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    I had written a character story about Echo a year or so ago, but didn't really like how it turned out, so I started fresh. This will only be a few chapters long, basically a story about Echo's past and how he became who he is.

    Chapter 1

    It was amazing what one finds in abandoned buildings, especially one so close to the Autobots precious Iacon or what remained of it. The scientist gingerly stepped through the debris as though afraid he might awaken someone or even worse something. However, no one lived in this particular building for several vorns. Its owner had left on an exploratory mission not seen since. Now, whatever was inside this dilapidated old building was free for the taking.

    He kicked a control panel, dumped here by an unknown individual and then picked his way through a thick pile of debris, stopping every now and then to study an item. A large beam blocked his path that he easily cut in half with his energon sword. Once he did he saw a vast room, still furnished with lab equipment and wondered how the room remained intact all these vorns?

    “Wow, looks like we hit an energon mine.” Shotgunner made his way past the scientist then whistled. “We can really use some of the items in here.”

    “Definitely.” The scientist picked up a rather dusty beaker then took a long look around the room. “Something is odd about this place. Why hasn’t it been discovered yet?” He began to study the room, looking for anything at all that would give him a clue. “Jetfire, what were you doing here?”

    “Maven! I think I found something!” Shotgunner knocked on a few metal plates on the wall. “It’s hollow. I think there’s a door here. Maybe this room was hidden at one time.”

    Shotgunner’s simple words lit a spark in Maven’s brain. “This is Jetfire’s old laboratory.” He began to walk around, his memory finally coming back to him. “I was an apprentice here before the war. I knew of a secret room, but he never did show me.” His finger pointed to the floor he was now standing in. “This area was completely sealed, mainly used for top secret proj…” His voice faded as he ran towards Shotgunner. “If memory stands correct there should be a mech in stasis somewhere in this building.”

    “What, did I just hear you say, mech?” Shotgunner stepped in front of Maven with an incredulous look. “But how, this place has had no power for vorns. Why make a mech suffer like that?”

    “It was an experiment Jetfire and Shockwave were working on. Actually the spark should be rather secured in it’s own little prison, as for the body,” He knocked on the wall a few times till he found where it was hollow. Then he took his sword and sliced at the wall. He felt no resistance which was rather good news. “Shotgunner, pull that part.”

    “Sure, sure.” Shotgunner stuck his hands inside the cut and began to pull. Because of thick plating on his palms he was able to do actions such as this. After a few grunts and pulls he finally got a space big enough for them to crawl through.

    Once his optics adjusted to the darkness, Maven cursed rather loudly. “It’s empty!”

    Shotgunner gingerly stepped around the rather small room then stopped as he turned back to face Maven. “In the corner. Apparently he had awaken.”

    Maven slowly turned to see a rather small mech hunched against the wall, his hands completely shredded, a sign this mech tried to escape. He gradually fixed his optics onto the wall next to him to see deep gouges buried within it. Was this the infamous mech? A machine Jetfire and Shockwave began together several vorns ago? He knelt down to get a better look and saw it was indeed a black flier with rather odd looking audio receptors.

    “Slag, what is he?” Shotgunner ran to the mech and shook his head. “He’s built rather small.”

    “It’s because he’s not fully completed.” Maven’s voice displayed his awe. “He shouldn’t even have any higher brain functions. He was just a drone.” He slowly lifted the mech’s head to see his optics were pitch black, as though he had just gone into sleep mode. “Let’s get him back to Shockwave. This mech will be a great help to the Decepticon cause.”


    His cell was rather small, especially when shared with three other mechs. For Signal this hasn’t been a pleasant experience and he started to wonder if he’d ever see the Autobots again. The mech next to him groaned rather loudly then fell to his side, the loud thunk echoing in the vast dungeon. Another mech now dead from lack of energon. Who will be next?

    The door at the end of the long corridor opened with a loud hiss making the mechs in his cell groan. Signal leaned his head against the wall then rolled it towards the energon bars as three dark figures stepped up to it. One figure appeared to be a flier, most likely it meant it was either Thundercracker or Skywarp. Starscream hardly ever ventured down into the dungeon and if he did, the visit was always brief.

    “Let’s take the body out and use it for scraps.” It was Skywarp. “This Autobot scientist is the one Shockwave wants. Apparently he knows about the experiment.”

    Signal’s brain tried desperately to figure out what Skywarp was saying. What experiment? His optics went rather wide as he came to a sudden realization. No, that can’t be. They wouldn’t bring that mech to life, there was just too many risks involved. As a drone he was already unpredictable, but adding a functional spark and brain could make the mech completely crazy.

    “I see you already know what we are talking about it.” A Decepticon that Signal didn’t know spoke up. “Then it should be much easier for you. Lugnutz, open the cell.”

    Once the bars were down, the ‘Cons rudely dragged him from the cell, his boots scrapping along the metallic surface. They kept their hold on his arms as they made their way out of the dungeon and down a rather long corridor. Finally they stopped and allowed him to stand on his own wobbly legs.

    “Don’t do anything smart. Trialrun will be there and Shockwave will arrive shortly.”

    Trialrun, a name Signal thought he may never hear again. He had actually gone through classes with the Decepticon scientist just before the war. It was a shame Trialrun decided to join up with Shockwave, he had incredible skills and knowledge that would have been useful to the Autobots. Wonder why he did? What did he get out of torturing poor mechs?

    “IN!” Skywarp shoved him hard from the back which sent Signal flailing through the now open door and to the floor on the other side. “You will not leave here till he is completed.”

    As the door closed a shadow appeared next to a group of monitors. “Well, Signal it’s been a long time. Has it really been one hundred vorns?”

    “That is has, Trialrun.” Signal gradually picked himself up off the floor, his optics glancing at the table before him. “How did you find him? He was supposed to be tightly locked up, no mech should have found him.”

    “We have our ways, Signal.” He gave a nod to two drones standing on the other side of the room. “Watch him and make sure he does nothing stupid.”

    After Trialrun left Signal slowly made his way to the mech’s side, amazed he had survived after so many vorns. However one glance at the hands told another story. This poor mech had awakened at one time inside his steel prison, no light, no sound, nothing at all to comfort him. Apparently he had tried to claw his way out, destroying both hands in the process. What a terrible way to go into stasis. Was he even salvageable?

    He gradually stepped to the black mech’s side to see that other than the hands nothing else appeared damaged. That was good news indeed, less work for him. He noticed the mech was not tied down which could cause some serious problems. Very slowly, with all his weight leaning against the table he went around and strapped the young mech‘s arms and legs to the table. Being rather low on energon was not going to be easy for him, especially if he had to work.

    After he was through, he tried to reach for some tubes when he lost his grip on the table and crashed hard to the ground. The drones ran up to his side, viciously kicked him in the abdomen then pulled him back to his feet.

    “Don’t fall again.” Said one of the drones, a purple and orange one. “Next time, we will not be so pleasant.”

    Signal grabbed his aching abdomen. “If you give me energon, my systems wouldn’t be so close to shutting down. At least give me a cane or something to lean on so I can move around.”

    The other drone of a green and yellow paint scheme handed him a pipe. “That is all you get.”

    “That will do, thank you.” Signal finished what he had started then took a step back to see if he got all the tubes and wires attached properly. Once satisfied he limped over to a control panel, pulled a large lever down then began to push a serious of buttons in a specific order. He intently watched the drone on the table, making sure everything was going according to plan. “He should be waking up at any moment.”


    “Systems reboot, running at seventy-five percent. Low energon levels. Stasis imminent.”

    His optics flashed on revealing a dark room. He knew not to question where he was or what had happened to him. He was after all just a drone, one of many made in a factory to help guard specific top secret laboratories. This place he was in, could be one of them.

    “What is your primary objective?” Said a voice, off to his right.

    “I have not been given any objectives.” He turned his head to the voice to see a rather old mech. “I was built to protect specific laboratories on Cybertron.”

    “You are built for more then that.” The mech patted his shoulder then held up a large screwdriver. “Unfortunately I can’t put you in stasis while I do the repairs and body modifications. Hopefully you will be able to tolerate the pain. I heard drones can handle immense amount of discomfort. Part of your programming I guess.”

    There was some slight discomfort in his hands, but nothing he couldn’t tolerate. “I feel nothing right now.” A sharp pain in his right arm nearly made him gasp, but he held it in. “Do what you need to do. I will be able to handle anything you do to me.”

    A bot to his left snickered. “I would love to see that.”

    Without warning intense pain enveloped the young drone’s mind and body, but he held it in. He glanced over to the scientist to see he had removed his right hand and was now working on attaching something to his forearm. Whatever it was it appeared to lengthen his arm. Why were they doing this to him?

    The scientist shook his head. “I’m very sorry for what I’m doing.” He glanced up as though keeping an optic out for any trouble. “You’re just too small for the body modifications they want me to attach to you. I will have to do so some serious skeletal restructuring. It will be rather painful. I’m going to try to make it bearable, but not guaranteeing it.”


    The mech was indeed the one Shockwave and Jetfire had secretly worked on many vorns ago. The question is why did they start this project before the war? What did they know that everybody else didn’t? Trialrun peered through the two-way glass to watch his old friend working on the drone with the call name Experiment Zero or Ex-0 for short. He had extended the arms and legs which was a highly painful process and the drone had actually gone into emergency stasis. Good, he didn’t need to be awake for the whole procedure anyway.

    “It appears the experiment is doing rather well, considering.” Shockwave stepped up to the glass, his lone optic shining back at them. “Logically he is best for this procedure.”

    “It definitely appears that way, yes. However, there is the recovery for such an experiment. He will drain several of our resources just to keep him alive.” Trialrun turned to his commander, his hands clasped behind his back. “I estimate he will use up thirty-three percent of the energon reserves in the laboratory alone, and that’s not including oil. Not only that, we will have to keep a very close optic on him, to see if he’s actually fully functional.”

    Shockwave nodded. “So, in other words, until he fully recovers from this first procedure he will be completely useless to us.” The Decepticon strategist took a step away from the glass. “Logic tells me that we shall hand him over to the Autobots.” He raised his cannon arm to stop Trialrun from protesting. “He will not join them and if he does we can make his life a living slag pit.”


    The building was rather dilapidated which wasn’t all that surprising given the location. Ironhide stepped through a large blast hole in one of the side walls, grimacing as his optics adjusted to the darkness and saw what laid inside. A short description of the building would include: gutted, bombed, and vandalized numerous times which meant there was nothing left that would be worth carting off.

    Bumblebee pushed in a hover cart then sighed heavily. “It’s going to be rather tough trying to find something in this place.”

    “That it is, but we have to try something. Our forces are extremely low on energon and spare parts.” Ironhide picked up a few pieces of metal plating, threw them into the cart then continued on sorting through the garbage and debris. “What happened to us Bumblebee? Why are we digging around in an abandoned building like a bunch of Junkions?”

    A sound to their left made both mechs jump and take out their weapons. Ever since the War had started it seemed everybody living on Cybertron became rather paranoid. Ironhide took a step forward as Bumblebee coward backwards.

    A few items clattered across the ground as a small, grey and red mech came running out of one of the rooms. “I found this place first!” His optics wildly scanned the area around him, his head twitching from side to side. “Leave this place now!”

    Ironhide slowly lowered his rifle. “We’re not going to hurt you lad.”

    “Yes, yes you are or you wouldn’t have come in here!” The mech took out his gun and with shaking hands began to train it on Ironhide. “Now, get out! Or I will shoot!”

    “Very well.” Ironhide gradually took a step backwards, a signal for Bumblebee to grab the cart. As he began his escape from this crazed mech he noticed the Decepticon symbol on the right arm. “What the slag? Bumblebee, it’s a Decepticon.”

    Bumblebee nodded furiously. “I see that, now let’s go!”

    Ironhide took one last good look at the Decepticon to see if anything was out of the ordinary and could possibly explain the spasms. All he could really see were some weld marks on the mech’s armor and some on his helmet. The marks appeared to be more like a botched repair job, but was it something much deeper? Most mechs, even Decepticons never act this way unless there was a serious glitch in their systems. There’s something seriously wrong with this Decepticon and Ironhide hoped there weren’t anymore like this running around. If there were, Primus help the Autobots.


