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    Sorry to hear that, I've found if you make a public fuss you get a better response. I had comissioned two figures, a leader Sunstorm and deluxe RID Jackpot on 10/21/15, I eventually got them but not without a lot of work on my part in reaching out for updates and several months wait. I still have the emails and facebook messages. I didn't get my figures until early june 2016. Now to be fair, they are great looking (although Jackpot was incorrectly reassembled so I couldn't transform him back to alt mode immediately). But the lack of communication is super frustrating. I've been looking for a good customizer to pay for a series of comissions for a while, but won't be working with Cheetimus again unless there are some major changes (and it sounds like there aren't).

    I didn't really get a good response until 4/18 when I posted publicly on his facebook page my disappointment with the communication and delays. At that point he deleted my post and got back to me privately and we were able to work things out but that may be what you need to do, raise a ruckus to get his attention.

    I had made the recommendation at the time to him that he put out a public list of the figures he's working on to be transparent about the time he spends on people's commissions that they already paid for vs stuff he wants to sell on Ebay and give them a rough time period at which they know when he'll get to their custom (and that is when he should request payment, not months before he even gets started) and also that it might be useful to do some sort of weekly update to customers to prevent this sort of frustration. But I guess that wasn't attempted either.

    BTW appreciate your videos, your review/transformation helped me out a ton figuring out where PE Warden clipped together.
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    preciate it bro...I recently got an update, so hopefully he can get the ball rolling again
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    Recently got a update from him as well saying 2 days, maybe he won't make any more excuses.
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    I actually wouldn't have minded the delays, if it wasn't the lack of honesty and transparency. The amount of times I've told that he'll be shipping my stuff 'this week' or 'tomorrow' and 'it'll be with you in the next few days' (twice I've been told this since January) just got aggravating as it now seems he was in no position to make such promises.
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