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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Paladin, Apr 18, 2008.

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    I had an MP3 Player before; and it got wrecked. I messed up the playing of the tracks on it accidentally; and I thought it was toast. So; I went an bought another to replace it. I come to find out; the old one still works; thanks to a little trick called reformatting the drive.

    So, in conclusion; my old one still works fine and now I have an extra one I need to sell.

    I'm only asking about $20 plus shipping for it; and it's got a lot of good features:

    --2 GB space
    --Included headphones and USB cable (plug-and-play device, so no software needed)
    --Internal battery (charged via USB)
    --Digital display screen with full menu
    --Voice recorder microphone built-in

    Now; the only thing is that I haven't used it yet; since I got my other one to work; so it's brand new.

    If anyone is interested/has any questions; please post and let me know.

    Thanks; I appreciate any help you can offer!

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