CHEAP deluxes & Gundam models

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    I will send an invoice via paypal, prices include fees but not shipping.

    Gundam Models are assembled, I just don't have time to paint and customize anymore. Any problems or missing pieces are listed. Original instructions are included with all. I never got around to sanding/filing the flash completely off, all cuts from the sprue are close and clean (quality nippers used).

    HG Hi-Nu Gundam - Only the eye sticker applied, all other stickers still on sheet. The tab for the small beam saber saber blade broke. Includes sparkle blue 1/144 action base. $7

    HG Sazabi - Missing two of the unattached "flying" funnels. No stickers applied. Includes red 1/144 action base. I have the original box but will have to charge more for shipping if you want it. $10

    Take both for $15 plus shipping


    Generations FOC Shockwave, complete w/instructions $8
    Prime RID Wheeljack, complete w/instructions $7
    Prime RID Ratcher, complete w/instructions $7
    ROTF Bumblebee, with missle and launcher, no instructions $4
    Generations "Rage Over Cybertron" WFC Optimus Prime, complete with instructions $15
    Prime CV Optimus Prime, complete w/instructions $6

    Take them all for $37 shipped in the continental US

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