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    She drove down the street in her new car. It was old, yes, but it had a certain charm about it. A red '71 Monte Carlo. The engine still had a little growl, though she shuddered to think about all of the sludge in the engine.

    Her name was Carly. She allowed a small grin as she gave the throttle a little more gas with her red Converse. What a car. Her first car. She drove it through the cheery sunshine of the suberbs with pride. After saving her own money for a year she finally earned enough for a car. As her dirty blonde hair wafted in the steady breeze of her afternoon drive and lowered windows, she casually adjusted her hand-me-down Ray Bans. Her grey Lifehouse shirt looked good she thought and she sported it proudly with her black jeans.

    She could still remember walking up to the less than reputable dealership and being greeted by the whitest teeth she had ever seen. The owner was a little on the crazy side to say the least. His sweaty hand reached out to greet her. "Bobby Bolivia. Like the country, but without the plague. Come on in!"

    After about an hour and hearing the words "enchilada of freedom" more than a few times, she had found what would soon become her new car. A slightly battered Monte Carlo. The blood red paint job glistened in the sun and she was in love. After another thirty minutes she had jewed Bolivia down to four-and-a-half thousand and she was signing papers. She had bought her first car.

    Carly listened to the radio casually, though she didn't remember actually turning it on. The familiar, warm voice of Casey Kasem flooding the car and always ending the same way: "...and now on with the countdown." She loved classic music and those old cassette tapes she had inherited from her mom would actually come in handy. The Eagles, Zeppelin, Journey, all hers for the jamming.

    As she came to the red light she noticed a house she recognized - the Witwicky's. She had gone to high school with Sam and actually had a bit of a crush on him, though she would never really admit that even to himself. Now he was seeing that greasy girl all the jocks were drooling over in Lit, will wonders never cease. The house had tarps over it in places. Some kind of explosion, the rumor was. Now Sam was away at college and he had obvously taken that fine ride of his, the envy of the neighborhood, as the motor heads in the tri-county area had ceased panting in auto lust. Speaking of cars, she noticed the Mustang cruiser coming up behind her. And the lights were flashing.

    "Crap," she muttered out loud. Carly pulled onto third and orchard and parked beside a large oak tree, eyes forward and nervously gripping the steering wheel, waiting for the inevitable officer to arrive soon. After a few minutes and no cop, she became impatient as she fidgeted in her seat. Just give me my ticket and get on with your day of abusing you authority, she mentally hissed. She glanced back. The guy was just sitting there, eyes fixed forward like he was frozen in time. Must be one of those cops that tries the sauce before admitting it as evidence, she thought to herself.

    The voice of Casey Kasem once again filled the car, adding a soothing touch to her edginess. What happened next was more than a little surprising. "This song goes out to Carly. Out there on the edge of disaster." Michael Jackson's "Beat it" began playing. She was stunned. Did she just hear that? Ashton Kutcher wasn't hiding out there somewhere was he? No, he only Punk'd famous people. Or did he?

    All at once, Carly was thrust back in her seat as the Monte Carlo raced off. It was driving itself! The wail of a Police siren ensued, matched only by her wail of shock and terror. The voice of Casey Kasem returned, only, this time it was actually speaking to her. "Stay calm, Carly. You're in danger."

    "No crap!" she squeaked. What was going on?! "Dear God, help me!" She thought she might vomit when the car did a power slide around another corner, the cop right on her tail. She would gladly pay this ticket, if she survived long enough to do so.

    "The name's Cliffjumper," the voice said. "Stay calm. That's no cop behind you. It's a Decepticon."


    "Decepticon. A particularly nasty one named Barricade."

    "Then what are you?!"

    "I am an autonomous robotic organism from the planet Cybertron. You can call me an Autobot for short."

    "What's an Autobot?!"

    "Basically, you're about to find out." With that, Cliffjumper, at least that's what he called himself, slammed on brakes and slid to a stop. They were out of the suberbs and in an industrial area nearby. Carly's door opened and she was pushed out by the seat. It moved! As she landed face-first, she could hear the siren growing louder and coming closer. Then she heard another sound, the sound of metal sliding over metal, parts moving. Carly gazed up in time to see what was once her car stand up!

    Cliffjumper was identical to Bumblebee physically, except he had a mouth and face similar to Jazz. And to Carly's surprise, Barricade followed suit and transformed, slamming himself into Cliffjumper at sixty-five sending him reeling backwards from the blow. Sparks flew every time the robots punched one another. Great, she thought. I'm going to die in a Michael Bay movie. Much to her chagrin, her sense of humor still found a way to squeeze itself into the situation.

    Carly knew she should be cowering, but that just wasn't her nature. She was actually on her feet, more amazed than terrified at what she was seeing. Barricade swung his newly-exposed flail at Cliffjumper who parried and thrust with his Energon axe. Cliffjumper was the better fighter and in six more moves, Barricade lay on the gravel-covered ground unconscious.

    The very air still shook from the titanic duel that was just finalized before her eyes. She stood frozen in place as Cliffjumper retracted his axe and walked towards her calmly. It felt like a T-Rex was stomping towards her, although Cliffjumper at least attempted to walk lightly and not frighten her. He towered over the young girl who stood with her mouth slightly open.

    "This," she said, "has been one weird day." She never took her eyes off of the red robot as she slowly walked closer to him. He still retained that calming, likable voice as he spoke.

    "Are you alright Carly?"

    "How do you know my name?"

    "The registration papers were in the glove box," he said wryly. He knelt down on one knee as a slight grin edged its way onto Carly's face. Her hair mussed and dirt on her face, she was still on her feet. A warrior's quality, Cliffjumper mused to himself. He followed Carly's gaze to Barricade.

    "There are more like him?"


    Her fear forgotten, replaced by fascination, she spoke. "How'd you learn to talk if you're from another planet?"

    "I have assimilated the World Wide Web into my interface and have learned Earth's languages. The voice I'm currently using was the most convenient, and I noticed that it calmed you earlier."

    "Talk like Shaggy," she said. "Come on."


    "You just said you downloaded the Internet. You must have a section on Scooby-Doo in there somewhere."

    "I'm afraid we must leave. Our presence is risky."

    With that, he once again became that blood red Monte Carlo she loved so much. The door was open and waiting. The most beautiful car in the world to her, and so much more.

    "Woah," she said under her breath. Soon she forced herself behind the wheel once more and the car began driving itself back to the suberbs.

    "I must rendevous with my leader. Where can I drop you off?"

    "What?! I bought you, dude! You're mine, remember? Registration papers?"

    As they drove down the road, Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again," began playing. Best four-and-a-half thousand dollars she had ever spent. She guaranteed it.

    "Seriously though," she said. "Talk like Shaggy."


    "Oh, alright!"

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    That's some awesome writing skills right there! Keep going!
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    that could actually work as a mini movie!anyway great writing!

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