonna run."

    Mirage nodded and helped Frenzy to his feet. FangWolf hesitated a moment and reluctantly let
    Rumble get back up. Rumble grabbed a bar-stool, set it upright and took a seat. "Mirage, good to see ya again. Rewind buddy, you still hangin' with that loo-serr Blaster? When ya comin' over to the dark side?"

    Mirage scowled at the two punks, he had really hoped that the last few decades would have mellowed them some. "Cut the games Rumble, we need some information from you."

    Frenzy reached up and attempted to scratch Catilla under the chin, but had his hand batted swiftly away, "So Sunstroke, where'd you pick up the kitties? They ain't very friendly."

    Mirage was beginning to realize why FangWolf didn't appreciate Mirage’s own bravado. "Here's a question for you boys. Where is Soundwave hanging out these days?"

    Rumble laughed, "How the heck should we know. We ditched him after that dang flying-mouse got his promotion. Guy started pulling rank on us so we just sortta stepped out with Ravage and set up this here club which _yooous_ trashed. We ain't heard from the boss since."

    Rewind shook his head, "I'm afraid your systems must be damaged. Because if you weren't still binary bonded with Soundwave you'd be in quite a bit on anguish right now. That is, unless you've bonded with someone else, but Blaster is the only other acceptable partner in this sector of space, and I'm quite sure you're not bonded with him. If you'd like I can give you a detailed explanation as to why and how this works."

    Frenzy shouted, "Uh uh! No way! I ain't gonna sit here and listen to you run your mouth off like you did before the First Civil War. I remember what that was like, mannnn that sucked."

    FangWolf placed his hand on Mirage's shoulder, "So this is why you brought us here. Good work. I'll make sure Prime is made aware of your ingenuity."

    Mirage suppressed a smirk, "Don't mention it." Let the kid have his moment in the sun as leader.

    FangWolf continued, "OK now, you two can either tell us exactly where Soundwave is, or we can lock you in a room with Rewind here and he can give you a blow by blow account of everything that's happened to him since the start of the First Civil War."

    Rumble broke out, "OK! OK! I'll tell ya." He closed his eyes and concentrated. "All right, he's off in some way wacky corner of the galaxy heading into the no-man's land of space. Here-there-be-monsters kinda thing. What he's doin' out there I couldn't tell ya. But I'll gives ya coordinates. ust take off, take the binary-bonded idiot with ya and don't ever come trashin' my club again."

    Catilla growled, "You were the ones who destroyed this place."

    Mirage gave him a quick look and the assassin seemed to calm down. Rumble started feeding them the coordinates they needed to find Soundwave and his ship.

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    Thousands of light years away, Soundwave felt a brief flicker of connection that indicated that one of his wards, Rumble, had sought out his location. Undoubtedly the Autobots had extorted the information from him and would soon be pursuing Soundwave to his current location.

    Unfortunately his ship had stopped and would be easy for the Autobots to locate. Fortunately, however, they had stopped because they had arrived at their final destination. They were mere miles, if that, away from the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership.

    Megatron's voice brought Soundwave back to the moment. It had the calm commanding quality it had possessed in Megatron's first lifetime, but Soundwave was unsure of the mind behind it. "Soundwave, what is your best estimation as to where the Matrix is being stored?"

    Soundwave linked his mind to Buzzsaw and Laserbeak, who were already scouting the outlying territory. "I believe Buzzsaw has found something lord. It is a small stronghold of some sort, protected by what appears to be an automated defense system. The defense system seems to be Cybertronian in nature, or at least Quintessonian in design. Laserbeak reports no signs of life or additional technology in his search area."

    Megatron smiled gleefully, "Good, then it is time to strike. I cannot wait to feel the exhilaration of battle once more!" He jumped up and began hovering in a tightly coiled position just a few feet off the ground, "Decepticons! To battle!" Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps all converted to vehicular mode and streaked into the air. Megatron propelled himself after them and soon overtook them, with Soundwave just a few feet behind. It had been too long since he had led an air-borne charge such as this.