    The cycles blurred all together for Signal and he really had started to question his own sanity. Here he was, working and torturing a mech who had no idea what was going on. And now Shockwave wanted him to fuse a Decepticon spark with the drone’s. A spark fusion had only been done twice in his life cycle, one of those times done by him. With the Decepticon spark the drone will hopefully obey Megatron. That’s what Shockwave is hoping for anyway.

    Very gradually he lifted up a small container which held a Decepticon spark, whose he didn’t care. Ex-0 rolled his head to Signal, his optics showing his pain and sorrow. It’s a shame this procedure will nearly kill him if not actually extinguish his spark.

    “I’m sorry for what I’m about to do. I don’t want to do this, really I don’t.” Signal opened the container which revealed a dimly lit spark attached to several wires. The wires kept it alive through a small supply of energon stored inside the case. “Dear Primus, forgive me for what I’m about to do.”

    He gently lifted the spark out of its cocoon, cupped it firmly in his hands then held it above the drone’s spark cavity. A grimace crossed his face as he slowly lowered it onto Ex-0’s spark, a procedure that could take several cycles of precise timing.

    “What are you doing to me?” Ex-0’s first question during his tortuous experimentation. When Signal did not answer he nodded his head. “I was out of line, sorry.” He gripped the table as Signal lowered the spark down even further. “I’m not sure I can take anymore.”

    “Shut up, you slagging piece of scrap metal!” The purple and orange drone stepped up to the drone on the table and slammed the butt of his rifle right into Ex-0’s smell sensors. “Another beep out of you and I swear I will do more then just give you a cracked face plate!”

    Ex-0 nodded his head. “Understood.” He grimaced rather loudly as Signal got the spark closer and closer to his own spark. “I will not say another word.”

    Signal nearly pulled the spark away from Ex-0, but knew if he did both would get brutally tortured then killed. He moved his fingers ever so slightly so now the Decepticon spark could actually touch the drone’s. This made the mech on the table scream out in pain, the sound making Signal’s energon chill.

    “I’m so sorry.” Signal gradually removed his hands, which allowed the Decepticon spark to descend onto the drone’s. Ex-0 kept screaming till his systems finally went into emergency stasis. The scientist glanced up to see the two Decepticon drones smirking at him. “The transfer is really risky. The table must not be jarred, Ex-0 can not move.” He leaned against the table as his computer let off several alarms inside his head. “I need energon.” His voice faded as he crashed to the floor. “Plea…”


    The first stage was near completion, it was a real shame that Signal went into emergency stasis. Oh well, the Autobot scientist wasn’t needed for the final phase. That Trialrun could do, but he had to be very careful. The Decepticon spark will still be wanting to attach itself to the drone’s and any movement at all could put them back many cycles.

    “How are things proceeding, Trialrun?” Shockwave stepped to the table, his lone optic gazing down at the open chest cavity. “He will be under stasis from now on, correct?”

    “Correct.” Trialrun flipped his right hand inside his forearm then replaced it with a laser torch.

    “Once I replace his audio sensors, the first stage will be complete.”

    Shockwave nodded. “Very good. And he will be able to use the ability?”

    “I’m hoping, yes.” Trialrun very carefully began to cut into Ex-0’s helmet in preparation for melding on the audio sensors. Once done, this mech would be able to hear ten times more then that of any other mech. During the next stage the sonar would be implanted along with the buffer systems on the knees. “This drone was found by Jetfire. Unfortunately at that time the ability that lies within Ex-0 was dormant. By attaching the Decepticon spark along with a few memory implants I should be able to awaken that ability. It will be tricky, but I know it can be done.”

    “Very well.” Shockwave lifted up a data-pad, read the information displayed on it then placed it back onto it’s holder by the life support systems. “Keep an optic on him. Once he is ready let me know. I will gather a team up.”

    One Lunar Cycle Later

    The experiment appeared to be a success, though there were a few complications. Trialrun stepped to the table to see Ex-0 staring right back at him, the mech’s optics vacant as though there was no life in them. But the scientist knew better, there was indeed life inside Ex-0, it was just broken to the point that the mech didn’t care if he lived or died.

    Trialrun turned ever so slightly away from the table to lift the data-pad off it’s pedestal which was connected to the life support systems. “It appears this phase is near complete. How do you feel, Ex-0?”

    Ex-0 rolled his head away from Trialrun. “The pain I can endure, if that’s what you are wanting to know.” He turned his attention back to the scientist. “When will I be able to fight, to prove my loyalty to the Decepticons?”

    “Your time will come, Ex-0.” Trialrun punched in the numbers on the life support machines then began to study the very unique audio receptors placed on the right and left of Ex-0‘s head. The bot had already been built with unique hearing, Trialrun just upgraded it a little. “How is the audio?”

    The large antennas began to swivel back and forth as Ex-0 picked up sounds a few clicks away. “Tolerable, will I be able to turn it off and on when needed?”

    Trialrun shook his head. “No.” He glanced up to look his ex-comrade in the optics. “Ex-0 is beginning to question his abilities.”

    “I’m not sure why that it is.” Signal quickly raised his hands in his defense as the two drones came up to him. “I didn’t do it. There has to be a glitch in his system.”

    “Fix it.” Trialrun placed the data pad on the pedestal as he shook his head. “He’s suppose to be a mindless drone. I’ll give you five cycles.”


    It was rather hard for him to hear the mechs around him talk as though he didn’t exist. Unfortunately he did exist, but why was he alive? How come this Shockwave and Megatron wanted to do these experiments on him? He knew not to ask no matter how many questions he had, no matter how much pain he was in.

    Signal shook his head as he lifted a data pad and began to type something on it. “Why are you questioning things? You should be just a drone.” He sighed heavily. “Maybe it’s the memory implants. That could cause some glitches.”

    “Whatever you have to do, do it.” Ex-0’s voice showed his sorrow, though he didn’t want it too.

    “Very well.” Signal glanced up then back down at Ex-0. “I need to do something. You can’t possibly be used for the Decepticon’s cause.“

    Ex-0 was curious at what the scientist meant, unfortunately the Decepticon drones stepped out of the shadows and stopped him quickly from asking his question. The purple and orange mech crossed his arms then shook his head as though threatening Signal. Those goons were really getting on Ex-0‘s last circuits. Especially as of late since he was more aware of his surroundings and how everybody treated him and Signal as though they had no rights.

    “Havoc and Rapid-fire, shift change.” Trialrun stepped up to Signal and jabbed his finger into the scientist’s chest plate. “You better not try anything sneaky or I swear I will kill you myself.”

    Signal let Trialrun chain him to Ex-0’s table then he slowly sat down on the stool provided. His only breaks accord during the shift change and those were very far and in-between. He took out a few energon chips from a location in his chest, popped them in his mouth and then gave Ex-0 one. The cool energon felt good; unfortunately, it was just a small amount, not enough to really do anything for him.

    “I want to ask you a question.” Ex-0 shook his head knowing too well Shockwave or Trialrun was watching them. He could hear them talking about him and Signal as though they were standing right here next to them. “Why do you have a different badge then everybody else? Are you not a Decepticon?”

    “Something isn’t right.” Signal quickly stood up, attempted to walk to where the Datapad sat, but was abruptly stopped by the energon chain around his wrist. “You should know what a Decepticon is.” He flinched as the door opened. “I swear I don’t know what’s going on.” Signal raised is free hand as the drones stepped up to him. “I swear on Primus’ spark!”

    Shockwave stepped out of the shadows, his lone optic glowing rather menacingly. Ex-0 tried to pull at his restraints, unfortunately he was too weak and in too much pain to do anything. What was this feeling he had? Why did he feel for this mech next to him? He was the one that did most of the upgrading that caused him excruciating pain.

    “I thought the spark was suppose to be a Decepticon’s, Trialrun.” Snarled Shockwave as he raised his cannon arm and aimed it directly at the scientist’s head. “Tell me now!”

    Trialrun quickly made his way to the data-pad. “I had made sure myself it was a Decepticon spark.” The scientist plugged in several wires to Ex-0’s head and spark cavity. “The readings aren’t normal.” He turned to Ex-0. “Who is your allegiance with?”

    Ex-0 was a bit confused at the question thrown at him. In his mind he felt he was loyal to the mech’s that called themselves the Decepticons and yet in his spark he felt something else. However, he didn’t know what that feeling was. He has been trained during his time here to say he was with the Decepticons and will fight till his spark is extinguished for their cause.

    “I’m with the Decepticons.” Ex-0 tried desperately to shut out all the other noises around him so he could focus on what was happening near him. “When will I fight for Megatron?”

    “He’s lying.” Trialrun cursed. “How is this possible?”

    Shockwave moved his cannon ever so slightly till it was trained on Signal. And without even a flinch or a thought he fired, decapitating the scientist and killing him instantly. Ex-0 felt another emotion, was this fear? Why was he feeling all of these emotions all of a sudden? What was happening to him?

    “Give him to the Autobots. Do what you need to do. We will find him later and began Phase Two.” Shockwave stepped up to Ex-0’s side. “You will suffer, I’ll make sure of it.”


    The mech he had encountered several cycles ago was still on Ironhide’s mind as he went on patrol with Alpha group. Never had he seen a mech act like that before. Well, he did in bots whose processor units corrupted by some type of virus. Most of the time those bots just stayed in the depths of Cybertron, hardly ever venturing to the surface. Then what made that bot act so crazy? What was his story?

    He hefted his rifle around in his arms, the weight of carrying it so many clicks getting tiresome. In front of him; Jazz, Trailbreaker and leading the squad Springer, behind him; Ratchet along with Bumblebee, Smokescreen, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker with Kup bringing up the rear. Rather larger group for damage inspection, but Ironhide knew a team this large needed to be assembled after what the Decepticons did to this sector.

    Though no mech was lost during the bombing run, just about every building in Sector Sixteen was completely destroyed. Lucky for them they had cleared out every civilian a few lunar cycles ago just in case something like this did happen here. But why? What was the purpose for destroying an old sector such as this? Most the bots that had lived here were near spark shutdown and just wanted a quiet life. What was the purpose behind the bombing run?
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    I officially love this character.
    Oh, and in a few days, serious work will be commencing on his 3D interpretation.
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    Thanks. :) 

    Can't wait to see what you come up with.
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    Way to go, Alphie!!!

    I Love how your fleshing Echo out and giving him a real personality...

    Can't wait to read more.
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    New Hampshire
    Loving it Alphie!!!

    Can't wait to see what happens to echo next.

    But man oh man did Signal have to buy it... BTW I liked how you offed him.
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    Wow, great job as always, alphie. I really love your writing style and how you flesh out characters. Can't wait for the next one.
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    Chapter 2

    Springer held up his right fist, a signal for all the bots in formation to come to a halt. “You know what to do. Split off into your assigned teams. Input any damage that may be significant. Report all buildings that are considered condemned and any damage to the road system.”

    Ironhide slowly rotated his neck as he made his way towards Jazz, a young Autobot who joined their ranks twenty vorns ago. Smart lad, had potential to become a great mech someday. Jazz smiled at him then flipped his visor down which gave him even more of a youthful appearance. Once he did that he put his rifle up and took out a small data-pad.

    “Where to boss?”

    “We got area twelve.” Ironhide began to follow the instructions on his data-pad. “It should be right about here.” He lifted his head to see nothing but piles and piles of debris along with large craters in the scorched surface. “What the slag happened here?”

    Jazz shook his head. “No idea, Ironhide.” He began to scan the surroundings with a holo-recorder to get an accurate reading of the damage. “What I don’t understand is why? There’s nothing here, just buildings that have been cleared out and vandalized vorns ago.” He took a step forward, his left boot barely missing a large crater. “Weird, I’m picking up a spark reading.”

    Ironhide cocked his head to the left then took a step forward. There, to his right a very faint spark reading, but this place was supposed to be cleared out several vorns ago. He motioned for Jazz to follow him unsure what he was to find. Most likely, it was a Decepticon, injured during the bombing run. If that was the case, they had a prisoner, a mech that could explain why this city was destroyed.

