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Discussion in 'Junkion Exchange Feedback' started by mellowmut, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Nov 26, 2010
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    Using this as a medium to relay feedback for someone I purchased/commisioned a piece off of. A fully transformable G1 Lego Megatron.

    Extremely happy with the end result. His first commisioned work. He's done numerous projects, some pretty cool looking stuff. And sells on eBay, forget the eBay username at moment. Wont mention price but well worth every penny and more. Considering time, material and whatnot feel got off cheap. Easy to transform, holds itself up well. Gave me an instructional video in case I ever messed up fig, along with another how to safely transform. Really helped alot. Lost track of time playing with em. Felt like a kid again, was pretty fun. But yeah looks beautiful in both modes. Extremely happy. Also got some Lego Cassettes off him, which were koo as well. Focus on Megatron because he overshadows everything else. Would definitely consider asking him for something else down the line. All in all a pleasure to deal with, great communication throughout and always followed through. Kept every deadline he set for himself. Would definately recomend to others.

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