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    I liked the film a many scenes were was awesome...

    However there were a lot of plot holes that were annoying...

    Way too much humor...not enough serious...

    Leo should not have been around after he took them to simmons and simmons should have stayed in the bakery..which leads me to my biggest complaint....YET AGAIN NOT ENOUGH CHARACTERIZATION of transformers!!!


    Prime- awesome great job...wish he would have just got wounded instead of killed tho..the other bots could have came in sooner and saved him...this would have lead to a scene of ratchet reparing him...the matrix could have been used for him to become more powerful and give him the ability to kill the fallen... grade- A+

    ratchet- wow...still no scene of him being a medic...barely any lines and minimal fighting... F

    Ironhide- more time than ratchet but not many lines...there was no defining ironhide kicks ass moment like in the first one.... D

    Bee- he had his charm....great fight scens with him....A

    jolt- was he even a character??? lol.....F...however his design was awesome!!

    Arcee- hmmmm...F..dont care to much tho not a fan of arcee

    wheelie- funny...had a purpose...B

    jetfire- hate how he was old...the mentioning of his mom and dad was retared cuz TFs dont have moms and dads.... the cane sucked...if he was just youthful and didnt dissappear then reappear he would have got an A...but ill give him a C

    sideswipe- so cool...great design...but no character 3 lines of gibberish...really only one bad ass moment....F he had so much potential

    mudflap & skids- really funny..but too much of them so they get a B

    Megs- some people complain because he is not as bad ass but in the cartoons he a lot of times was cowardly and not dominant..i liked him a ton..A

    starscream- much better...A

    soundwave- liked the voice and alt mode...but no fight scenes....C

    the fallen- hmmm..he was too sci fi along with the thing up sams nose..the blue liquidty protoforms...but back 2 the fallen...he just wasn't that owned him... he just wasnt that threatening... D

    devs- he was there to growl and suck up a village..and get people like me to think the autobots would work as a team to take him down in an epic he gets a FAIL....F

    isabel lucas- so hotttt...liked the idea-B

    overall the movie was really cool and i liked it but it had a few down points and i feel it could be so much better! feel free to give your grades and bios
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    I'm seeing the movie again tonight so I might change this but i seriously felt:

    Optimus Prime was an A+ - I felt nothing in that film came close to out doing his performance in it. He was simply amazing.
    Bumblebee was a B+
    Ironhide was a B-
    Ratchet was an F- - did nothing at all, was in the background most of the time, had like two lines...what a waste of a character
    Sideswipe was a C - Needed more close ups of his face and more screen time
    The twins were a B- - to over the top at times
    Jolt was an F
    The Arcee twins were a D
    Wheelie was a C+
    Jetfire was a B- for me

    I can't be bothered grading the villains, Megatron, Starscream and soundwave were the only ones that stood out for me :D 

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