    They picked their way through piles of debris till the spark signature got stronger. The data-pad in Jazz’s hands began to shrill loudly as they approached a small crater, no bigger than the two of them. There was a mech in the ground, most likely a flier judging by the depths of the crater. He turned to Jazz to see the mech had raised his shoulder cannons and they were now sitting proudly on both his shoulders. Ironhide raised his rifle as well as his spark began to beat faster.

    Very slowly, he stepped to the edge where he peered down into the crater to see nothing. Strange, there’s a spark reading from right here. He shone his headlights into the hole and saw it, a black flier roughly half a click down. Amazing the bot was still alive after falling such a distance. Suddenly the mech’s optics flashed on, showing Ironhide the crimson red optics of a Decepticon drone. He took a step back, his rifle raised and ready to fire at any given time.

    “What is going on here?” Springer instantly took out his blades when he saw Ironhide and Jazz had their weapons out and aimed. Ever so slowly he inched his way towards the edge of the crater till he could see the Decepticon drone. “He’s badly injured. Ratchet, get over here, quick!”

    Ratchet came running towards them his rifle in his hands. He skidded to stop at the crater’s edge, his optics training in on the drone half a click down. “Hey fellas, his behavior is a little off. He needs help. Cover me.”

    Springer transformed into his jet alt form and hovered over the crater as he released a cable with a magnetic hook. Ever so slowly Ratchet helped guide this cable towards the injured drone till it finally hooked onto an arm. As Springer lifted up, the weight of the drone made the cable creak and at any second it could snap sending the drone crashing once again to the ground.

    Jazz switched his right hand out for a cable hook and shot it towards the drone. It took him a few tries, but he finally got it hooked onto the other arm. Unfortunately he was much lighter then the Decepticon and the weight began to pull him forwards.

    “Need a little help here!” Jazz grunted out as his boots began to spark against the metallic surface of the city street. “This mech is much heavier then any other drone we found before.”

    Ironhide took hold of the lad’s armor and began to pull backwards as the other mechs from the investigation team ran towards them. Sideswipe grabbed the nearest cable which was Springer’s and began to pull it up, his brother began to help on Jazz’s end. After a few cycles of intense pulling and lifting, all of them could finally see the large, haphazard body of a Decepticon drone as it slowly inched out of the crater.

    “Primus, this drone is heavy!” Jazz helped guide Springer to a smooth patch of street where the Decepticon was finally placed. He fell onto his tailpipe exhausted, his servos screaming at him for a break. “He’s rather odd looking.”

    Kup ran up to the drone, his optics going wide. “By Primus’ spark, it’s a mining drone. Way before the war, roughly a thousand or so vorns ago this type of drone was used specifically with mining energon crystals on planet Zortah. However he has been heavily augmented. The drones were rather small, about the size of Bumblebee here.”

    Bumblebee glanced around him to see all the mechs looking at him. “What? I may be small but I have a lot of spunk!”

    Springer transformed back into mech form and collapsed to the ground, his servos giving up on him as well. “What is he doing here?”

    “I’m not sure.” Kup knelt down next to the badly damaged drone to see that the head has barely been augmented, though the audio sensors have. They now swiveled as though to pick up sound from every direction. “These drones were shut down after the mines were wiped clean of energon. It was discovered quickly on their optics couldn’t tolerate bright light, making them useless. How this mech managed to get here, is a mystery indeed.”

    “Should we cover his optics?” Bumblebee stepped up to Kup’s side and pointed at the mech’s face. “It’s really bright out here, thanks to all the buildings being destroyed.”

    “No, he’s a Decepticon.” Springer sighed heavily then shook his head. “I will need to talk to Optimus Prime about this mech. See what he wants us to do with it.”


    “So, he’s a mining drone. What use is he to the Decepticons then?” Said a voice to his left, along with the voice came several other sounds so loud to his audio sensors it made him cringe. “Hey, he’s not in stasis. Can you hear me?”

    “Yes, I can hear everything.” Ex-0’s optics flickered on and off till he finally got an image of four mechs with red badges standing over him. “You’re not Decepticons.” He tried to sit up, but his pain sensors told him otherwise. It seemed his whole body had been dipped in acid. “Will any of you hurt me?”

    A white and red mech smiled down at him. “Why would we hurt you?” He lifted up a hand held device which he used to sweep over Ex-0’s body, a curious look spreading across his face. “Odd, I’m getting some strange readings. Ironhide, Jazz and Trailbreaker help me get him back to Iacon.”

    “Right, but should we secure him? He is after all a Decepticon.”

    Ex-0 slowly shook his head. “I’m not a Decepticon.” He grimaced as the pain came at him in waves. “They are the ones that did this to me.”

    “Right, that works with me.” A red mech smiled down at him through a large face shield. “Name is Ironhide. Do you have a call-name?”

    “Call-name?” Ex-0 glanced around him to see all the mechs staring down at him, their expressions rather curious. Then with gentle movements they lifted him up, carried him a short distance and placed him on something metallic. Where were they taking him? “Ex-0, that is what Shockwave and Trialrun calls me.”

    Two mechs stepped away from Ex-0, the white and black one shook his head. “I’ve heard rumors about the Decepticons experimenting on drones. Do you think he’s one of them?” Though they were rather far away and whispering, Ex-0 could hear them clearly. “That would explain his armor.”

    The black mech shook his head. “If he was, then what was he doing in that crater?”

    “What if he’s crazy? Maybe something isn’t connected right.”

    Ex-0 tried to get the mechs attention, to let them know he can hear everything, but they were too far away and all he could really do was twitch his fingers. The red and white medic they called Ratchet patted his shoulder as the platform he was laying on lifted into the air. So far it appeared these mechs really cared about him. How would the rest treat him?

    Ratchet smiled down at him. “Don’t worry, I’m going to make sure your well taken care of.”


    “Springer’s team is five cycles out. They have a Decepticon drone with them.” Reported Prowl to Optimus Prime. “What would you like them to do upon their arrival.”

    Optimus Prime laced his hands behind his back as he stared out of the large window in his office. “He’s a Decepticon drone. Have them take him to the repair bay and make sure he is secure. Make sure Jazz, Ironhide and yourself stay to guard him.”

    “Right.” Prowl typed this information into a data-pad then nodded his head. “I will keep you informed, Optimus.”

    “Thank you, Prowl.” Optimus Prime waited till he heard the door close before he turned to his large desk. “Megatron, what are your plans? Why give us a Decepticon drone?”


    The trip back to Iacon was rather rough, especially for Ratchet who had to keep an optic out for Ex-0’s condition. Ironhide could tell it was annoying the seasoned vet, but there’s nothing else they could do. This mech might hold some secrets they don’t know about yet. That is if he talks. Most of the Decepticons they had captured would rather die then say anything at all about Megatron and his forces. In fact most did.

    He turned to get a glance at Ex-0 to see the drone studying him as well. Those red eyes were rather creepy, they seemed to stare into his very spark. The drone turned his head away from Ironhide to stare at the sky that passed by him as they continued on their march. Wonder how much pain he was in? Surely he has to be feeling something, especially after the fall he had taken.

    Ratchet scanned the black mech then shook his head. “These readings are just not right.” He shook his head at the strangeness of it all. “This mech has definitely been augmented.”

    Bumblebee shivered. “He gives me the creeps.”

    Ironhide shook his head then pointed at Ex-0. “He can still hear us.”

    “Okay, shut it.” Springer hopped onto a pile of debris and helped the team pull the hover cart over it. “We’re still on Decepticon territory. We need to keep our optics out!”

    Jazz turned to the drone to see the mech had finally gone into emergency stasis. Wonder what the story was behind this mech? Why was he just left there in the crater? If he was indeed a Decepticon drone, one that was possibly experimented on, that Megatron wouldn’t just leave him for the Autobots to find. Maybe he had an electronic bomb implanted inside his chest. He glanced up at Springer to see the squad leader didn’t appear to worried, which was a good sign.

    The team rounded a corner and another, getting that much closer to home and to safety. Sideswipe cradled his rifle in his arms while his brother used his as a mirror. That bot will walk into a wall someday if he isn’t too careful. He and Sunstreaker were farther behind the convoy so they really couldn’t see this Decepticon drone. However, it was a Decepticon which meant enemy in Sideswipe’s brain.

    “What do you think Optimus will do with the Drone?”

    Sideswipe shrugged. “More then likely get his memory files and then put him in the brig. Prime isn’t the type to just start killing mechs he doesn’t like.”

    Sunstreaker took his optics off his rifle just in time to miss a massive crater. “Something is different about that drone. He doesn’t appear mad or crazed.”

    “Well, hopefully he will join our side. We definitely need the mechs, crazed or not.”


    The convoy should be arriving at any nano-click now bringing along with them the injured drone. Optimus Prime’s systems just wouldn’t relax, he had to go down and see this Decepticon for himself. He crossed his arms as he stepped in-between Perceptor and Surgeon. The older of the mechs, Surgeon shook his head then glanced up to look at Prime.

    “Something doesn’t feel right about this mech.” Surgeon could see the convoy slowly approaching, in the middle a large, black mech on a hover cart. “He’s larger then a drone.”

    “That he is.” Prime sighed heavily as he turned to Perceptor. “I know you want to see how this mech works, but I want Surgeon and Ratchet to repair him first.” Perceptor nodded in agreement. “This mech was given to us for a reason and I want to know why.”

    Prime glanced behind him as Ultra Magnus stepped up. “What is your plan for this done?”

    “Not sure yet.” Prime made his way towards Springer who appeared rather annoyed. “Have your team rest up and get some energon.”

    He patted the green mech on the shoulder then made his way towards Bumblebee who was pushing the hover cart. This was his first glance at this mysterious mech and he couldn’t help but to notice the limbs seemed a bit off. They appeared to be much too big for his frame, he could even still see some weld marks. Did the Decepticons do this to make the mech bigger? Why would do they do such a thing?

    The drone rolled his head towards Prime to show him red optics that seemed to pierce the core of any spark. “You…” He smiled as his arm twitched. “You are the one.” His optics began to flicker on and off. “Help me.”

    Prime patted the mech’s shoulder sensing not evil from this drone, but happiness. Though he must be in a lot of pain, he smiled as though he knew he was safe. Most Decepticons they had brought in were rather angered and just wanted to lash out and kill. Why was this drone different? Was he a prisoner…His optics nearly got wide as he remembered a broadcast several vorns ago. The Decepticons had started to experiment on their own forces, to see what can or cannot be done to a living mech. Was this drone in front of him such an experiment? This drone had no control over what had happened to him.

    “Surgeon, Ratchet, take care of him as though he’s an Autobot.” He raised his hands at Ratchet’s protests. “He’s not a Decepticon.” He saw the mech smile right before he slipped into stasis. “Keep me posted on his condition.”

    One Lunar Cycle Later

    The Autobots were not like how he had thought, but it was a lot better then what he had to tolerate while in the Decepticon’s care. Right now he sat in the repair bay studying all the injured mechs that came in waves. Why was he so different then all of them? He could hear the mechs around him whisper words that made his spark ache. Why were they scared of him? What was so wrong with him? Sure he was awkward looking, but he didn’t have control over what had happened to him. He wished he did, then he wouldn’t be here right now.

    He clasped his hands as he glanced around the large room, as he did he caught a few stares. Instinctively his hands went to his audio receptors, which he saw were not like any others. His were rather bulky and actually ran the length of his face. Not only that he could pivot them ever so slightly to pick up sounds in different directions. As far as he knew no other mech’s do that. A curse of his that he will have to learn how to live with.

    Right now he heard everything inside the base along with some sound that leaked from the outside. Why was he meant to hear so much? Surely no other mechs heard this way or they wouldn’t be talking about him behind his back.

    “That drone is creepy. I bet he’s a ticking time bomb sent here by Megatron.” Said one voice possibly several doors down from where he sat.

    “Don’t know, Prime trusts him. Which I think is foolish.” Replied another.

    “Exo.” Said a voice nearer to him. “You okay?”

    Exo snapped out of his thoughts to look at Ironhide. “As good as I can be.” He turned his head as several Autobots along with Ratchet hauled in a badly injured silver and red mech. “Who is he, I have never seen him before?”

