Character Weapons and Abilities.

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    Just a thread for fun that I just thought up. Basically, post what you think the weapons and abilities of TF characters should be in High Moon TF games. It can be any amount of characters from any version of Transformers.

    Also, describe weapons and abilities if you make them up and/or state how much damage they cause.

    My ideas.
    Live Action Films.

    DOTM Soundwave. Robot Weapon: Chargeable Sonic Blaster like in DOTM. Robot Ability: Tentacle Attack that grabs an enemy and electrocute it, then throw it away or at closet enemy. One hit kills first enemy but only deals some damage to the second. Vehicle Weapon: Plasma cannon. Vehicle Ability. Transforms into scanable objects and launches Laserbeak to play as.

    Laserbeak. Weapons: Scoped Rifle Similar to WFC Battle Pistol but with more powerful scope mode. Ability: Cloak.

    Sentinel Prime. Robot Weapons: Laser Cannon like WFC Burst Rifle without scope and Cosmic Rust Cannon which, like WFC EMP Shotgun, two hit kills. Robot Ability: Shield. Vehicle Weapon: Acid Spay Cannon. Vehicle Ability: Boost.

    Beast Wars.

    Season One Megatron
    . Robot weapons: Dino head Cannon that shoot a long line of laser and a Shotgun like the Scatter Blaster. Robot Abilities: Guided Missile. Beast Weapons: Teach in jaw.

    Season One Optimus Primal. Robot Weapons: Wrist Cannons that shoot small balls of energy and twin Shoulder Rocket Launchers. Robot Ability: Flight. Beast Weapons: Fists.

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