can they safely channel cosmic radiation? idw stormbringer related

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    in idw continuity the ages old great war between the autobot and decepticons and the war against thunderwing led eventually to cybertron being reduced to a nearly entirely destroyed lifeless ruined world

    With no atmosphere, Cybertron's surface is unprotected from cosmic radiation and is wracked by plasma storms.

    now lets assume for a moment that each side explores research that would over time fundamentally alter in a relatively minor manner the baseline C.N.A. of a protoformed cybertronian shell body just as it is given life

    with the general idea being that the geneitc modification would make it possible for the individual in question to both absorb into their very being over a presumably safe period of time the cosmic irradiation and also make it possible for the cybertronian to channel it through their being in a number of ways

    one such way being that they could channel it through their body to expel it through their hands at an opponent in a offensive defensive manner

    another such way being that they could also emit it from their body to use asa full body force shield of sorts

    and another way also being that they could direct it in such a way that it would make it possible for the individual to for all intents and purposes fly under their own power even if said individual does not have a flgith worthy alternate vehicle form or a in built jet pack for that matter

    what effects would it possibly have on the individuals mind, their body, their spark for that matter?

    for that matter what might happen if one were to explore this scenario with this cybertron also being one in which cybertron,the allspark, vector sigma each exist as parts of the same greater being that is primus

    what effect would these abilities have on the cybertronians bond to cybertron, to vector sigma, to the allspark and to primus?
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    ALOT! and for anything else that cant be explained, a wizard did it!

    Seriously though, Im a developemtal service worker, not a astrophysissist, but I could resist sorry :) 

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