    Ironhide glanced behind him then shrugged. “That’s Sonicwave. He’s a grunt, been around a few vorns.” He turned back to Exo. “I see those audio receptors twitching again.”

    This Ironhide seemed to be one of only a few mechs that had an open spark about Exo. After all he was the one that decided to call Ex-0, Exo a simple call-name that made him feel more of a real mech and not an experiment. Since his arrival at this place called Iacon Ironhide, Prime and the medics Ratchet and Surgeon were the only bots to visit him. Unfortunately the Optimus Prime mech and Ironhide here were really busy and only came to visit on occasion.

    “Why is Ironhide talking to him? Does he know he’s a spy?” Exo lifted his head up, his audio receptors automatically pivoting to pick up the conversation. “Look at those audio receptors, perfect for spying. In fact I bet he’s hearing this now.” The voice was malicious in nature, showing Exo that whoever was talking really did not like him. “Hey, Deceptibot if you can hear me, we don’t want you here.”

    Exo lowered his head, his right hand playing with a weld mark on his left wrist. Ironhide’s hand gently fell upon his, a sign for him to stop. He knew he shouldn’t be picking on his wounds, unfortunately it was a nervous habit he had picked up caused from boredom and uneasiness.

    “You’ve been through a lot more slag then any of these bots have.” He turned as Ratchet came walking over, his armor still coated with Sonicwave’s energon and oil. “Better get going. Don’t want to get in the way of the doc here.”

    Ratchet smiled at Ironhide then sat down in front of Exo. “How are you feeling today?”

    “I’m okay.” Exo nodded towards the injured mech. “What happened to him?”

    “Got into a little scuffle with some Decepticons. It looks worse then what it really is.” Ratchet reached for the Datapad that sat next to Exo, read the vital statistics then nodded. “Do you feel like getting up today? I know the augmentation is still new and it might be rather painful to put weight on your legs. If it is, immediately sit back down.”

    Exo nodded then slowly slid off the table to stand on his own legs, which he hadn’t done since his arrival here. He wished he could move like all the other mechs, unfortunately the augmentation that the Decepticons did prevented him from moving without pain. He spent several cycles on his back, only sitting when Ratchet was around to monitor him. Because of this the mocking from the other Autobots intensified. It had gotten so bad Exo actually tried to walk which only led to more humiliation.

    Ratchet smiled at him. “Looks like the armor is taking, slowly but surely.”

    “I really wish I knew my purpose here.” Exo’s left hand began to play with a weld on his right wrist which got a tisk from Ratchet. “It’s a nervous habit. Sorry.” He pulled his hand away so he could concentrate on the task at hand. Ever so gradually he pushed himself away from the table, unfortunately as he did so intense pain radiated from his knee and ankle joints. “Slag this hurts.”

    “Lean back.” When Exo did Ratchet slowly nodded then pressed a button on his wrist which popped up a small screen. After a few pushes of a button he smiled. “Blade Runner, I need you in the repair bay.”

    Blade Runner, a moderately large mech that could lift immense weight, which meant he always got the grunt work, like lifting Exo back on the table. The last time Exo attempted to walk Blade Runner had actually been in the room, recovering from a nasty plasma round to the leg. He seemed nice enough, didn’t complain one bit that he had to pick Exo off the ground. Wonder what made him different then the rest?

    The older mech came walking into the room, instantly smiling when he saw Exo. “Need help back onto the table, huh?” He stepped up to Exo’s side then carefully lifted him by the shoulders and placed him back on the table. “Don’t push yourself too hard.”

    “I’ll try not to.” His sensitive audio receptors began twitching yet again. He could hear whispers from across the room, the words the Autobots were saying made him bow his head. “Don’t worry about me. You two have bigger things to worry about.”

    Ratchet had to laugh. “It’s my job to worry. Just take it easy. I’ll be gone for awhile, but Surgeon and Perceptor will be here to help you. Don’t stress, let your body heal.”


    As he walked into the repair bay Traducer saw the black mech instantly, he was very easy to spot with his matte black armor. He laid on one of the many repair tables, his body almost too long for it. He could see the room appeared to be empty of mechs, which was rather unusual. The Autobots were after all in a war and causalities were expected. Well, it was now or never.

    He slowly stepped up to the black mech to see it’s red optics were off, but because of the light in the room they still had a surreal look to them. He could see why most Decepticon’s optics were red, it was rather intimidating. What did Optimus Prime see in him? Why was this mech different then all the other Decepticons?

    He glanced around the room one other time to see he was still alone with this mech. Good, but he will have to make this quick. With a war raging Ratchet or Surgeon could storm in here at any nano-click with an injured mech. And if he gets caught in the act, more then likely he will get terminated for treason and his name will be forever scarred.

    Very slowly he reached down where he had hidden a dagger inside a compartment in his thigh then took it out ever so carefully, making sure he made no noise. He calmed his nerves down by allowing his breathing unit to function just a little bit slower.

    “You need to die.” He clasped his fingers tightly around the handle of the dagger then raised it above his head. “Prime should have done this many cycles ago.” He gritted his teeth and drove the blade home, straight towards Exo’s spark cavity. The blade barely penetrated the armor when a hand grabbed his wrist. “What the slag!”

    He glanced over to the prone mech to see the red globes staring right at him. “What are you doing?” The mech’s voice was very inquisitive. “I have done nothing wrong to you.”

    Traducer shook his head. “Yes, you have!” He pulled his arm away from the drone’s, staggering slightly. “You can’t be here.”

    Exo steadily got to a sitting position showing Traducer his full height, which was just a bit taller then Optimus Prime. “Why can’t I be here? I am not a Decepticon.”

    “Yes, you are!” Traducer grabbed Exo’s shoulders then violently threw him to the ground. The following crash echoed so loudly Traducer was sure all the bots at Iacon heard. He quickly glanced around him for any mechs and when he didn’t see any he slammed his boot into Exo’s chest several times till he too began to feel pain. “Hope you remember this moment!”

    Exo grabbed his chest in agony and could feel that this mech had ripped open a weld on his chest. Fresh energon seeped through his fingers, dripping onto the floor in little puddles. Why did this mech attack him? What did he ever do to deserve this? The Autobot savagely kicked him once again in the chest which made him curl into the fetal position.

    “Please stop!” His optics began to get rather strange readings from all around him. What is happening to him? He heard several metallic steps running towards the repair bay, one of which he knew was Optimus Prime’s. “Help is coming.” Exo grimaced as he tried to move which got him another kick to the chest. “I have done nothing wrong.”

    “Traducer!” The scream from Optimus Prime’s deep vocals made him clasp his hands on his ringing audio receptors. “Prowl! Jazz! Take him down!”

    Exo curled into an even tighter ball, the pain not only in his chest, but in his audio receptors as well. A pair of boots came into his vision, then a face. Ratchet, and he appeared rather frustrated at what had taken place. He then waved at the mechs behind him, saying to keep it down. It was after Traducer was cuffed and hauled away when Ratchet gently put a hand on Exo’s shoulder.

    “It’s going to be all right.” He turned to Optimus Prime then back at Exo. “That’s not going to happen anymore. Optimus Prime has allowed you to wear the Autobot badge.”

    This got Exo to pull his hands away from his audio receptors. “Really?” He glanced up at that great Autobot commander. “Is this true?”

    Optimus Prime knelt next to Exo, his optics showing he was smiling. “Indeed. Welcome to the Autobots, Exo.”
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    Chapter 3

    Five Vorns Later

    The recovery from the augmentation took much longer than any of the Autobots had expected, especially Ratchet. Exo, now called Echo by many had spent two vorns in the repair bay, just allowing his mechanical body to heal on its own. Unfortunately he used up quite a bit of energon and oil just trying to keep his body functional. Because of this, many of the Autobots branded him as scrap and barely any of the mechs would talk to him.

    With most of the Autobots not trusting Echo it was in his best interests to stay at Iacon, just for his own safety. However, Echo didn’t look at it as punishment, in fact he took every advantage of the resources available to him. Once he was able to move with little to no pain he instantly began to work on his hand to hand combat with Sideswipe but even with his lanky arms and legs he became rather good. Soon after he began training in weaponry, specifically the long barrel rifle for sniping.

    Right now he sat on his bunk in his quarters in the barracks which he shared with a mech named Blade Runner. His roommate was absent, which was good, he wanted to spend some time alone. Rarely, if ever, he wanted to be around other mechs, it just felt really awkward. Maybe it was because he heard all the rumors that had spread around or the mocking that most thought they did behind his back. All that whispering made him extremely wary of any Autobot he hadn’t formally met.

    He leaned back against the wall then allowed his brain to only think about his sparring techniques. He couldn’t let the mocking take every nano-click of his life, he had to make sure he canceled the words out. Even to this cycle he still had problems trying to tune out the several voices that threatened to make him insane.

    His audio receptors pivoted as the sound of heavy metallic boot steps that made their way towards his room. Instantly he knew who they belonged to and didn’t have to worry about any uninvited guests. The door slowly hissed open and in walked Blade Runner, a large metallic container in his hands. Curious as to what the older mech was up to he slowly stood up and made his way towards him.

    Blade Runner smiled and handed the container to Echo. “It’s been five vorns since your arrival here. Thought this was called for a little splurging.” He opened the container and pulled out six rather large cans. “Ener-oil, the best drink on Cybertron. It isn’t suppose to give you energy, but it will get your mood up.” Blade Runner chuckled as he threw a can at Echo who nearly dropped it. “Take it easy. These cans cost me five lunar cycles of wages.” Saying this he nearly laughed.

    Echo tore the top off the can, sniffed it then took a big swig, the cool liquid running down his throat. Almost instantly his systems got a surge of energy then as it faded he felt rather mellow. He slumped against his sleeping unit as his mind began to relax. “This is good stuff, Blade Runner.” He took a big swig as a pair of boot steps made their way towards their room. “Ironhide is coming.”

    Blade Runner got a look of terror on his face. “We’re not supposed to be drinking in the barracks.” He tore the can away from Echo, gently placed it in the box then hid the Ener-oil behind his sleeping unit just in time for the door to open. “Hey Ironhide!”

    Ironhide laced his hands behind his back as he got a glance at Echo. For reasons unknown Echo could sense that this Autobot elder was rather annoyed at something.

    “You know the rules, Blade Runner.” Ironhide shook his head. “This isn’t like you at all.”

    “Sir, Echo has been an Autobot for five vorns. He’s been through enough slag, it’s about time he had some fun.” He glanced at Echo to see the guilty look on the young mech’s face. “Ironhide, surely you can just let it…”

    “Usually you think of others when passing out drinks.” Ironhide went over to Blade Runner’s sleeping unit, pulled the container out then took a can for himself. Then he took out the opened one and handed it back to Echo. “Glad to have you aboard, lad!”

    Ironhide and Blade Runner lifted their drinks high into the air and Echo did the same. As Echo took a drink his free hand went to the Autobot badge on his right shoulder. Wearing this badge was a huge honor for him and knew if he was captured by the Decepticons he would suffer greatly because of it. What would Shockwave do to him? He almost physically shivered just thinking about what could be done to him. Ironhide’s next statement broke him out of his dark reverie…

    “Oh, there is a reason why I came here.” Ironhide wiped his mouth then pointed at Echo. “Your instructors are saying only good things about you. They say you are ready for combat. What do you say about that?”

    Echo’s optics got real wide, surprised at what was asking of him. “Really? But I had thought I couldn’t go in a team for fear of retaliation.”

    Ironhide patted the young mech’s back. “You’ll be with my team. I have a bunch of good mech’s and most of them have an open spark. Shouldn’t have any problem at all.” He took a swig of the drink then smiled. “How do you feel about sniping today?”

    It seemed that Echo’s spark had just cracked, he wasn’t going to go into a combat situation after all. He was going to find a nice little hidey hole and wait things out till he got the okay to fire. However he was going out to snipe. Ironhide had to have a lot of faith in him to do something with such honor behind it.

    He slowly nodded his head. “I’m ready.”


