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Discussion in 'TFW2005 Tech Support' started by RedAlert Rescue, Jun 4, 2012.

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    I would like to request a clarificatiobn to this board rule

    4. Do Not Sell, Share, Link To, Offer Or Ask For Copyrighted Materials
    This includes movies, music, games, roms, comics, programs, etc.

    Does this include for example linking to Youtube to a trailer for a new TV show if said link is not one put up by the original producer but is a duplicate of it ?

    If said link had identical content to that placed by the producer on the same site.

    Also the rule says do not share links does mentioning a site by name constitute a link ?

    Lets say I said I had been looking for a movie for years and it's long since been deleted on DVD and was only ever available as a VHS rental and I happened to say that I was pleased to have found said movie i've not been able to find for years and then mention a that it popped up in a google search on the name of a site (which say for example was a site like Youtube) is mentioned does that constitute linking even if there's no link as such. ?
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    Trailers - okay. Clips - largely okay.

    Full episodes - not okay.

    Mentioning where things can be found without providing a link to them is considered the same as linking to them since most internet browsers nowadays have the capability to locate a site simply by typing the name into the address bar, or highlight, right click + search web.

    The age of the work does not matter. It is still the property of the original copyright owner, which would make it subject to the rule.

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