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    Yep, another character piece from me. :lol  Hopefully I'll finish Echo soon. :)  But right now I introduce to Naito, a character I created about four years ago.


    Chapter 1

    He was a loner like most snipers are, but unlike some he had a mean temper which landed him where was at right now. Naito sighed heavily as he impatiently tapped his boot against the metallic floor, waiting on Ultra Magnus to reprimand him once again. Even though he didn't get in trouble with Sonicblaze he knew what he had done this time would reach beyond his own commander.

    Heavy footsteps approached the door to his left and he waited for it to hiss open before he lazily got to his boots. As he turned his head that direction he could see Hot Rod limping out of the general's quarters and inwardly Naito laughed. Young punk should have known better than to mess with an Outcast, thought Naito as he threw his hand up for a salute.

    “Get in here now, Naito.” Ultra Magnus stepped out of the door and turned to the sniper. “I’m very disappointed in you.”

    Naito obediently followed the general into his quarters then shrugged as he pulled his hand down from the salute. “Hot Rod, made fun of a few of my team mates, sir. He had to be taught a lesson.”

    Ultra Magnus huffed then rubbed his face. “I really can’t deal with this right now.” He turned to Naito and shook his head. “Did you have to shoot him in the knee?”

    “It was that or his head.” This got an irritated scowl from the general. “Sir, I shot him with a low caliber target shot. Just enough to shake him up, but not enough to do any real harm. He hurt his knee on his own…”

    “He may be reckless, but he’s not stupid. You can spend a lunar in the brig, that should help clear your head.”

    “What!?! A lunar cycle for that punk?”

    “Lets make it two.”

    “ Slag, I can do that on my head.”

    “Fine, we’ll make it three.” Ultra Magnus took a deep breath then leaned against his desk with his arms crossed in front of him. “You need to calm that anger down a bit.” He shook his head. “Your team has three snipers, including yourself, the most of any unit on Cybertron.” He shrugged. “And with Echo, I see no reason for them to miss you.”

    Naito grinded his metallic teeth at the mention of his partner. “I’m not Echo and I will never be an Echo.” He shook his head.

    “I’ve given you enough chances, Naito. Don’t forget you use to be a Decepticon. You, standing here with me is a miracle.” Ultra Magnus pushed off the desk then pushed a button on his right wrist. “Springer and Kup, I need you two at my quarters immediately to escort an insubordinate Autobot to the brigs.” He turned back to Naito. “You’re a good mech, Naito.”

    Naito shook his head. “Then why am I getting arrested!”

    “Because you crossed the line and you need to be punished for it!” Ultra Magnus’ optics flickered as his hand rested on his forehead. “You’re giving my servos a headache, Naito.”

    The door opened revealing Kup and Springer, the former shaking his head at the sight of Naito. “Lad, not again. Let’s go.”

    Obediently Naito followed the mech’s out of the room knowing all to well Sonicblaze would have his tailpipe for this. Springer turned to Naito, shook his head then continued the march to the brigs. Half way there, they happened to pass by a small gathering room full of bots from Naito’s team. His commander instantly got up from where he was sitting and sprinted out of the room to meet up with the small group of bots.

    “This isn’t fair, Kup. He was just sticking up for Echo and Beltline.” Sonicblaze put his hand on Naito’s armor, a signal for the second-lieutenant to stop moving. “You would have done the same if they were making fun of Hot Rod or Blurr.”

    Kup shook his head. “I’m sorry, lad, but what Naito did is not acceptable.”

    “Then calling my mechs Deceptibots is!” Sonicblaze moved to be in front of Kup and Springer. “That young punk has no business making fun of my team like that.” He wagged a finger at Kup. “He then proceeded to call Echo a Decepticon spy and Beltline an oil stain.”

    Springer shook his head. “He’s always wanted to get back at Hot Rod ever since…”

    “You do not have to bring that up, Springer!” Naito turned to Sonicblaze, the irritation rather obvious on his face. “Sir, do something! I can’t spend three lunar cycles in the brig! I did nothing wrong!”

    Sonicblaze rubbed his face then turned his attention to Springer. “Any way his sentence can be shortened?”

    “What! But sir…” His commander’s hand waved at him to stop. “Sir, this is ludicrous! You know me, I wouldn’t deliberately harm another Autobot!” Springer grabbed hold of his right arm, twisted it just right and sent pain through Naito’s circuits. To relieve it Naito had to bend at a slight angle which gave the Autobot enough room to grab hold of his neck. “Let go of me!”

    “Will you calm down?” Asked Springer as he tightened his hold on Naito’s neck. This got Naito to fight even more which got an irritated huff from the Autobot. “Very well, you leave me no choice.”

