Can someone please help me with some scans ??

Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by PrimulArchangel, Sep 12, 2008.

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    Hey all :) 

    I really need some help with some box scans. Can anyone here help me out ?
    I need scans of the following boxes.


    Raiden all 6 boxes it's k if you can scan the top of the box because of the flap .
    Trypticon Us or Japanese
    Metroplex US or Japanese

    And if possible
    Fort Max US or Japanese
    Grand Max

    Im working on some box projects and im going to experiment with making the Large City Boxes.
    If anyone can help me out i would need the scans to be at least 300dbi so that they are High Res. andi would need each side of the box scaned. I know these are huge boxes with the exception of the raiden figures. So its fine if you scan it in pieces. I will puzzel it together and make it whole.

    I would be greatfull if Someone can help me out here. Pm me or Post in here if you can and i will PM you with my email address so you can email the scans to me so they stay full size.

    Thanks in advance all :) 


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