    They arrived at the perimeter of the complex in only a few minutes. As they approached, Buzzsaw and Laserbeak rejoined the squadron of Decepticons. Megatron surveyed the complex. At its center was a small building. Its design was ornate and ancient, very similar in fact to the oldest shrines on Cybertron. It had one entrance, sealed by a heavy-looking door. Next to the building was a launch-pad of some sort with a shuttle-craft docked in it. The Shuttle was large enough to transport several Cybertronians, but looked completely different than either the standard Autobot or Decepticon design. The building was surrounded by a high wall, effective for keeping out native wildlife perhaps, but no challenge for any Cybertronian, especially the flying Decepticons.

    Encircling the wall was what appeared to be the complex's primary line of defense against serious intruders. A raised track encompassed the complex, upon the track there was a large attack vehicle. It looked much like an ancient Cybertronian tank, but it was larger, and less graceful. Black and gold in color, its harsh angular shape was menacing, in some ways even more so than the large laser turret that it was now aiming at the approaching Decepticons.

    A voice, speaking in an ancient Cybertronian dialect, boomed, seeming to come from everywhere in the compound at once, "INTRUDERS DETECTED, PREPARING TO REPEL."

    A laser blast erupted from the tank's main turret taking down several Sweeps. The Decepticons scattered in a standard evasive pattern. Scourge shouted, "Shall my hounds tear the automaton to pieces Megatron?"

    Megatron didn't even consider the suggestion; he was burning with an uncontrollable, illogical lust for destruction, "NO! It is mine!" He landed directly in front of the tank, his impact sending tremors through the ground. He powered his shoulder cannon to quarter power, forgetting that he now bore a mere seismic cannon and not his mighty Fusion Cannon. The blast struck the tank's armor and appeared to loosen several of its armor panels, but otherwise did very little visible damage.

    Megatron stared in shock; his Fusion Cannon should have torn the automation to pieces even at that low setting. Megatron simply could not understand why his attack had failed so miserably.

    The deep voice again emanated from everywhere at once, "HOSTILE FORCE
    ENCOUNTERED. RETALIATING." The tank fired a second blast that took
    Megatron full in the chest.

    The tyrant was thrown backward forty feet. He got to his knees and felt his chest, the armor plating had been dented by the shock of the blast, but his internal sensors reported negligible damage to all his systems. When a moment of appreciation for Soundwave's design flashed across his mind, Megatron suddenly realized that he was in his new body. With a smile He transformed into his tank mode and charged at the enemy weapon.

    Cyclonus and Scourge hovered above, and watched as Megatron charged recklessly at the tank, all weapons blazing. The opponents seemed well matched, both able to take and deliver massive amounts of damage, and neither too intelligent. They were both engines of destruction and little more. Or so it seemed to Cyclonus, "_This_ is not the Megatron the legends speak of. Lord Galvatron will crush him in battle like a fleshling child."

    Scourge smiled grimly, "I only hope that I will be able to see his innards spilled by our Lord. But even better, I hope he fails to destroy this automaton; then I can have my hounds first tear Megatron limb from limb and then forcibly dismantle this defense system."

    Megatron fired one last round of ordinance before slamming directly into the tank. The concussive force of the blow alone was painful as both tanks were knocked off their treads and sent tumbling a short distance through the air. Megatron wasted no time and converted back into his warrior mode. He stared with contempt at the other tank which was now helplessly spinning its treads, caught on its back like a wounded turtle.

    Megatron shouted, "Now the prize is ours!" With that he catapulted himself over the complex's wall and landed on the other side where he was soon joined by the rest of his troops. He contemplated the door to the…temple, no other word seemed appropriate.

    As he examined the doorway, the defense system's booming voice shattered the momentary silence. "DEFENSES BREACHED. INITIATING CONVERSION SEQUENCE."

    The shuttle craft launched itself into the air and hovered for a moment before splitting perpendicularly in half. Then the launch pad itself rocketed straight up into the air where it merged with the fallen tank, which had extended four stubby appendages and was now hovering in the air. The launch-pad locked onto the underside of the tank, forming a back pack of sorts and then split itself into a number of smaller pieces which began combining with parts of the track which had split itself into a number of sections each of which were being propelled through the air under their own power. The pieces changed shape and position in a blur of motion as they attached themselves one by one to the hull of the tank. In moments two of the small appendages were formed into powerful legs; a set of wings, jutting out at sharp angles, attached themselves to the back pack. The emerging figure extended its other two appendages towards the sky and the shuttle halves docked with them. The nose of the shuttle and its two booster rockets formed the fingers of a primitive claw, the shuttle's thrusters formed what was clearly a powerful blaster weapon on the titan's other arm. In a final low-frequency groan of movement the tank turret rotated backwards and up to a position between the figure's shoulders. The turret swiveled around so that the cannon faced backwards, a primitive gold sensor array now stared down at the Decepticons from the sky. The entire transformation process had taken less than a cycle.