    The world outside the safety of Iacon was completely different then what Echo had expected. It was a dark and war torn environment that would make any mech’s energon chill if they were not accustomed to seeing the ravaged landscape. He followed the team slowly, his rifle out and cradled in his arms. The team’s mission was to see how much damage had been done during a brief skirmish with a band of rebels. The likelihood that they may come across more rebels or even Decepticons were rather slim this go round.

    One thing Echo needed to acclimate himself to were the constant noises that threatened to damage his sensitive audio receptors. The sporadic laser fire and the occasional bomb drop made him a lot more jumpy then he had hoped. Not only that, but he quickly realized any light that reflected off a surface nearly blinded his optics.

    He stumbled on loose debris occasionally and almost let out a string of violent curses. Instead, he shifted his rifle and pressed on, making sure he didn’t lag too far behind. If he did, he knew the mechs in the team may not slow down to allow him to catch up.

    Very slowly he climbed over a pile of debris, his optics adjusting to what lay under his boots. He nearly jumped to see he was climbing over the remains of fallen Autobots and Decepticons. His hand fell upon a face, the optics blown out and the face contorted in a look of agony. What was this place? Quickly he glanced up to see Springer helping the mechs get over the top, which appeared to have a ledge that jutted out just enough to cause a slight hazard.

    Springer pulled Jazz over the ledge then leaned over enough to get a look at Echo. “Once you get over, find a sniper nest. I have a feeling we will need it.”

    Echo nodded. “Right.”

    He made his way up the hill of dead mech’s then with Springer’s help got over the ledge. Once over his optics got rather wide at what lay before the team. A vast wasteland of destroyed buildings and massive craters made from Primus only knows what. All Echo knew was the area did not send a good vibe to him.

    Ever so slowly he picked his way through the many piles of debris, trying to find a great sniper location. After much careful searching, he finally found himself the perfect nest and made himself comfortable. He took out his rifle, pieced it together then began to look through the infrared scope for any sign of movement.

    “Any sign of Decepticons or rebels, Echo?” Asked Springer, his voice showing the leader’s tension. “I don’t want any surprises.”

    “So far I see nothing, Springer.” Echo swept his rifle back and forth, hoping to spot anything at all that could be a potential problem. He was about to get back to Springer when he spotted movement about a click away. “Hold it.” He zoomed in to get a better look. “Okay, there is two Decepticons about one click away from your current position.”

    “I see them now, thanks.”

    Echo quickly glanced over to see Springer leading his team through what had to have been a building at one time, but was now just a pile of debris with some resemblance of walls still standing. After he saw the team was well on their way he went back to keeping a lookout over the wasteland. The Decepticons had moved forward and judging by their actions they didn’t have a clue they were being watched.

    “When do you want me to shoot?” Echo inched forward just enough to center his scope on one of the Decepticons. “I have a Decepticon targeted.”

    “Fire when you’re ready.”

    “Copy that, Springer.”

    Echo slowed his breathing intake till it used up less energon, it helped with any shakes his mechanical body might produce. Then he gradually slid a round into the barrel, gently placed his finger on the trigger then said a quick little prayer. He glanced through the scope to see a bright orb where the Decepticon stood. For reasons unknown to him he knew exactly what this was and without another moments thought, pulled the trigger.

    He lowered the rifle away from his face to see his round had hit the mech dead center, right in the spark cavity. How the slag did he manage that? However he did it, he had to concentrate on the last Decepticon. Glancing through the scope he saw once again the bright orb. He said a little prayer then pulled the trigger, instantly killing the Decepticon.

    “Alright, Echo!” Jazz hollered over the secured comm-link nearly taking out Echo’s audio sensors. “Anymore out there?”

    “Not that I can see. It’s clear to go ahead.” Echo pulled away from the ledge, his spark aching for the mechs he just killed. Though they were Decepticons, their sparks still had the same beat as the Autobots. “Do you want me to find another nest?”

    “That’s affirmative.”

    Echo nodded at Springer’s words then carefully picked his way through the debris till he found a spot over looking the back of the assessment team. So far things appeared to be going rather well which left Echo alone with his thoughts, which was never a good thing. A sniper whose mind was wondering could kill his whole team. He shook his head to clear away the questions and tried his best to focus on what lay before him.

    Without any warning his head began to ache uncontrollably as his vision turned to static. He groaned as his right hand went for his helmet and his other dropped his rifle. The pain was just enough to make him whimper yet again. What was happening to him?

    “Primus, this place looks like Junkion.” It was Kup and it sounded as though he was standing right next to Echo. “Wonder how the lad is doing?”

    “I’m amazed he can shoot with those optics of his.” Said Springer. “And dead center, no less. Many mech’s dream of a shot like that and Echo does it with ease.”

    He grimaced at all the sounds coming at him at once; laser fire, bombs, screams and chatter. His hands cupped his audio receptors as his body curled into a tight ball. He had no idea what was happening to him, but he did know one thing, he wanted it to stop.

    Echo gritted his metallic teeth as the sound threatened to destroy his sensitive audio receptors. As quickly as it came upon him, everything died down again to it’s normal, chaotic sounds.

    “Slag what happened to me?” Echo pulled his hands away from his helmet as his optics turned back on. What he saw was the vast battleground before him, but instead of Autobots he saw glowing orbs. “What happened to my sight?” He actually rubbed at his optics as if that would help, unfortunately it didn’t. “Springer, what’s your twenty?”

    “About a click away from yours.” Springer’s voice showed he heard the uneasiness in Echo’s. “Is everything okay?”

    “Yes, everything’s fine.” Echo slowly stood up, rifle cradled in his arms. “I’ll keep an optic out for anything suspicious. I’ll let you all know if trouble comes our way.”


    The report came from Shotgunner, one of the mech’s that had found Ex-0 and what he told Shockwave made him rather angry. The experiment had joined the Autobot forces after all and in fact had a new name, Echo. What a fitting name, especially after he and Trialrun finish phase two. Which judging by the report from Shotgunner could begin this cycle.

    Megatron stepped out of the shadows, a menacing smile etched upon his silver face. “You were right, Shockwave. With his ability the Autobots forces will surely fall.” He crossed his arms. “However, he appears to have joined the enemy. Can you explain that?”

    Trialrun came through the door with a data pad in his hands. “Unfortunately…no.” The scientist didn’t flinch as Megatron’s face turned rather sour. “I’m sorry, sir.” He handed the pad to the Decepticon commander so he could read it himself. “For reasons unknown, he must have an Autobot spark. Must have been Signal’s doing.”

    “Have Maven, Shotgunner, and Starscream capture him. I want you to start phases two and three.” Megatron smiled yet again, the smile that made Trialrun’s energon chill. With that smile the scientist knew Ex-0 was going to suffer greatly for joining the Autobot forces. “I will watch to make sure you perform your job correctly this time, Trialrun.”


    It was rather strange for Echo to walk into Iacon and see mechs actually smiling at him. But what was even weirder were the orbs that he knew had to be sparks. How was he able to see sparks like this? Was this the ability that Shockwave and Trialrun kept talking about? If it was, he didn’t like it. He could actually read the sparks emotions and could actually hear the different beats between each one. Mixed in with the beats were every day sounds which got his mind to reel. How was he supposed to control the noise? If this continued he would surely go crazy.

    “Can’t believe how lucky he got.” Said one voice far away. “Isn’t he suppose to have bad optics? How could he see to even shoot?” The voice laughed hysterically then sighed. “He’s going to get awarded for this. Just you watch.” Another voice responded, “He doesn’t deserve to get rewarded.”

    “I knew you had potential, lad!” Kup came up to him, snapping him out of his thoughts. “It’s about time the Autobots have a sniper that can shoot!”

    Optimus Prime stepped up to Echo, his spark surprisingly brighter then all the others around him. In fact it was so bright his optics had to actually adjust just to see the Autobot commander’s face which was already half covered by a large, silver face shield. Judging by the beats the mech before him carried a heavy burden. Though his spark was strong, it’s pulse was a little slower then the rest surrounding him.

    “Good job, Echo.” Optimus Prime’s voice told Echo he was smiling behind the face shield. “You’re a great asset to the team. Now rest up, you have another mission at 1500.”

    After a few more pats on the back, Echo made his way towards his barracks. All around him he could hear mechs talking about what he had done, though what he did was nothing major. He had killed two mechs and their energon will always be on his hands. Even though he knew they were Decepticons, a part of him mourned over their loss. Why would he feel this way about mechs that made his life a living slag pit?

    He rounded a corner, a bright orb coming right at him. Before he realized who it was he ran right into the little mech that tried to kill him five vorns ago.

    Traducer took a few steps backwards, his optics slanting into a scowl as his spark began to beat faster. Traducer appeared to be highly agitated. “Surely you heard me coming.”

    “I did, but I can’t really judge distances with the sound I hear.” Echo glanced around for any support and when he didn’t spot any near by he turned his attention back to Traducer. “By now you should know I only fight for the Autobot cause.”

    “You were created by the Decepticons for their purpose.” Traducer shook his head. “There is a reason why you are here and I will find out what it is.”

    Echo shook his head. “No reason. I was just a failed experiment.”

    “The Decepticons don’t just give the Autobots mechs like you!”

    “Like me? I’m nothing special.”

    Traducer shook his head. “You are something to the Decepticons.” He shoved Echo into the wall. “You better watch your back. It’s not only going to be me coming to kill you.”


    Maven knew his duty, knew that he may be killed on this mission, but the Decepticons really needed Ex-0. This mech could see sparks, which was hard to believe and he would have to see it for himself to actually consider it even possible. Next to him marched Shotgunner, the larger mech swept his rifle back and forth making sure no Autobot was around to ruin the trap set up.

    “Do you think this will actually work?” Shotgunner glanced over to see Starscream standing with his arms crossed looking rather annoyed at the task at hand.

    “What makes you think the Autobots will come here in the first place?”

    Starscream sighed heavily. “They will, this place is important to them. It used to belong to the elders. If Decepticons show up here it will bother Optimus Prime enough for him to send a team out.” The Decepticon second-in-command shook his head. “Personally, I think the plan will fail.”

    Shotgunner huffed. “Don’t you think every plan will fail?”

    “Are you supposed to be watching for Autobots?” The wing commander replied sourly.

    “Mechs, mechs break it up.” Maven nodded quickly. “The trap is set. Let’s go!”
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    Excellent chapter Alphie. It will be interesting to see if the Decepticons will get Echo back and what the Autobots will do to keep him.

    Got a description of Maven in the works?
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    Another good read. Update soon.

    I love seeing Echo interact with all the show characters. Good ol' Ironhide, never one to pass up a good drink.

    Please tell me something bad will happen to Traducer. I don't like him and the way he treats poor Echo.

    I like how Echo can see sparks and I liked your description of Prime's. I hope we get to see what some other well known Autobot's sparks look like through Echo's "eyes." Since Starscream is part of the party trying to recapture Echo, I wonder what Echo will make of his "immortal" spark, etc.
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    Wow, had no idea it has been so long! :lol 

    Chapter 4

    The repair bay was rather hectic as Echo stepped in to figure out what had happened to him out there on the battlefield. He really didn’t want to ask, unfortunately the orbs were not going away. As he glanced around the large repair bay he saw several sparks in distress, the one nearest to him appeared to actually be suffering. He went over to this mech to see a mini-bot not much older than him laying on his back with a plasma wound burned deep into his chest. Why make a mech suffer like this?

    Echo gradually placed his hand on the mech’s shoulder then smiled down at him. “No need to suffer. Just let go, you won’t be in pain anymore.”

    The mech rolled his head towards Echo, his face furrowed in pain. “Echo…” His head twitched violently then his whole body went limp. “Than…”

    Ratchet went up to the table as sirens blared so loudly, Echo clasped his audio receptors. “His spark is giving out!” The medic shoved Echo aside so he could work on the mini-bot. “He’s crashing! Surgeon, come over here now!”

    Surgeon shook his head as soon as he approached the table. “Its no use. Call it.”

    Echo grimaced as the siren kept blaring. “Can somebody turn off that siren?”

    “What siren?” Ratchet stepped in front of Echo, worry on his face. “Where do you hear sirens?”

