Chimaeracon 2010, April 9--11, San Antonio, TX, USA

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    Hi, I just found this community. I'm publicist for Chimaeracon, which has been run by San Antonio fans for fans since 2002. As the website says:

    What is Chimaeracon?

    Chimaeracon is a South Texas festival for Gamers, Sci-Fi enthusiasts and Anime fans. Come and enjoy video games, miniatures, card games, RPGs, live action role play and much more. Join discussion panels, participate in the costume contest, and hang out with people interested in Gaming, Sci-Fi and Anime.

    The fun lasts all weekend long.

    Our New Venue:

    San Pedro Village Event Center
    9926 San Pedro Ave
    San Antonio, TX 78216

    Hope the San Antonio-area members will come out to join us in ten days!

    Gilder McCarroll
    ChimaeraCon 2010

    PS for mods/admins: I'll delete my registration immediately, but you can reach me at Thanks in advance for allowing the post.

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