    The Decepticons stared in awe at the mechanical behemoth, it was huge. The only other beings they had ever encountered which could compare were the Cybertronian fortresses Scorponok, Trypticon, Metroplex and Fortress Maximus, the beast that stood before them was smaller than any of those warriors, but not by much. A gold-colored light glowed forth from its sharp-angled visor, "CYBERTRONIAN ENERGY SIGNATURES DETECTED. QUERY:

    Megatron seemed all too ready to launch another attack against his foe so Soundwave laid a hand on his shoulder and stepped forward. "Affirmative. We have been seen sent by the Quintessons. Indirectly. We were not aware of your identity so did not know how to respond to
    your attack."


    Soundwave continued, "We have been sent to retrieve the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership."


    Megatron exploded with rage, "I am the Supreme Decepticon Imperator! The Matrix is mine by right, and you cannot keep it from me!" Megatron powered his seismic cannon to full power and fired a blast at Alpha Supreme's chest. \

    The Guardian stumbled backward several steps. "DECEPTION COMPUTED. HOSTILITIES RENEWED. NEW DIRECTIVE INITIATED: DESTROY INTRUDERS." With that the giant fired a blast of super-heated plasma from his cannon arm which all the Decepticons easily dodged. The blast left an imposing crater in the ground.

    Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps started firing with all their weapons at Alpha Supreme. They swarmed around him like flies, but their blasts seemed to do no damage to his thick armor plating. Alpha Supreme flailed clumsily about at the Decepticons, occasionally firing a blast from his plasma cannon. He didn't manage to connect with the cannon, but each of its blasts left
    a gaping hole in either the ground or the wall surrounding the complex. One blast even burned a hole in the side of the temple. The giant's flailing arms did much more damage to the Decepticons. The Sweeps began dropping like flies as the guardian's massive arms knocked them from the sky, and as he occasionally caught one in his massive claw and crushed them into scrap. Scourge commanded them to continue fighting at close range. At any distance at all, their weapons did no damage, at extreme close range they at least scarred their opponent's armor.

    Scourge landed on the back of Alpha Supreme's neck and ignited his energon whip. He wrapped it around the huge cannon sticking out of the back of the giant's head and then Scourge rocketed straight up, yanking Alpha Supreme's head down and forward. At that moment, as they had planned, Cyclonus fired a barrage from his oxidizing laser into the exposed mechanics. Alpha Supreme let out a satisfying buzz of pain before firing a blast from his head cannon which knocked Scourge, smoldering, out of the sky.

    As Megatron watched Galvatron's minions, he knew they felt no loyalty for their true commander, he saw mastery in their tactics, and as his head seemed to clear for a moment, he saw the incompetence born of their limited experience. A foe this powerful could not be bested by mere strength, or even by tactics effective against smaller, weaker opponents. Megatron turned to his companion, "Soundwave, by my side. Prepare to eject Overkill and Laserbeak upon my command."

    Megatron and Soundwave quickly and carefully made their way around to Alpha Supreme's back. The guardian was occupied with the airborne Decepticons and seemed to take no notice. Megatron scanned Alpha Supreme's back panels and looked for a seam that would likely conceal his gyroscopic control equipment. He was having difficulty controlling his own mind. It was as if his thoughts and memories were arranged in a haphazard fashion. It was almost impossible for him to recall all he once knew about ancient Cybertronian physiology, but he managed to find what he needed.

    He dropped to one knee and fired his seismic cannon at full power. His continuous blast rumbled through the air like a clap of thunder and forced Alpha Supreme to his knees. At first it seemed as if the blast were doing no other damage than knocking the titan off his feet, but after a few moments the joint Megatron was targeting shook itself lose of its fastenings and an entire armor panel fell crashing to the ground. "Now Soundwave!"

