Carpooling from ATL to Botcon

Discussion in 'Transformers Conventions and Get Togethers' started by Bryan, Jan 22, 2007.

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    Any takers? My wife and I are planning on leaving EARLY (as in, well before the sun rises) on the 27th. We've got a VW Jetta, so we're looking for at least two more folks, and if we get the interest, I'll borrow my parents minivan which can comfortably transport 6-7.

    Basically, we're trying to save a little money, so we're offering to do all the driving and eat the mileage, and asking for gas to be paid for by our passengers. Mapquest says 17 hours, which is rough, but I'm thinking we can do it in about that even with gas/food stops.

    Details beyond that (picking you up, exact departure time, crashing at our place the night before, etc.) are flexible based on whoever shows interests. The only other thing I'd ask is that you show me a hotel reservation and (when they go on sale) the receipt for your BotCon package. If this doesn't work out, we're flying, and I don't want to get stuck with the cost of driving if people flake out.

    And...that's it, I guess. PM or post questions or interest

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