    “Enough.” Sonicblaze waved at Springer to stop and as he did Naito quickly pulled away from the Autobot‘s grip, but didn‘t lash out. Instead, he just stood still, his attention primarily on Sonicblaze. “Naito, go with them to the brigs. I'll argue your case with Ultra Magnus.”

    Naito smirked. “Great. So, you’re just going to leave one of your best snipers to rot while you play politics with ‘Mr. I can’t deal with that now.’” Sonicblaze’s optics narrowing told him to keep quiet. “Fine, I needed a break anyway.”

    As his commander headed in the other direction Naito was obediently lead by the Autobots through several halls and elevators till they reached the brig where he was led to a cell in the far corner where he stepped into with no argument and sat down on the low metallic bench. He turned his attention to the Autobots to see them activating the cell’s bars. Soon, the darkness was a glow with a blue light which played against Naito’s black armor as he sat there fuming with anger.

    “Lad, unfortunately you’ll be here till Ultra Magnus says otherwise.” Kup said as the two left, leaving Naito alone in the cell.

    Naito crossed his arms over his chest plates resting his head against the wall. His mind began drifting to memories when he once wore a Decepticon brand, a minion of Shockwave’s. Life was pure slag for him, plan and simple. For unknown reasons, he was built much smaller than the average Decepticon for which he received many cycles of harassment for. What saved his tailpipe numerous times was his quick wit and uncanny ability to hide rather well. Latter of which getting him into sniping. Over time he proved to be very good at it, in fact, he was so good at sneaking around and hiding he was tasked with watching over Shockwave’s past experiments. It was during one of these missions he discovered the mech named Sonicblaze.

    He had been tracking Sonicblaze, or Ex-6 as he was called, through several sectors till he came upon a location run by rebels. Here he watched as Ex-6’s unit of ten Autobots were quickly overrun and held up inside a large crater. He expected the Autobots to surrender, instead he had watched on as the small group fought valiantly. And in the process he got to know the mech which was Ex-6. From what he saw that day, he knew Ex-6 to be rather courageous, always putting his life before his team. Was it because he wanted to die an honorable death? Or was it because he actually valued his men’s lives? Whatever it was, Naito stored it away to relay this information to Shockwave.

    Then, the incident happened that would change Naito’s life forever. He had been following Ex-6 once again, but something had gone horribly wrong. Must have been an ambush since several Seekers appeared and began to bomb the area around them. The small ledge he had used for cover collapsed from underneath Naito sending him tumbling several stories to the ground below him. His rifle had clattered away from his hands and though he carried a small pistol, it wouldn’t help him in this situation.

    He could hear the jet’s engines coming closer and knew he was as good as dead then out of nowhere appeared Ex-6. The Autobot grabbed hold of his back armor then flung him into a small crater, his body protecting Naito from any shrapnel that the bombing run would have made. As things quieted down Ex-6 got up, took one look at Naito and proceeded to punch him till he was knocked out.

    One would think that would have made him rather angry, but instead Naito grew to respect Ex-6 as the commander he was. And the more he watched him, the more he wanted to know about the Autobot. Shame he had to kill him.

    Flash forward to fifty vorns, Naito finally managed to capture Ex-6 and bring him to Shockwave, but by doing so he felt guilt like he has never known before. Decepticons weren’t suppose to feel this, they were suppose to be killing machines. Why did he feel this way? After several cycles of thinking things out he decided right then and there he would rescue the experiment. And so he did, it was risky but he managed to sneak Ex-6 out of Darkmount to an Autobot patrol.

    Returning to Darkmount word spread like wildfire about his actions. Instantly sent to be experimented on by Trialrun as his punishment. Many vorns he suffered through painful augmentations to his optics and audios only to be classified a failed experiment. No longer useful Naito was dumped into the trash and left to die. But his will to live was far greater than anybody realized. He climbed out of the rubble, his arm and leg torn off and crawled several clicks till he found Ex-6. He offered his life to the Autobot commander who didn’t kill him and instead the commander took him in and repaired his body. This surprised Naito, but according to Ex-6, who he found was actually called Sonicblaze every one of his teammates was a reject at one time. As long as Naito didn’t kill a fellow Autobot he’d be accepted into the team.

    Naito smiled at the memory then stood to his boots, his hands crossing behind his back. Sonicblaze would argue his case and he’d be out in a few cycles.
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    And yet another character I like... I think it's the Joe Pesci attitude.
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    So many fantastic, deep, well thought out characters and you've added another to the list. Yes, I love this character.

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