    "Laserbeak eject. Mission: transportation. Overkill eject. Mission: demolition." Two rectangular shapes catapulted into the air and transformed mid-flight. Laserbeak caught Overkill in his talons and soared unerringly to Alpha Supreme's exposed back. He dropped the tiny tyrannosaurus into the mass of exposed mechanics and wires. Overkill was a bit disoriented for a moment. It occurred to him that he was literally wading in another being’s guts. Then he realized what kind of bragging rights _this_ little adventure would give him. He fired his weapons without aiming, grabbed a mouthful of cables and servos and started rampaging.

    Cyclonus was positioning himself to take a blast at the guardian's sensor array when suddenly the titan stopped fighting. One moment it had been knocking Scourge's troops out of the sky, now it fell to the ground on its face, twitching uncontrollably. Cyclonus could not imagine what had stopped the beast, none of his troops had scored a single decent shot. He focused his optic sensors and swept up and down the guardian's body. As he did so he saw the tiny primitive, Overkill, emerge from the titan's back covered in broken machinery, a thick cable hanging from his jaw. He looked very pleased with himself.

    Megatron patted Overkill on the head when he waddled back over to Soundwave. The cassette-warrior seemed infuriated by the affection, and even Soundwave was a bit shocked at the strange action. Cyclonus and his troops landed in front of Megatron, and shortly after Scourge dragged himself over aided by his few remaining sweeps. Megatron looked each of Galvatron's minions hard in the face and then began laughing uncontrollably, "After this display I understand why Galvatron has not managed to take any planets other than Char. You are all pathetic. I command you to return to Galvatron at once."

    Scourge pulled himself up to his full height and ignited his energon whip, "Not on your life. You're as crazy as a lithium loon and cannot be trusted to take the Matrix. We were sent here to stop you."

    Cyclonus almost flinched at the Tracker's arrogant confidence. Undoubtedly he meant to destroy Megatron right now. Unfortunately they had neither the strength nor the man power.

    Megatron didn't speak but fired a concentrated blast from his seismic cannon. The blast sheared off Scourge's weapon arm. Four more blasts destroyed the remaining Sweeps, reducing them to piles of useless mechanics. "I will not be challenged by the likes of you. Cyclonus do you stand with your disarmed companion?" Megatron chuckled at his own joke.

    Cyclonus ignored the jibe and responded, "No."

    "Good then return to your lord and tell him to await my arrival. You may also wish to mention that it will be in his best interest to make his tomb ready." Megatron sneered.

    "As you command, Megatron. Triggerhappy, you and the troops gather up the remains of the Sweeps and prepare to return to Cybertron." Cyclonus and his armada quickly cleared the battlefield of salvageable parts and took off.

    Megatron watched in satisfaction as Galvatron's troops turned tail and ran. Soon he would rule the universe again. Soon. "Soundwave I don't want to take any chances. Send Ravage into the hole the titan made in the wall of the temple."

    "Ravage is in another section of the galaxy lord, along with Frenzy and Rumble. I will send Buzzsaw instead. Buzzsaw eject. Mission: reconnaissance." Soundwave linked his optics to Buzzsaw and watched as the titanium condor soared into the hole. He ignited his illumination equipment and surveyed the interior of the small structure. It was a simple room, almost identical in design to the shrines once built on Cybertron to house supposedly holy objects. At the center of the room was a pedestal upon which sat a glowing object. The Decepticon Matrix of Leadership.

    It was similar in design to the Autobot Matrix, but more angular. Its core was a dodecahedron instead of a sphere, the frame work around it was more rectangular in shape, with sharp spines jutting out from its four corners. The center of matrix glowed with a soft red-purple light.

    Buzzsaw and Soundwave examined the matrix for several minutes before making an examination of the rest of the building's single room. The only other significant features were a large hole in the floor very near the matrix pedestal and a pile of scrap metal, nearly disintegrated, on the floor directly in front of the pedestal.

    As Megatron and Soundwave entered through the blast hole, Buzzsaw returned and reverted to cassette mode and nestled himself inside of Soundwave's chest. Megatron looked with a feeling of absolute joy upon the Matrix; it was his, he knew it was his, it was his by _right_! He slowly and reverentially approached the pedestal and stared more closely at the ancient artifact. As he did so he felt something inside of him stir. Wherever the matrices had come from they had certainly been designed for the Cybertronian race. Or at least the most powerful members of that race. He reached out and touched the Matrix, curled his fingers through the grips on its sides. And suddenly he wasn't inside the temple anymore.
    Nor was he alone.

