Cell Phone Rant (LG Touch)

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by jorod74, Mar 4, 2010.

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    my old phone died. Yay. it was a Razor and it wasn't the bestest. as in the voice command feature did not work, the bluetooth was 10x worse, signal loss was as common as beans at a chili cookoff...
    I went in to get a phone to make like easier for me. talked with the clerk at the store (I am on Alltel) and i liked the new Touch.

    read the manual when i got home and started to customize it to my liking.
    i couldn't get the back cover off, where they sealed away the Mini-SD card slot.
    i have had the phone 3 days. took it to the store and the clerk can get it off and put it on again like David Blaine doing card tricks and I still can't get it to open.

    i swear some primate designs phones. there is always a perfect phone with one FUCKED UP aspect that totally ruins the whole thing.
    Razor was great- until it needed to work.
    Touch is great, except for the vault keeping me from loading my stuff on the phone.

    i swear, i want to dip a phone into wet cement, let it dry, then before i take it to the store, coat it with industrial grade K-Y and then tell the punk clerk, "the back cover just slides off."

    ugh. i hope i can get clerk-monkey to help me set my phone up before my trip to Birmingham.
    i'd really like that.


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