Cheap Cybertron Toys For Sale!

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    Mar 30, 2006
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    Mabye more to come soon. Must check my inventory.
    All are complete unless noted otherwise.
    No instructions. No packaging. No batteries.

    Sorry for my poor varitety...

    Cybertron Metroplex - no Minicon: $21
    Cy Optimus Prime: $20
    Cy Super Starscream: $23
    Cy Hot Shot (no missle): $4
    Cy Excellion: $5
    Cy Override (defective-ish leg): $4
    Cy Unicron: $5
    Cy Scattorshot: $3

    Please send money orders.
    If your feeling brave, you can send money,
    but I don't recommend it.
    I don't take cheques.
    I don't take PayPal.
    I ship worldwide.
    PM me for any questions.
    PM for personal info stuff.
    You pay shipping.
    I pay for packaging.
    You send first.
    I live in Iowa, USA.

    Thanks for looking and please buy!

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