    "Hello Omega Trion. My son."

    "Who are you and why do you call me those things?" Megatron was confused, everything was still very dark. He could make out the hazy silhouette of a figure standing, perhaps floating, before him.

    "That was your original designation. You were an Omega of the Trion series just as I was a Gamma, and you other co-creator was an Alpha. We created you to be the ultimate force of peace. To mend the rift among the Cybertronians."

    "Peace through tyranny."

    "Yes, exactly. I'm glad your prime directive took hold. I wasn't sure if those I had entrusted to complete your construction in the case of my disappearance would do their job satisfactorily."

    "How do you know who I am? I wear a new body, my mind has been altered." Megatron was becoming suspicious of this seemingly benevolent semi-embodied voice. "Where are you, who are you? Where are we?"

    "I told you already. I am Gamma Trion, your co-creator. In one sense we are in the temple which holds the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership. In another sense we are in the Matrix itself. As to how I know who you are, look at yourself, you may wear a new body in the real world but in here, you wear the body your mind accepts as its own. And take comfort, your mind is not so damaged. I can see that it is jumbled, but I can also see my hand encoded all over it."

    Megatron looked down at himself. It was true, as the darkness became less pervasive he saw his original Cybertronian body, only idealized, purged of all the flaws even his very first frame had suffered from. He suddenly became aware of a feeling of increased disembodiment, and with it increased mental coherence. He now saw the being that floated before him. Purple and black in color he was a very old design, undoubtedly designed as a service module. As Megatron's mind cleared even more he remembered that the Trion series was designed for industrial service, the Gamma group was a mining and excavation line.

    "What are you doing inside of the Matrix of Leadership?" Megatron could sense that something was very wrong here.

    "I originally sought to acquire its power for you, my son. We had already secured the Fusion Cannon from Jetfire, and had intended to gift you with all the other ancient artifacts of Cybertron. Did Alpha Trion ever return from the Crystal City with the Autobot Matrix?"

    Megatron growled, he could feel his mind growing stronger by the moment, "Yes he did! But it was not given to me, but to a pathetic service droid known as Orion Pax, he became Optimus Prime and stemmed my conquest of Cybertron, and has been a thorn in my side ever since."

    "That traitor! I knew that he was becoming uncertain of our original plan to unite Cybertron. You see he desired peace among our people at any cost, and at first he supported my idea to build a weapon of peace. You were to be that weapon. But then he started supporting the Autobot philosophies more and more. They were slower but surer he claimed. I can't believe he abandoned you."

    As Megatron's mind grew stronger he felt, remotely, a growing unease in his body. But at the moment his thirst for knowledge was too great, "How could I, a Decepticon, bear _both_ matrices? And how could Alpha Trion, an Autobot, ever support my creation?" Megatron's origin was a thing of legend; even he had no idea of the real story behind his creation. The chance to find the truth, assuming this Gamma Trion was telling the truth, was irresistible.

    "It was after the end of the first Civil War,” The ghost continued, “and before the beginning of the second. The Quintessons were gone, and we were free but we disputed how we would approach the future. The Decepticons, true to their programming, advocated a strong military government. They sought to be ever vigilant against re-enslavement, and to destroy any potential threat before Cybertron could become a victim again. The Autobots, equally true to their nature, sought a peaceful existence, hoping to ponder the mysteries of the universe and to win safety through peaceful alliance and earned respect. And then there was us. We were the ancients, Omega Trion, older than either Autobot or Decepticon. We were created on Quintessa before they created Cybertron. We were free of the programming that barred the minds of Autobot and Decepticon alike from being able to understand both viewpoints. We saw the strengths and weaknesses of both, and knew we were the only ones who could unite the race. So we created you, with the strength of the Decepticons tempered by the wisdom of the Autobots, gifted with the ancient artifacts that only you could wield in concert being neither Autobot nor Decepticon. You were to be our savior."

    "And then Alpha Trion gave the other Matrix to Prime" Megatron Growled.

    "Yes, and in so doing shattered our hopes for peace."

    "But now I have claimed by birth right. And now I shall bring peace."

    Megatron's mind seemed almost totally whole again, but he felt almost no connection to his body.

    "In that my son, you are wrong." Gamma Trion was rapidly disappearing from view.

    "What are you doing?"

