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    Not to try to plug another thread or mine, but for those of you that saw my thread TF Story for College, I have made some bios for the characters in the fic. Each character has the appearance of ANimated but a bio of some other continuity. This is done this is done to increrase interaction, and make it more semi-original. They have been attempted to be formatted in the Marvel Universe style. Hope you enjoy!

    BLACKARACHNIA (inspired by Beast Wars)
    BLACKARACHNIA is the top assasain in the Decepticon ranks, able to sneak around in the darkest of corners, striking her prey without warning. She envisions herself as the most beautiful Transformer online, and Decepticons and Autobots like can attest to that, however half of that population have been her victims. BLACKARACHNIA uses her wits and sexy frame to get what she wants from her fellow 'Cons, and will not take no for answer. Her newly acquired organic mode, would be a curse to some, but this devilish spider uses whatever she can to her advantage.
    As a Technorganic Transformer, BLACKARACHNIA has access to the mechanical abilities of her race, and the organic qualities of a spider, such as venom-infusing mandibles and a web spinner.
    Being partially organic does have its downsides to BLACKARACHNIA, for she is susceptible to drowning, and other natural injuries, but at least to a lesser extent than full organics. Character-wise, she can become very arrogant when near victory.

    SWINDLE (inspired by general biographies)
    SWINDLE is all about business, point blak. He only views the Civil War as just another opportunity to make a few extra credits. Lucky for him, the Decepticons are the most war-hungry race around, and as they are his biggest customers, SWINDLE considers himself a Con. MEGATRON sees potential in this salesbot's dealings, and keeps him around to gather more weaponry, and info on the Autobots.
    As an arms dealer, SWINDLE has gained access to almost any kind of weapon imaginable. But on his own, he is well-armed too with a Scatter Blaster capable of piercing the toughest alloy and a chest mounted Gatling gun.
    With his profession, there come enemies, mostly in the form of his customers after they've been sold weapons to fight each other with. His biggest fault is that he can't seem to stop selling when he's ahead.
    LUGNUT (inspired by Animated Lugnut, with a little bit of Armada Demolishor)
    A fanatic Decepticon at spark, LUGNUT truly believes that MEGATRON is the future of not only Cybertron, but the whole universe. Ever faithful, LUGNUT relishes that he is MEGATRON's bodyguard, and will gladly obliterate anyone who dares to speak out against the despot. However, it is this blind devotion that gets LUGNUT into trouble, for when someone enrages him, he will not rest until the enemy is destroyed, no matter who tells him to stop, be subordinate, partner, even commander, that is except for MEGATRON himself.
    Using his rear vehicle mode as a POWER MACE, Lugnut is able to swat away the foe like flies. His greatest asset is the PUNCH OF KILL EVERYTHING, which has the force of a small nova.
    Offensively, LUGNUT is one of the strongest Decepticons around, but the only thing that gets in his way is his absolute loyalty to MEGATRON, which can cloud his judgment in battle. LUGNUT also fails to accept the dark fear that MEGATRON may discard him, should this behemoth fail his master.

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