    “In here. You don’t’ hear them?” The sirens slowly began to fade off till there was only the beats of the sparks and several other noises from around the base. “There was a loud siren just now…” His voice faded off as realization hit him hard, he had heard the dying wale of a spark. But why? Why would he hear something that brutal? “Never mind, it’s nothing.”

    Echo quickly tried to leave the repair bay, rather embarrassed for making a fool of himself in front of all the mechs in the room. He could hear others actually talking about him around the base which made his situation here much worse. Why was he forced to hear everything?

    “Hey, slow it down.” Kup had stepped in front of Echo, his face lined with worry. “What’s the matter, lad? You act as though you’ve seen a ghost.”

    “Nothing.” Echo gradually shook his head. “I just need to take some time off.”

    Kup grabbed his arm. “Come with me, lad. I feel you need to do some talking.”


    Ever since Echo had come to the Autobots, Kup had always felt something in his spark for the young drone, turned experiment. It seemed that every mech at Iacon really didn’t care much for him, which didn’t make sense to Kup. Echo was possibly the kindest mech Kup has ever known and wished the other Autobots could see that as well. Unfortunately many were closed minded and always will be.

    He turned to the large, black mech to see he had stopped walking, his audios pivoting around frantically. Wonder what it was like to hear everything as Echo did? Must be rather frustrating for a young mech to not be able to cancel out any of the noise. He glanced around the hall to see they had reached a storage room, hopefully there will be nobody in there.

    “Let’s go in here.” Kup glanced behind him to see Echo was not following him. “Hey, lad focus.”

    “Sorry, Kup.” Echo glanced around once more then stepped into the medium sized room. “Listen, nothing is wrong. I’m fine, trust me.”

    Kup sighed heavily at the uneasiness in Echo’s voice. “I fear everything is not all right.”

    Echo shook his head. “Why do you want to know?”

    “I’m here for you, lad.” Kup leaned against a table piled with spare parts. “You heard something in there, Echo. What was it? Something about sirens…”

    “Listen, I can tell by your spark you really do care about me, but,” Echo began to pace in front of Kup, his motions showing his tension. “But I don’t need any mechs caring about me. I can take care of myself. I have done well so far.”

    Kup could see the young mech fidgeting with a clasp on his left forearm which showed apprehension. Why didn’t he want help? For five vorns Echo handled everything mainly on his own, only asking for help whenever the time called for it. He didn’t even visit Ratchet or Surgeon for diagnostics. How can a mech live like that? Sure Kup himself was stubborn, but even he knew when he couldn’t do things on his own.

    Something that the young mech said finally clicked inside Kup’s cybernetic mind. “Wait, you can read my spark?” He didn’t do to well with disguising the surprise in his voice. “But, how?”

    “That’s the thing. I don’t know.” Echo was beginning to get rather flustered, a sign to Kup the mech was beginning to stress out. “And I don’t want to see mech’s sparks.” His optics got rather wide as he blurted out his secret to Kup. “Forget that I said that.”

    Echo began to walk out of the room, but was stopped abruptly by Kup. “Lad, I’m just…”

    “To help?! To become my one and only friend?! Can’t you see I just want to be alone!” He began to flare his arms around frantically. “My life has been slag so far, do you really want to be a part of it!” Echo’s red optics flared menacingly at Kup and for the first time the older mech saw the Decepticon in him. It actually made him shy back a little which got a satisfied smile from Echo. “Even you’re scared of me Kup!”

    “Lad, if you can read my spark, then you know I’m surprised, not scared.” Kup couldn’t believe he said that sentence, his mind still couldn’t wrap around the fact a mech could read his spark. How is that even possible? “Echo, I’m here for ya…”

    “No, you won’t be.” Echo patted his black chest. “There going to do something to me, I know it. And when they do, it will change who I am.” He shook his head. “I need to be alone.”

    Kup watched Echo storm off, his spark aching for the young mech. Usually he gets rather frustrated at the new recruits, but for some reason Echo was different. What made him so different than all the others? Is it how he started his life as? Being an experiment of Shockwave’s might have something to do with it.

    “I just pray to Primus that they are through with you, lad. You don’t need any more hurdles in your life.” Kup shook his head. “But if you can really see sparks, Echo I fear only the worse for you.”


    Shotgunner threw the bolt into the air then caught it once again in his left hand, his cybernetic mind rather bored with the waiting. Surely the Autobots would have been here by now. He glanced over to see Starscream picking at his metallic teeth with his finger, his demeanor arrogant. Why was he even here? They don’t need a mech like him in the team. More than likely Starscream will screw things up just like he always does.

    “So, Maven when do you think the Autobots will get here?”

    Maven sighed heavily then glanced through the scope on his rifle. “I’m a scientist, not a soldier. How should I know.” He shook his head. “Just wish I could get back into the lab. Do what I want to do.”

    Starscream huffed. “Don’t we all wish to do different things.”

    Shotgunner let out a chuckle. “And yours is rather obvious. To overrule Megatron, to become the great leader of the Decepticons.” He groaned as Maven slapped him hard against the helmet. “What was that for?”

    “I see some action, just a few clicks away.” He raised his fist up. “Ex-0 is not with them.”

    Starscream huffed. “This was wasted time, I told Megatron…”

    “It just means they assume he is not wanted on this mission.” Maven slowly stood up to get a look at Shotgunner. “I’m going to hunt for a sniping hole. When I fire, you fire. We need to confuse them, let them think there is more than the three of us. Starscream, you do a few fly-bys and get them shaking in their armor.”

    “You are not the boss of me!” Starscream stepped up to Maven, a scowl etched on his face. “I will never do what you tell me…”

    “I’m the leader here, at least for now I am.” Hissed Maven. “Do as I say Starscream. We need to get Ex-0 to this location.” He watched the flier huff then walk away, hopefully to await his orders. “Okay, here goes nothing.”


    The landscape went by in a blur as Echo raced through the streets, hoping to get to the team before any one else passes on from the sniper’s bullet. Beside him ran Kup and Springer who volunteered on their own to come on this mission with him. Echo preferred to do it alone, but they insisted on coming along. Let’s just hope nothing happens to them and if it did, it would tear at Echo’s spark.

    “For someone who just got accustomed to running a few cycles ago, you can sure run fast.”

    Echo chuckled at Springer’s comment. “Believe me, I’m still a little awkward on my feet.” As though to prove his point he tripped on some debris, and would have crashed hard if it wasn’t for Kup by his side to grab his arm. “Thanks. Let’s just hope we get there in time.”

    Springer jumped over a large pile of debris and shook his head. “It would help if we can transform.” His voice faded as he suddenly realized what he had just said. “Sorry, Echo, I forgot you can’t transform yet.”

    “It’s okay.” Echo grimaced as his knee joints began to creak and groan with each step he took. Because Shockwave lengthened his limbs it made his joints rather weak, especially his knees since they bore all his weight. “I hear the team. Not much farther.”

    He indeed heard the team, but what he heard was not good at all. A loud siren he was all too familiar with filled his audios and made him screech to a halt. That would make the third dying spark he has heard. How many more will he hear?

    “Hey Kup, is it just me or does it seem like we’re heading straight towards the first Cathedral for the Elders?” Asked Springer, his spark showing the fear he felt.

    “It appears that way, yes.” Kup shook his head. “Something doesn’t feel right about this.” Kup stepped up to Echo’s side, worry displayed on his face. “What’s wrong lad?”

    “Two mechs have died so far. We’re close enough to start sneaking in.” He took out his sniper rifle. “I’ll began a search for a sniping perch. Be on the look out.” He turned to the two mechs in his small team. “Once I find a spot I’ll report in on the location of the Decepticons.”

    When Echo crept off Springer gave Kup a strange look. “How can he tell a Decepticon from an Autobot? And how does he know that mechs got killed?”

    Kup just wagged his head. “You’ll know in due time, lad. That young mech has a gift.” He took out his rifle, checked it for rounds then began to make his way towards the battle. “Let’s just hope Echo stays on our side. I fear of what could happen if he was to switch.”


    The rifle stock was getting rather hot after several shots and Maven knew he had to quit soon or ruin the rather expensive weapon. Sniper rifles were not commonly made, most mechs preferred the more traditional laser rifle and not the projectile rifles the sniper’s tended to use. He slid another round into the chamber, rested his finger on the trigger then looked through the scope. He swept the street before him, just in front of the Cathedral to see no mechs. All must be in hiding, good. When reinforcements arrive he’ll be able to spot them quickly.

    Movement to the left of the giant building caught his attention and he quickly panned his rifle till he could see two mechs sneaking around the front corner. The two mechs however were not important to him, he needed to find Ex-0. But where would that mech camp out?

    “Slag, where the pit is Ex-0?” Shotgunner hissed over the secured comm-link. “My joints are freezing up just waiting here.” The Decepticon grunt fired off several shots which made the two mechs just approaching to shy back. “Are you going to shoot them?”

    “Not yet.” Maven began to study the buildings around him. “Come on, Ex-0, where are you?”

    Shotgunner huffed. “This is point…” A loud gasp went over the comm-link then silence.

    “There you are. I bet you see and hear me.” Maven might be a scientist, but he had proven himself worthy as a sniper. Unfortunately being good at sniping is what tore him away from his one true love, science. “Don’t kill me, not yet anyway.”

    Ever so slowly he reached to his side to grab a scope specifically built to hunt down Ex-0. It was invented by Trialrun, however it has not been tested out in the field. Who knew how good it really worked. Let’s hope it works as good as the scientist claims it does.

    He took off his old scope then attached the newer one to his rifle, amazed that it didn’t add any weight to the weapon. As he glanced through the scope he was surprised to see a grid. How interesting, wonder why this was? He pushed the questions aside so he could take a look around and it didn’t take him long at all to see a spark signature half a click away.

    “Bingo. Starscream, I’m sending you coordinates now. Remember, Shockwave wants him alive.” Quickly he switched the rounds in his rifle, knowing he had no time to waste. “Be careful.”


    The Decepticon had died quietly, the projectile slamming straight into his spark killing him instantly. A voice in his audios told him there was a sniper out there, watching him. A stand-off, how nice. Let’s see which one will win this match. Echo had an advantage though and soon he spotted the slowly beating spark half a click away.

    He gently placed his finger on the trigger then calmed his cybernetic mind. “Primus, forgive…” A thunk then pain in his right shoulder made him lower his weapon. “What, how?”

    “I have a secret weapon myself.” Came a low voice, half a click away. “You have to remember Ex-0, you belong to the Decepticons.”

    “No, I’m an Autobot.” He grimaced in pain as an electrical current raced through his shoulder and down his arm which then made his hand spasm. The rifle dropped from his grip as he grabbed his arm with his left hand. “Need to send out a distress signal.”

    He heard the engines long before they reached him and he knew instantly who it was just by the spark alone. Ever so slowly he stood up to get a glance at his surroundings. He saw just below him six Autobot sparks and about where he heard the voice, a Decepticon spark. The pain didn’t subside which made him take a glance at his shoulder. A perfect puncture hole right through his Autobot badge with a slight trail of energon dripping from it.

    “Not so fast, Autobot!” Came a snarl from behind. “You belong to us! Don’t forget that!”

    Echo cursed as Starscream got nearer and nearer to his location, knowing too well if he was to face the Decepticon second-in-command he would surely suffer. He winced again at the shock in his shoulder, surprised the projectile kept throbbing deep inside his armor, sending out a small current. At least it was just his arm, he could still move which he needed to do so now.

    Ever so slowly he reached down to pick up his rifle, his audios keeping track of Starscream. He flexed his right hand a few times then decided he should just run for safety. He let out a grunt of frustration then began to plow his way through the debris, his audios always aware of where the Decepticon's positions.

    “I see him!” Came the sniper’s voice. “I’m going to fire once more. Starscream, get ready!”

    “Slag it!” Echo tripped over a pile of debris and went sprawling on the ground, his weapon clattering away from him. “No!” He pushed himself up, scooped up his weapon then spun around to fire it at the Decepticon chasing him. He saw the glow of the spark coming at him faster then he could fire. “No! I’m an Autobot!”

