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Discussion in 'Transformers Feedback & Reviews' started by Cheebs, May 1, 2006.

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    Here's micro-reviews of each LOC I own, going in order of best to worst:

    #1 Skywarp - I loved this character design as a Voyager-size fig, and it loses almost nothing in the shrink down to mini-size. Head no longer swivels and elbows no longer bend. Aside from that the mold is spot-on in all the places that count. The skywarp color scheme looks very appropriate to the character and there are enouth paint apps to "fill out" the deco.
    #1b Starscream - All of the mold praise carries over, but the deco is the slightest bit "empty". Give it some of your own paint apps.

    #2 Megatron - Again, almost nothing is lost on the shrink aside from key gimmiks. The jet mode is lost for the most part, but it sucked anyway. What you're left with is an unmistakeable replica of the huge Megatron toy. Deco is slightly empty. Add your own paint apps. Tiny ball-joints are a problem where the upper thigh meets the torso. They pop off a lot.
    #2b Galavatron - I like the Galvatron deco better on the big guys, I like the Megatron deco better on the small guys. Must be the use of grey plastic instead of silver paint.

    #3 Jetfire - If there's one thing this figure teaches us, it's that Jetfire had no buisness being an Ultra. He would have been 10X cooler as a deluxe. Mini Jetfire looses nothing but paint apps over his large brother. OK, the feet don't flip up and the arms don't slide forward, but at this size you won't care. His knees don't will care about that. Anyway, he's also much more stable in 'bot mode that big Jetfire. The only negative I really have for a figure of this size is sparce paint apps. Add you own paint.

    #4 Vector Prime - Big big flaw: his head doesn 't swivel and therefore is totally visible in alt mode. Obviously the intricate sculpted gears are gone, but the sculpting that replaces them does an admirable job for the small scale. At the end of the day I love VP's 'bot design, and this toy is faithful in that area (yes, the shoulder pads do flip up. No, the wings don't fold in). For $3-$4 bucks you can't go wrong. Keep in mind that VP is my #1 favorite Cybertron/Galaxy force figure. I you don't love the 'bot design as much as I do, he probably slips down the list a few places.

    #5 Soundwave - If he were only a robot he'd be #2 on this list. His 'bot mode is AWESOME. Sadly, the jet mode sufferes here (the arm transformation is tottaly different than the full-size). Tiny ball-joints cause the thigh pieces to easily pop off. Still highly recommended for the perfect 'bot.

    #6 Leobreaker - How much do you like the full-size Leobreaker? The arm gimmick is gone, but aside from that, here he is. The sculpt of both heads is amazing, and the deco looks full enough. Arms on the 'bot are actually designed better than the big Leo. He falls to 6 in my book since I was never a huge Leo Breaker fan in the first place.

    #7 Scourge - Gets hurt from lack of paint apps. They took what they did have and ran with it however, and in the end it looks alright. Mold is hurt by funky 'bot arms and the removal of the "collapsing" mid-section. If you are a competant painter and re-do the deco he would probably creep up the list past Leobreaker.

    #8 Hotshot - A simple deluxe gets a simple mini. Deco is sparce, sculpt is a bit uninspired, but it gets the job done. No mistaking who it is or what he turns into.

    #9 Evac - The yellow plastic looks wrong for this mold. The biggest problem with the mold is that because his head no longer collapses into his torso, he loses half of his torso height. The resulting 'bot is all legs. Alt mode is hurt by a lack of landing gear. The "key gimmick" of the big 'bot is sculpted with the missles permanetly activated. This hurts the look of alt mode.

    #10 Prime - No paint apps, no alt mode add-ons. Too simple. Too ugly.

    #11 CD Red Alert - Almost totally non-transforming. Missle is too small. Deco is lacking. 'Bot mode arms are insultingly bad. A shame since the Ultra was so simple and should have been perfectly replicated.
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    I have every LOC figure made so far and I agree almost 100% with your breakdown of the series.

    I just want to say that LOC Prime is one of the worst in the line, however I have EZ Convoy which is absolutely outstanding.

    The mold is exactly the same, but the additional paint applications push the figure all the way up to #5 on my list. Yes, the paint is just that good.

    I also have EZ Starscream and Master Megatron and those toys are far more detailed than the LOC versions. But the LOC versions are already the best in the series so I guess they can't get any higher on the list.

    I don't have EZ Master Galvatron, but I don't really think it would beat out Master Megatron because as you say Megatron's darker gray plastic looks far better than the pale gray.

    Oh, and one more thing, the Starscream/SDCC Skywarp/Botcon Ramjet mold does have a turning head. You just need dainty fingers to move it.

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    Evansville, IN
    My list is a little different order.

    #1. Screamer/Skywarp
    #2. Megs/Galvy
    #3. Jetfire
    #4. Vector Prime
    #5. Soundwave
    #6. Hot Shot
    #7. EVAC
    #8. Prime
    #9. Leobreaker
    #10. Scourge
    #11. CD Red Alert

    Leobreaker, Scourge, and CD Red Alert are all poorly done IMO. The look like ass in at least one mode. Scourge in robot mode is ugly and CD RA barely even transforms..
  4. Deathy G1

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    Dec 14, 2005
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    1. Screamer
    2. Soundwave (once I got the hang of him)
    3. Evac
    4. Jetfire
    5. Vector Prime
    6. Scourge
    7. Megatron/Galvatron
    8. CD Red Alert
    9. Leobreaker
    10. Optimus Prime
    11. Hot Shot
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    Time to update this list. Wave 4 in order from best to worst:

    Sunstorm: The Starscream LOC mold remains the best mold overall, so Sunstorm therefore is the best of this wave. Not counting Ramjet (I've never seen one), Sunstorm is the worst use of colors for this mold however. Still a great toy, and Sunstorm fans will dig it. The paints used all have a metallic shine and fit the Sunstorm character.

    Thundercracker: The mold looks FANTASTIC in both modes. However... The 'bot is lacking in articulation. Horribly. No elbows, no neck, no knees, and his legs can't even move apart out to the side (due to STUPID placement of the ball-joint socket notch). But like I said, he looks fantastic. Paint apps are generous and appropriate. The Jet mode is marred by the 'bot shoulders sticking out and a nasty undercarriage. Deal with the sub-G1 articulation and he's a very nice little display piece.

    Prime: The mold remains kinda' bad, but these colors blow the first deco out of the water. Damn, he just looks fantastic in red and black. Nice metalic silver paint too.

    Hotshot: Funny that the package still calls him Hotshot instead of Excillion. Anyway, very average mold with better colors than the original. Paint apps look too sparce, especially in car mode.

    So, to update my overall list:

    #1 Skywarp
    #1b Starscream
    #2 Sunstorm

    #3 Megatron
    #3b Galavatron
    #4 Jetfire

    #5 Thundercracker
    #6 Vector Prime
    #7 Soundwave

    #8 Leobreaker
    #9 Scourge
    #10 Prime wave 4 repaint

    #11 Hotshot redeco/Excillion
    #11b Hotshot
    #12 Evac

    #10 Prime
    #11 CD Red Alert

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