CASSHERN - For you Toku Lovers out there check this out!

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    Back in April of 04, Casshan fans were blessed with a retelling of the original anime in live action form.

    In spring of 05, a young and talented lady named Aleema created a cast of voices to help bring the movie in english. However in 06 and early 07, she had lost everything due to personal problems but continued it again.

    After the movie was released by Dreamworks, Aleema was disgusted by how edited and poorly done the movie was in presenting itself in the states, thus she decided to show off her finally finished presentation of Casshern in english.

    You'll need a Myspace account to view the movies, but she is offering DVD's in two styles, a "collectors" edition which you would have to pay money for to cover the costs of the DVD materials, and a freebee version that's really just a low quality dvd in a slip case.

    But she did a FANTASTIC job on doing this and I highly recommend everyone check it out. Not because I'm in the film (which many of you don't know I'm into Voice Acting since I do transformers for but because she spent alot of hard work and time on this movie to show you guys.

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