    A round hit him square in the back, instantly paralyzing him and sending him crashing hard to the ground. Fear took over Echo as he attempted to move, but couldn’t. Gray boots appeared in his optics as the manic spark of Starscream stood in front of him. The right leg reared back then sprung forward, the boot slamming into Echo’s face.

    “Easy!” Another pair of boots came into view, these dark blue and rather scuffed. “Shockwave wants him in one piece.”

    Echo was violently kicked in the side, which rolled him over onto his back. He glanced at the face of Starscream then rolled his head to see a strange mech staring down at him. He spit out the energon that began to pool in his mouth then scowled up at the Decepticons.

    “I’m an Autobot!” Echo screamed out which made Starscream kick him so hard in the head, it actually rattled his audios. “I’m not going to be a Decepticon!”

    The sniper bent down, grabbed Echo’s arms then shackled them. “I’m going to pull the round out of your back. You should regain feeling almost immediately.” The mech rolled him over to his side then used a tool to pop the round out which was rather painful. Though paralyzed Echo felt everything and because of this his side ached from the previous kick. “Starscream, help me out.”

    Starscream grabbed hold of Echo’s chained arms then violently pulled him to his boots. “You better be worth it, Ex-0.” Echo spit energon on Starscream’s gleaming armor which got him a punch from the flier. “How dare you!”

    “Starscream, we need him in one piece! Now, let’s go!” The sniper prodded Echo with the barrel of his rifle. “Move it!”


    The mission was a success, Kup and Springer managed to rescue the stranded Autobots and were now on their way back to base. However one mech was not with them and that was Echo. That really worried Kup since it appeared Beta team had walked into an ambush. What if this entire mission was planned out by the Decepticons to get Echo back? The young mech did tell him just this cycle that Shockwave wasn’t done with him. What were their plans for Echo?

    Springer huffed as he helped an injured mech over a pile of debris. “It’s kind of odd that Echo just disappears like that. You know, he is a Decepticon.”

    “You know the lad isn’t like that, Springer.” Kup sighed heavily as they moved forward. “We can’t leave Echo, he might be in danger.”

    One of the Autobots from Beta team, Rapidfire shook his head. “That mech is a Decepticon. It had to have been him that planned that ambush.” He scowled and tightened his fists. “If I see that mech next time, I will make sure he suffers for what he did to my team.”

    Kup rarely, if ever got angry enough to lash out at a fellow Autobot, but right now he was just fed up. “Listen, here lad! Echo, saved your slagging tailpipe! If it wasn’t for that mech, Autobots would have lost their lives on numerous occasions.”

    Rapidfire shook his head. “I can’t believe that you, Kup have been brainwashed by that mech. Thought you were better than that.”

    Springer stopped the older mech from bashing in Rapidfire’s head by placing his hands on Kup’s shoulders. “Not worth it, Kup. If Echo was out there, he’s dead now. Starscream was out there and so was Maven. Those two are a powerful team.” He stared Kup in the optics. “I believe Echo had something to do with the ambush. The Decepticons wanted him back and the only way to do that is to set up an ambush with a sniper.” He gave Kup a slight smile. “At least he died as an Autobot.”
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    Wow, very well done Alphie. I had not read any of the previous chapters until tonight ,so it took me a while to get through but was well worth it.

    Btw- Did you ever listen to that tf story cassette tape I gave you? I had them for years but never actually listened to them. Just curious.
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    thank you thank you I have been waiting...............
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    and you said nothing happens in this chapter ;) 

    Very nice job Alphie. Now to see how Echo gets back to the Autobots.
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    Thank you to all replied to the last chapter. This next one is a bit graphic, but I thought it needed to be shown on what had really happened to Echo to get a full grasp of the character. And thanks goes to Draven. He helped me with the Shockwave taking notes part and is currently working on an awesome 3-D render of Echo.

    Chapter 5

    One Lunar Cycle Later

    “Computer malfunction, systems at twenty percent. Stasis lock eminent.”

    His optics flashed on showing him a room all too familiar to Echo. He was back with the Decepticons. What had happened for him to get back here? How much time has passed? Fear began to make his spark skip rather fast as he quickly realized what may have happen to him now. No, he can’t feel the pain anymore, he just can’t. He tried to move, but his mechanical body was just too weak to even attempt a try at fighting.

    Very slowly he rolled his head to see Shockwave staring at him with a large gray mech standing on his left side; Megatron. This was the first time that Echo knew of the Decepticon commander coming down here to the labs. Why was he here? What did he want?

    Megatron’s red optics narrowed as he lifted a data-pad up to get a better view. “Proceed with stages two and three. Take your time, Trialrun.” He leaned down till his face was only inches away from Echo’s. “Take out his optics. He won’t need them anymore.”

    Echo couldn’t believe what he just heard, his optics? Did Megatron just say that he wanted his optics taken out? Why didn’t he need them anymore? This actually got him to pull at his restraints which got a laugh from Megatron. If they were to take out his optics how could he see? A mech couldn’t function without optics, the world was not made for them.

    His spark skipped as Trialrun came into view with a large electrical saw in his hands. “What do you plan on doing to me?” He let out a loud scream as the scientist cut into his right knee joint. “Primus!” He waited through the pain for his systems to go into stasis and when they didn’t he began to whimper. “Why are you doing this to me?”

    Trialrun appeared at his side, the saw’s blade dripping with energon and oil. “You are an experiment of Shockwave’s. If we succeed with these upgrades it will help with the Decepticons cause.” He started the saw up once again then glanced at a mech standing to Echo’s left. “This will take awhile.”

    “Take as long as you need.” Came Shockwave’s voice. “Do whatever it takes to keep him from dying. He will prove useful.”


    The screams coming from Ex-0 really annoyed Shockwave, but he didn’t want the mech to be placed in stasis, he wanted it to suffer. But that meant he would have to tolerate the mech’s begging and whimpering for however long it takes for phase one to be completed. He took one more look at Ex-0 then made his way out of the lab to talk to Megatron. The Decepticon commander stood right outside the door, his arms crossed with a scowl on his face.

    “Will he shut up, Shockwave?” Megatron shook his head as he pushed off the wall. “This better be worth it.”

    “Logic tells me this will work.” Shockwave walked away from Megatron to step into another lab, this one much smaller than the one that held Ex-0. “Maven, status on the badge.”

    Maven scooted away from the dimly lit table and shook his head. “It’s near impossible to do all that you asked and to incorporate it into one, permanent badge.”

    This little bit of news infuriated Shockwave. According to his own calculations it should be quite easy to invent such a badge. “Get it done. You will not leave here till you do.”

    The scientist quickly stood up which caused Shockwave to raise and aim his cannon arm at Maven’s head. “Do you question my intentions?” Maven stepped backwards, his hands raised into the air.” Shockwave nodded. “You will do it Maven, after all you wanted to be a scientist once again. I can give you that chance or I can kill you. Which one will it be?

    The Decepticon scientist fell heavily back onto the stool. “Will I be given energon and rest?”

    “If you proven yourself useful, then yes.” Shockwave snapped his fingers. “Sprocket, stand guard. Give Maven energon and rest when he needs it.”

    A large, red and blue mech stepped into the room then nodded. “As you command, Shockwave.”

    As the door closed, Maven spun back around and began work once again on the badge that made no sense to him. What was Shockwave’s plan? What was the purpose of this badge? Surely there was a reason for it, but Maven couldn’t figure it out. More then likely it’s Shockwave’s way of marking his experiments. That’s all he could really think that it would be used for. Then why did he have to invent a way to make the badge permanent? Was it a way to make the experiment suffer?

    He began to fiddle around with a chip he planned on implanting in the badge itself. This chip will be activated during stasis, to activate a part of the cybernetic brain used for storing memories. It will bring on a nightmare like state that the experiment cannot control. Problem is, how to make the chip work that way?

    Sprocket stepped up to him with an energon cube in his hands. “I am allowed to give you two of these a day.”

    Maven threw down his tools, happy for a little break. “Thanks.” He lifted the cube as though to toast Sprocket. “Here’s too many cycles of endless boredom.”


    The pain seemed to reach into his very core as he laid upon the table with both his legs amputated from above the knees down. He didn’t know what was happening to him, all he really knew right now was Trialrun held no mercy as he worked on the augmentations to his body. He tightened his fists as another wave of pain went through his systems. Would he make it through this ordeal the same mech as before? Or will he go completely mad?

    Trialrun appeared next to him with a smile. “You are actually doing quite well.”

    “Glad to make you happy.” Echo flinched as Trialrun brought his hand towards him. It took him a few nano seconds to see the scientist had a small cube of energon. His shoulders slumped as he watched Trialrun drink the cube right in front of him. “I need energon.”

    “I’ve noticed.” Trialrun opened a compartment in Echo’s chest right where the Autobot badge use to be then screwed a large tube into it. “During your last upgrade I made sure you were equipped with a port that will directly put an energon and oil mix straight into your systems.”

    Echo rolled his head to watch Trialrun as he pulled a large level on a cylinder like machine. Almost instantly hot, fiery pain shot through his systems making him scream. What was happening to him? Why did this energon and oil hurt him so much? It appeared to be several breems until the pain turned into a dull ache.

    “How is the experiment coming along?” Megatron appeared out of the shadows, his face masked with a look of impatience. “I see you have started on the buffer systems.”

    Trialrun nodded as he turned away from Ex-0. “That’s correct.” He led the Decepticon commander towards a table where a left leg sat. “The buffer system is the delay, Megatron. It’s highly complicated and involves completely rebuilding the entire leg to handle the circuitry and gear work.” He lifted up a large knee joint. “On top of that, I have to figure out a way for him to transform. I’m basically creating a mech, sir.”

    Megatron nodded which surprised Trialrun, the Decepticon commander hardly ever agreed with him. “I hear if this experiment goes as plan it will give the Decepticons an edge. Am I correct?”

    “Yes, Megatron it will. What we learn here, can be put into the Decepticons of the future.”

    “Excellent.” Megatron went to Ex-0’s side to see the mech whimpering in pain. “Music to my audios. Keep me updated, Shockwave.”


    Without the presence of Echo, Kup felt a void in his team as he went on an energon patrol. He enjoyed the young mech and wished he didn’t disappear like he did. Maybe he was a spy after all who was sent by the Decepticons to get information. But if that was the case, why did Echo hold such a deep resentment towards them? What had really happened to the young mech? Then Echo’s haunting words came back to him. He had told Kup before his disappearance that the Decepticons would come back for him. If they did, what would they do or have already done to Echo?

    “Hey Kup, you all right?” Springer came walking up to his side, after stopping the team for a break. “We’ve stopped awhile ago.”

    Kup smiled and patted the young mech on the shoulder. “Sorry about that lad.”

    Springer patted a pile of debris then sat down, his rifle resting on his lap. “What is it old timer?”

    “Thinking about Echo.” Kup wearily sat down next to Springer, his optics staring ahead at the ruined landscape. “You know they took him, right?”

    Springer slowly nodded his head. “They weren’t done with him yet.” He glanced down at the rifle in his lap. “Do you think he’ll ever be the same mech?”

    “Not really sure, lad. He had already been through so much more then normal mechs, I can’t see anything hampering his mood. Though I have been wrong before.” Kup shook his head. “I just hope he comes home safely.”


    The interior of the building matched the exterior, old and nearly falling apart. One more bomb blast could easily level this place. However, there were tell tale signs of life here. For instance, there was a clear path to travel, if a mech knew where to look. Lucky for Prime he did know how to navigate the maze of halls and traps leading to his mentor’s lab. Only a few mechs knew of the location and it constantly changed if there was an even the slightest hint of some other mech knowing. And as far as Prime knew, the lab was still located here. Hopefully he wasn’t wrong.

    Very carefully he made his way through the labyrinth of halls till he reached a locked door. “Optronix.” The door slid open with a hiss and allowed him in. He never understood why his mentor used his old call name as a password. “What is the meaning behind that?” Prime said to himself as he stepped through the door.

