Casting Call For Crossover Fate Of The Multiverse

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    I'm seeking auditions for my series Crossover: Fate Of The Multiverse

    It's a fan animated series I've created using Imovie to animate it, until I can purchase Adobe Flash. It's a series reminiscent of my child and teen-hood fan fics and comics such as this one:

    As the cast of characters are as thus:

    age 15:
    Status: Dream Knight
    Voice: (Listed in the casting call video)
    Brief Bio:"He came across The Dream Kingdom in his dreams one night and was knighted after saving their princess.

    Age: Unknown
    Voice: (Listed in the casting call video)
    Brief Bio:"Exiled for bringing forth nightmares to the Dream Kingdom he seeks to become the ruler of the realm of dreams and plunge reality and the realm into a never ending nightmare.

    Iron Man:
    Age: 35 I guess. :p 
    Voice:Looking for something similar to that of the vocal portrayal in the cartoon Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
    Brief Bio: A billionaire in a suit of high tech armor fighting to make world a better place.

    Rocket Raccoon:
    Age: unknown
    Voice:Some who can pull off or has an australian accent.
    Brief Bio:"A member of the Guardians Of The Galaxy Rocket Raccoon has a history of traveling through space and battling various villains.

    Age: 15
    Voice:"A young stoic yet naturally born leader with a mild competitive streak."
    Brief Bio:After growing up on Destiny Island, Riku has sought to travel other worlds with Sora and Kairi only to wind lost with King Mickey.

    Donald Duck:
    Age: unknown
    Voice:"Akin to the Disney voiceover."
    Brief Bio:"A court Wizard in Disney Castle, Donald Duck set out with Goofy to find King Mickey when they saw his note."

    Voice:Goofy voice, redundant I know.
    Brief Bio:"A court Knight of Disney Castle, Goofy set out with Donald Duck upon learning about Mickey's disappearance.

    Mickey Mouse:
    Age Unknown
    Voice: Mickey's voice
    Brief Bio:King of Disney Castle, Mickey set out to find the mysterious "Key" Ansem had told him about.

    Age: 15
    Voice:"A light chipper voice.
    Brief Bio:"A Day-walking Pure-blood vampire who was adopted by humans.

    Age: 16
    Voice:"Light and friendly."
    Bio:"Marlin's adoptee human sister, who later learned magic.

    Age 16
    Voice: Despite being African American, Tyson is a well spoken guy.
    Brief Bio:"Tyson belongs to a clan of werewolves who defend humans in secret from things that go bump in the night.

    Age: 15
    Voice: A romanian accent
    Brief Bio:"Angelica is a day-walking pure-blood vampire who moved from Romania to America after learning of Marlin's whereabouts after learning of his parents' disappearance. Angelica is not just Marlin's girlfriend, but also his teacher in mastering his vampiric abilities.

    Voice: A Calm persuasive voice
    Brief Bio:"Rasunscar is pale-skinned night-walking vampire, who spawned the vampire civil war between night and day walkers.

    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Age: 15
    Voice: Upbeat and positive.
    Brief Bio:"The Speed Demon, Blue Blur, and Champion of Mobius. Sonic has battled Robotnik to protect his woodland home.

    Voice:"Hey if you can sound like an 11 year old Tech Wiz-kid with an admiration for Sonic, you've got the part.
    Brief Bio:" Miles "Tails" Prower is a tech savvy 11 year old fox who looks up to Sonic has his hero, as he does everything he can to help Sonic fight Robotnik.

    Ages: 16
    Voice: Something similar to either Dan Green or Travis Willingham's voicing for Knuckles, no impressions if possible.
    Brief Bio:"Knuckles belongs to a tribes of Echidnas who are charged with guarding the Master and Chaos Emeralds. He' has on several occasions aided Sonic in defending Mobius from Eggman and other threats.

    Mephiles The Dark:
    Age: unknown
    Voice:"Explained in the casting call video I posted a link to."
    Brief Bio:"Mephiles is a demonic entity who seeks to release Iblis and bring about the flames of disaster.
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