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    ok, ive been told i do great charicatures, and would like to sell them. but first i feel i should get a little exposure with my art so, im making this thread.

    i cando a charicature of you and pm it to you.
    these are my rates (if you can call them that)

    1 person black and white, simple background,
    scout/basic sized, or the cybertron minicons 3 pack

    2 people, black and white simple background or 1 person color, simple background,
    deluxe figure if possable cybertron defense hotshot or the green wheeljack looking one from cybertron

    2 people color,or 1 person color, better background,
    voyager, if possable vector prime (any) or battle blades optimus.

    2 people color, better background , 1 person color, better background, and special type option(robot body, superhero costume, ect. just ask)

    i will do the full options thing with annything else on it you want, other objects, car, ect, for a lego mtron mega core magnetizer with all its parts and atleast 1 minifigure.

    anything unclear, just ask. ill give my shipping adress when i send your picture

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