Case ratios for DOTM toys

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    Some assortments have nice even ratios, while others seem to be rather unbalanced. Early warning on which toys you need to start hunting for or possibly even pre-order: Cyberverse Starscream Orbital Assault Carrier and HA Skids/Elita-1. Maybe HA Roadbuster too.

    Cyberverse Action Sets Wave 1
    3x Bumblebee Mobile Battle Bunker
    1x Starscream Orbital Assault Carrier

    Cyberverse Action Sets Wave 2
    2x Optimus Prime Armored Weapon Platform
    2x Megatron Blastwave Weapons Base

    Human Alliance Wave 1
    3x Stealth Bumblebee w/ Sam Witwicky
    1x Skids/Elita-1 w/ Sgt Epps

    Human Alliance Wave 2
    2x Stealth Bumblebee w/ Sam Witwicky
    2x Roadbuster w/ Sgt Recon

    Human Alliance Basic Wave 1
    2x Backfire w/ Spike Witwicky
    2x Icepick w/ Sgt Chaos
    2x Thunderhead w/ Major Tungsten
    2x Sandstorm w/ Pvt Dedcliff

    Human Alliance Basic Wave 2
    2x Autobot Whirl w/ Major Sparkplug
    2x Tailpipe w/ Sgt Noble
    1x Backfire w/ Spike Witwicky
    1x Icepick w/ Sgt Chaos
    1x Thunderhead w/ Major Tungsten
    1x Sandstorm w/ Pvt Dedcliff

    Robo Power Robo Fighters Wave 1
    3x Bumblebee
    3x Optimus Prime
    2x Starscream
    2x Ironhide

    Not sure how many come in a case, but it looks like the 2 Robo Power Bash Bots Wave 1 sets ship in an equal ratio too.

    Robo Power Bash Bots Wave 1
    xx Bumblebee v Megatron
    xx Starscream v Optimus Prime

    And not that anyone cares, but the Robo Power Cine-Masks also appear to ship in an equal ration between Bumblebee and Optimus.

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