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    Just a lil something I'm working on, might draw a picture for it, write a story up, maybe. Just want your thoughts on this sucker

    Oh, its a movieverse character as well


    Land Storm is a self styled Autobot 'Super Commando' and a lone wolf. He's got more succesful infiltration, sabotage and assassination missions under his bonnet than any other autobot, or indeed Decepticons.


    On Eath, Land Storm is a triple changer, changing between his robot mode, a Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle and a F-35B Lightning 2


    First and foremost, Land Storm is a sociopath. He does not feel emapthy, for neither his decepticon victems nor his autobot comrades. This is niether because of a personal lack of feelings or hatred, but it acts as a shield to protect him from being hurt. He shows little mercy for his enemies and is utterly sadistic to decepticons, willing to torture them either for his own self gratification or to get waht he needs. Because of these traits, many of his comrades wonder why he wouldn't much rather fight for Decepticon cause. He is loyal to the autobots for one paticular reason. He hates the decepticons for what they have become. Nothing more than hollow, empty shells that seek power, whereas he seeks to maintain balance. Infact, prior to the great war, despite being a loyal lieutenant of Megatron, and even served the Decepticons for a short time, he was a strong believe that 'freedom is the right of all sentient beings'. Though the years of fighting had turned him into a hollow, jaded shell, he still fights to continue the autobot goal, anyway he can.


    Land Storm is armed with a powerful 25mm rotary cannon which makes mincemeat of enemy armour. Along with this, he has a array of missiles in robot mode and vehicle mode, and bombs in jet mode. He also has a advance electronic counter measure system, capable of scrambaling enemy systems and leaving them vulnerable to attack, reduce thier sensor capacity or targetting ability, this ability is very similar to Blackout's EMP weaponry, though less directly effective. He possess a molecular sharp diamond edge blade, used for mutilating his foes with ease. His final weapon is probably one of his most insidious. He possess the ability to jam and disable enemy special abilities by interrupting thier electronic signals. Though only possible at extreme close proximity, its effect are long lasting.

    Physical Description

    Being a former military 'bot, his frame is large and powerful, more inline with many decepticons. This allows him to go toe to toe with many of thier hardest hitters. His armour is red and black with no faction markings. On earth, he has a numerical designations of '013'. He has blue eyes


    Coming whenever I can be bothered to write it

    So, what do ya all think thus far?

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