    "I am taking your place and your body. When first I tried to take the Matrix it rejected me, it consumed my body and sucked my spark into itself. I have waited eons, and now I have drawn you completely into the Matrix while I have slowly slipped into your body. We are both lucky Omega Trion, for the Matrix has repaired your mind as it drew you in. With our combined strength I will lead your Decepticons to a final victory."

    Suddenly Megatron knew that Gamma Trion spoke the truth. He felt his arms move and raise the Matrix above his head of their own will. He corrected himself, they moved of Gamma Trion's will.

    "Call me Gamma Trion no more my son. I am now Gamatron!"

    Megatron sensed that Gamma Trion, Gamatron, could read his thoughts now.

    In fact, Megatron realized, he had become pure thought.

    And in perfect communion with the matrix.

    He understood.

    "Father, you were wrong.” Megatron’s Matrix-bonded mind intoned, “The Matrix did accept you. But you lived within it for eons and never understood that. You never understood its true nature. You never understood that it had destroyed your body because you needed it no more. You never understood that the Matrices belonged to neither Autobot nor Decepticon, but to Wisdom and Strength. In short father you are a fool."

    Soundwave looked on with concern as his lord stood frozen for several mega-cycles. The hulking warrior didn't twitch even a servo. At first Soundwave thought he had been placed in stasis lock somehow, but his sensors reported that Megatron was operating at full capacity. Then he raised his hands above his head and turned around. He admired the Matrix with a look on his face that
    Megatron had never produced in any lifetime. It was if a new spark controlled his facial servos.

    The doppelganger spoke. "I am now Gamatron!"

    And then, moments later, his face lost its look of glee. Suddenly he looked crushed. And then the Matrix began to glow. Brighter and brighter until it projected a beam of concentrated red-purple light out of its center onto the ground directly before Gamatron.

    As Soundwave watched in confusion, a new figure took shape within the beam of light. At first its profile was unrecognizable. Then familiar, if radically altered, radically improved, structures began to take shape. As its body was encased in gleaming silver titanium and a giant silver cannon formed on its arm there was no doubt whatsoever.

    "I am thought made steel. I am Super Megatron."

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    FangWolf and Catilla flanked the crater-hole doorway. Mirage, cloaked, stood directly in front of it and observed, silently relaying what he saw to his companions.

    "Damn it we're too late. He's already got the thing and he's holding it above his head in triumph. Hold on, something's happening. What the? By The Great Smelter."

    "I am thought made steel. I am Super Megatron."

    Mirage gave one final silent signal to the other two warriors. "On my mark." He dropped his cloak and raised his rifle, "Fire!"

    The three Autobot warriors opened fire on the three Decepticons standing inside. They all seemed uncertain of which Megatron to fire on. They weren't given much of a chance to decide.

    Megatron raised his Fusion Pulse-Cannon and fired a short barrage at the Autobots. He was pleased with the weapon. It was capable of generating fusion blasts, but only low-powered ones. This limitation was compensated for by its ability to fire them in rapid succession.

    Megatron instantly assessed it as a powerful weapon, but still not the equal of his lost artifact. It was, however, enough to send the Autobots into oblivion.

    Mirage took multiple hits square in the chest and crumpled to the ground. Catilla and FangWolf both took severe wounds to their arms and legs. FangWolf quickly dragged Mirage out of the doorway and shouldered his body. "Rewind. This is FangWolf. We are aborting the mission. Prepare for emergency take-off. I repeat. Mission abort, prepare for emergency take off."

    Gamatron took the opportunity of Megatron's attack on the Autobots to fire his new Seismic cannon at Megatron. It seemed a fine weapon indeed, very appropriate for an ex-miner like himself. With a few modifications this body would undoubtedly prove very suitable.

    Megatron took the first part of the seismic blast in his side, he felt several of his servos fall out of joint, but before it could do any real damage he brought the Pulse Cannon into the line of fire, this weapon apparently served as a very effective shield as well.

    Now protected, Megatron charged forward and slammed his cannon into Gamatron who fell backward, knocking over the pedestal. The Matrix of Strength clattered across the floor.

    From his position on the floor, Gamatron strafed with his seismic cannon, jarring armor-plating all along Megatron's body before finally tearing open the ground at his feet. Megatron fell to his knees and as he did he felt his body rapidly repairing itself, or more accurately re-forming itself. He could sense his body re-designing its armor-plating to be able to better resist another seismic blast. He regained his feet and heard Gamatron's seismic cannon humming in its recharge cycle.

