Can't remember the name of a movie.

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    There is a movie I remember watching growing up but cannot remember what the name is so I have no idea how to search it. I don't even remember who's in it.

    It's set in an all boys Catholic high school. I think it's set in the 50's or 60's. One of the teachers is a mean brother that all the boys are scared of. At the end of the movie, the mean brother is beating the boys, one of them runs away, the brother chases him in the hallways until the boy runs into the auditorium where there is a meeting and everyone finally sees how brutal he is towards the boys. There is one nice brother that finally helps the boys. I also remember the boys having to clean up a saint's statue but then mess it up again.

    I remember seeing this probably in the 80's maybe early 90's.

    Anyone know what movie that is?

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