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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Ceric Neesh, May 16, 2011.

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    Just lost my job, and so I'm trying to come up with a few bucks extra to get real food instead of ramen. So I'm letting go of a few figures that never see the light of day anyway for various reasons.

    Pictures are available upon request of any figure or figures you're interested in. All figures are in okay to excellent condition, out of packaging.

    Scout figures: $3.00 if purchased with another figure, $4.00 alone. Price firm. Plus actual shipping.
    Deluxe figures: $7.00 (obo) plus actual shipping. All shipping is combined.
    Voyager figures: $15 (obo) plus actual shipping.
    Leader figures: $25 (obo) plus actual shipping.
    Ultra figures: $45 (obo) plus actual shipping.

    Beater Bumblebee (no missles or missile launchers)
    Longarm (Complete with missile)

    Grimlock (Complete with sword)
    Atomic Lugnut (Complete)
    Jetfire/Jetstorm (Complete, will only split if you find someone else to buy the other)
    Sentinel Prime (Near complete, missing batteries and small side panel that leapt to its death.... somewhere. Does not affect transformation and makes figure less annoying)

    Jolt (Complete)
    Breakaway (Dark variation) (Complete)
    Sideswipe (First Version) (Complete)
    Soundwave (Cannon Bumblebee 2-pack version) (Complete minus missile)
    Nebular Starscream (No missile, otherwise complete)
    Mindwipe (Complete)
    Voyager Megatron (Complete minus missile)
    Long Haul (Complete)
    Ejector (Complete)

    Hailstorm (Complete)
    Brimstone (Complete)
    Insecticon (Complete)
    Battle Ops Bumblebee (Complete)
    Battle Blade Bumblebee (Complete)
    Tomahawk (Complete)

    Skullgrin (Complete minus clip-on weapons)
    Red Alert (Complete minus booster)

    Make Offer:
    20th Anniversary DVD Edition Masterpiece Optimus Prime
    Looking for at least $75 for this figure. Comes with all accessories, though the extended stock on Megatron broke when I was moving, and the clip on his left breastplate broke off. Batteries in both chest compartment and base are either removed or dead. Otherwise in good condition.

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