    He inched his way down the cluttered hallway, his cybernetic mind wondering why a mech of his mentor’s status would live in a place like this. He reached another door, this time with a palm reader. Gradually he rested his right hand on the door, let it read his signature then waited as the double bomb doors hissed to the side. He peered into his mentor’s lab, surprised to see two mechs laying on tables in the middle of the room. He’s creating again. Interesting.

    “Optimus, it’s been awhile.” Alpha Trion appeared from the shadows, a smile on his worn face.

    “That it has.” Prime stepped up to the nearest mech to see Alpha Trion has just began to add armor to the exo-skeleton. “Starting on a new project I see.”

    Alpha Trion stepped up to the other mech which laid on a different table then slowly nodded. “The prophecy tells that I should do this.” He ran his fingers across the armor. “These mech’s will be vital to the war’s success. However, they will have challenges before them that no other Autobot will face.”

    Prime studied the bot in front of him then spotted something out of the ordinary. “Is this what I think it is?” He pointed to an item laying by the bot’s right arm. “How will you make that work?”

    His mentor gave him a light laugh. “You will see soon enough, Optimus.” His face turned serious. “What brings you here?”

    “I have a question for you, Alpha Trion.” Optimus Prime took out a data-pad then handed it to Vector Sigma. “It’s about Echo.”

    “Echo?” The much older Autobot smiled. “He’s got potential, that one.” He scanned through the many images ticking as he did. “I don’t like the looks of this. The Decepticons are trying to prove something with Echo. If they succeed, the Autobots could be in a lot of trouble.” He turned to Optimus Prime with concern written all over his face. “Has his ability shown itself to you yet?”

    Prime shook his head. “What are you talking about? What ability is that?”

    Alpha Trion gave Prime the data pad back then went to get another one. "From the ancient words and writings, one chosen will rise forth from the decay and ashes of the past endowed with the insight to see into the sparks of others.” He began to study the shelf full of old holograph capsules and data pads. “Aha, hear it is.” He handed the textile to Prime. “This was written before your time.”

    “Are you saying, Echo might save the Autobots?” Prime’s voice showed his disbelieve.

    The older Autobot shook his head. “I’m gathering from this he could actually see and is able to read sparks. And if I am right, he poses a threat not only to the Decepticons, but for the Autobots as well.” Alpha Trion shook his head as he went back to his current experiments. “I’m hoping his spark is strong. For if it isn’t, I fear for your life.”

    Several Vorns Later

    He didn’t know how long it has been since his arrival here, but he did know the Decepticons have now completely changed his entire body structure. As he laid on the cell’s floor, all Echo could think of was the pain and the loneliness that has become a permanent fixture in his life. He couldn’t move, couldn’t even think without his processors feeling as though they were about to short circuit. Will he ever be normal again?

    Thanks to his amazing hearing receptors he was able to tune in on what the Decepticons were doing outside the prison he was in. Which, as far as he could tell there was nothing for him to really worry about. However, there was rumors spreading throughout the Decepticon forces that the Autobots planned on leaving Cybertron in a search for more energon.

    The door opened to the cells and footsteps began to make their way towards him. Judging by the sparks alone he could tell one was Trialrun and the other just a drone. He would get up, unfortunately he had no strength left in his mechanical body to even lift a finger. He rolled his head towards the door as the grunt named, Manicdrive took down the energon bars.

    “Time to start phase three.” Manicdrive reached in, grabbed hold of Echo’s shoulder then violently pulled him out. “You sure he’ll survive this phase?”

    Trialrun slowly nodded. “He should. He’s survived so far. Take him to Lab Four.”

    Elsewhere Maven found his mind drifting as he fidgeted with what should be the final stage of what has been dubbed: “The Deceptibot Badge”. He leaned back, took a long look at the badge laid out before him then began to solder off some of the loose wires. For the last several vorns he has been forced to sit at this table, only allowed to get up for a few precious cycles of rest. Hopefully the badge will be a success, for if it wasn’t, he could kiss his life good-bye.

    His guard, Sprocket has endured about the same amount of torment as Maven. Forced to stand guard till the project was done, he barely left the room. This caused several fights, which would always be broken up rather quickly by Shockwave or Trialrun. How much longer will they have to endure each others company?

    Sprocket shifted his weight then took a deep mechanical sigh. “Why haven’t you finished yet?”

    “Well, I just created an all new badge, with all new components.” Maven threw down the tool he was holding to rub his face. “Just need to tweak it a little more.”

    “You’ve been saying that for the last several vorns.” Sprocket let out a low grunt then began to pace the room. “You might as well be an Autobot.”

    Maven swiftly stood to his boots. “You want to say that to my faceplate!”

    “Sure I will!” Sprocket stepped up to Maven, his height and power obvious to the scientist. The mech before him was built only to be a war machine. As for Maven, he had been built as a lab mech first then reformatted to become a sniper. “Your voice processor not working now!”

    “They’re working just fine!” Maven shook his head and continued his work on the project before him. “Let’s just drop it, okay? More fighting we do, the less time I have to work on this.”

    Back in the lab Echo was violently thrown onto a table where he was once again secured to endure endless cycles of torture. In the rooms around him he could hear several Autobots screaming in anguish. One in particular appeared almost distraught. Wonder why that was? Then Megatron’s voice could be heard saying something about killing Autobots. It almost sounded as though it was directed to the mech whimpering in pain.

    Echo turned his head to see the troubled spark of Trialrun as the mech attached wires to his frame. “What else are you going to do to me?”

    Trialrun took a handheld saw then, with a laser began to etch into Echo’s helmet. This caused pain, but it was nothing compared to what Echo had to endure for the last several cycles. He listened as Trialrun mumbled under his breath about how difficult this task will be. What do they plan on doing to him now?

    A spark signature that Echo could only describe as one being of no emotion walked into the room. “Excellent. I see you have started on the head modifications.” Shockwave appeared at Echo’s right, his lone optic staring menacingly down at him. “Began the cuts. Don’t put him in stasis till his body is close to giving up.” The Decepticon scientist leaned down to get a better look at Echo. “Begin.”

    Echo tried to fight his restraints, but barely could move his limbs. “What do you want with me, Shockwave!” He screamed as Trialrun began to cut into his helmet. “Please…stop.”

    Instead of getting an answer he could hear Shockwave as he stepped away from the table. “Experiment description: Examine the effectiveness of enhancing one sensory package at the expense/elimination of another. Subject's optics will be removed, and his auditory system will be enhanced to compensate."

    Echo gasped in horror as he began to grasp the full extent of Shockwave's plans for him.

    "Observation: Subject's level of agitation continues to rise in accordance with my expectations, no doubt heightened further still by my own description of this experiment."

    Trialrun began to cut down the center of Echo’s helmet which caused him to scream out even more. Did Shockwave really plan on taking away his optics? How will he be able to function through everyday… His thoughts were abruptly cut off as Trialrun removed one side of Echo’s helmet. He could actually feel as the scientist began to cut at his skull. Frantically he began to pull at his restraints as the pain began to overwhelm his sensors.

    “Cutting away the left optic package now.” Trialrun said as though to just take notes. “Left optic,” Everything turned to static then went completely black as pain caused Echo to scream even more. “Shockwave, the optic is cut. Do you wish for me to continue?”

    “Yes.” Echo could hear the scientist walking to his side. “Remove the entire assembly.”

    Echo’s good optic flashed back on in time to see a crude metallic device aiming for his damaged left eye. He cringed in anticipation of pain and was rewarded instead of the sound of his optic cracking then shattering. He tightened his fists as he watched on as the scientist began to remove what remained of his optic.

    “Why are you doing this! I will never follow the Decepticons!” Echo grimaced as Trialrun kept working on his left eye orbit, now clean of any optic. “You one-optic freak! What do you want with me?”

    “Observation: Whilst subject continues to display bravado, his comment about myself curiously mirrors his own predicament. Speculation: I wonder if the subject appreciates the irony of his own comment."

    Shockwave continued his notation of his 'experiment'. Echo felt curiously detached listening to the monotone voice drone on, describing the pain he felt so acutely.

    "Observation: Subject's left optic package has been disconnected and removed. Observation: Subject's vocal processor volume level has increased 75%. Conclusion: Subject's vocal processor may have to be disconnected temporarily, to prevent... Distraction.”

    Trialrun pulled back, cocked his head then went to work on Echo’s right optic. Soon, everything went dark and all Echo could do now was to endure the pain and the constant sounds of Autobots screaming. In the midst of all the sounds he could hear Shockwave taking notes. And what he heard, sent shivers through his systems. These mech scientists planned on making him completely blind. How will that be possible? Once he leaves here, an Autobot medic could surely attach new optics.

    “I’m putting him in stasis, Shockwave. He may not survive the upcoming phase.”

    “A shame, but very well. Induce stasis lock. I already have much valuable data on his pain threshold.”

    Trialrun leaned in closer; this would require all his skill. Having removed Echo's optic packages successfully, he would now seal the connections to the optic cavities to prevent "phantom" images. Then he would have to begin preparations for the upgrading of Echo's auditory systems.

    "Observation:" Shockwave intoned dispassionately. "Subject's optic system has now been completely removed. While I would have preferred the subject to remain fully aware throughout the entire procedure, Trialrun has been forced to induce full stasis lock. I hypothesise that this will also help preserve the subject's sanity as well as his health. The next stage of the experiment will involve a full upgrade of his auditory systems. More powerful audio sensor packages will be fitted, and his sensory subroutines will be partially re-encoded to allow full exploitation of the new hardware.

    Interrogative: Will this Autobot appreciate the gift I give him, I wonder; or the gift he gives me. Not only is he the beneficiary of my own research, but he contributes to it. It matters little in the long term; subject will be terminated once all relevant data has been harvested. I am sure his components can be reused in some useful fashion."

    Shockwave's single optic flashed in the gloom.

    "Just like all the rest."

    In another room Maven could hear Ex-0’s screams of agony through two very thick walls. This made his job slightly that more difficult to do. If Shockwave was causing that much pain to a prisoner, what would he do to a scientist who didn’t live up to his standards? Maven took a deep breath then began to work once again on the badge that has caused him endless cycles of frustration.

    Sprocket huffed then went to the wall. “This better be worth it.”

    Maven gave a nod. “I heard that it is.” A huge smile beamed across his face. “I…I think I did it!” He quickly stood up with what looked to be an odd shaped rifle in his hands. “Now, I need to know if it works.” He stepped up to a thick sheet of metal and held the tip of the tool flush against the smooth surface. “Here goes nothing.”

    “That, doesn’t look safe to use.” Sprocket took a step back as Maven pulled the trigger. “What does it do?”

    “Suppose to heat up the armor, like it’s doing now to this piece of metal.” Maven got himself ready for recoil. “Then it should eject the badge, which will then attach itself using spikes.” A loud bang echoed around the room as the tool embedded a badge onto the sheet of metal. “That should do it.” He pulled the tool away then ever so carefully picked up the sheet of metal to see minute fractures around the badge. Then he flipped it over to see very long, thin spikes that once latched onto a mech’s skeletal structure will make the badge virtually unable to be removed. “Now, to input code into the badge and it will be finished.” He turned to Sprocket. “Call Shockwave in.”

    Sprocket stepped to Maven’s side and cocked his head. “Why does that badge look familiar?” He pointed at it as a smile crept across his face. “It’s the unified faction symbol! Shockwave is going to kill you!” He began to laugh. “Something I wouldn’t mind seeing.”

    “It’s not the unified faction symbol. It’s different.” Maven heaved a sigh as he checked the readings on the branding tool. “It has more Decepticon influences. I want it to represent how an Autobot experimented on by Shockwave will slowly morph into a Decepticon.” He hefted the large tool in his arms then nodded at Sprocket. “I think Shockwave will agree.”

    It took what seemed like several cycles till Shockwave came into the room with Megatron close behind him. Shockwave took one look at the device on the table then turned his optic towards Maven.

    “I’m not satisfied. Fix it.”

    Shockwave left the room without saying anything else which left Maven alone with Megatron. Not good.

    The Decepticon commander took one look at the device then scowled down at the scientist. “You are very lucky we have not killed you yet. One more mistake however, that promise will be broken.”

    Maven’s shoulders dropped as Megatron left the room. “Back to stage one.”
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