    Megatron did not wait for a second chance and fired a deadly barrage of fusion pulses at Gamatron. Each pulse did visible damage and hopped him a few meters across the floor. As he continued firing, Megatron accidentally forced his foe into the mouth of the hole in the floor. Gamatron slipped into the hole and out of sight.

    Soundwave had watched the incident in awe. This was his lord reborn, moving with the grace confidence, and above all, power that he had always had before. And now he was greater by far. "Lord Megatron, shall I send a scout down the tunnel to locate Gamatron."

    "No Soundwave. The body you built for me was powerful, but no match for this one. The fool's spark has been extinguished, and if not, he'll never be able to repair himself. Let him suffer in the dark, alone for another eternity. It is what he deserves."

    "Who was he?"

    "My creator. And as such he had to be destroyed. Soundwave, now we return to Char and reclaim my crown. Then to Cybertron!"

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    Galvatron stared pensively out of his observation tower in Trypticon City on Char. His warriors had come limping back to him under their own power; bruised, battered, and in some cases utterly destroyed. The message Megatron had given Cyclonus was obviously that of a raving lunatic: prepare his own tomb indeed! However, if Megatron acquired the Matrix, mad or not, he would be unstoppable.

    And then there was the very real possibility that Soundwave could use the Matrix to repair Megatron's mind. Then there would be no hope for survival. Galvatron knew all too well how Megatron's mind worked; they were very similar in countless ways. He had no doubt that Megatron would destroy him to make an example out of him, just as Galvatron had himself made an example out of Starscream.

    Peace through tyranny. Galvatron had doubts as to whether the philosophy could ever be applied on a galactic scale, but seemed to work without failure within the Decepticon ranks.
    If only he had more time. His mind had been whole for little over a deca-cycle and now it was to be torn from his cranial cavity. Already he was working on several plans, sound strategies, not suicide missions, to retake Cybertron. Given time, the galaxy could be his. But already, Megatron had cowed his greatest and most loyal generals.

    They were of similar minds, Galvatron and Megatron. That was of course assuming Megatron's mind had been healed. Galvatron assumed that was a fair assumption to make. And so it became clear what he must do. It would mean abject humiliation, but it would also mean survival. And survival meant a chance at conquest. Re-conquest of the Decepticons and then the Universe.

    Soundwave's ship touched down inside of Trypticon City's main docking port. Soundwave, Megatron, and a small group of loyal Decepticons all disembarked from the ship and were greeted by a large crowd of Decepticon warriors. Megatron scanned the faces of those in the crowd.

    Some he recognized: several of the elite Seekers, his generals Blitzwing and Shockwave, a handful of Stunticons, Constructicons, and Combaticons.

    Others were unfamiliar. Some had humanoid cyborgs sitting on their shoulders, others appeared to be cyborgs themselves, and others were very normal looking, just unfamiliar.

    One face he did instantly recognize. It was a twisted mockery of his own. The face was attached to an ugly, cumbersome looking purple body. Megatron could sense his warriors sizing up the two commanders. He knew which they would choose. His form was sleek and powerful, he wore the Matrix of Strength on a chain around his neck, and his face was a thing of legend. He was the Supreme Imperator, Galvatron had only led to fill a void. All the Decepticons realized those facts almost the instant he had stepped off of Soundwave's ship.

    Galvatron realized it. He strode forward to stand directly in front of Megatron. He stared into his alter-ego's eyes for a moment and dropped to his knees. For a moment he looked up at Megatron out from under his helmet. He saw the shining silver sentinel who stood over him and was reminded of his torment and his terror. And then he realized the terror had passed.
    Megatron spoke only three words and his reign began again, undisputed.

    "I have returned."
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    Optimus Prime stood over Mirage's body in the repair bay as Rewind recounted the entire mission.

    He had truly returned from the dead. And, like Optimus, in his resurrection he had been born anew and made stronger than ever. Only alive for a matter of minutes and he had begun slaughtering Autobots without remorse.

    Prime had been sure that the wars were drawing to a close. That the Decepticon menace had been crushed, and it was only a matter of time before it would all be over. Now he saw that he was wrong.

    It had begun again. And once again it was up to him to stop it.

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