Can someone help explain the current situation when it comes to Transformer comics?

Discussion in 'Transformers Comics Discussion' started by Effect, Mar 26, 2006.

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    I know Dreamwave is out of the picture but just who now is making the comics?

    When Dreamwave was handling things I never had a problem coming across discussions or information on the different titles but now I can't really find any type of talk. Granted I'm not Transformer focused sites but just comic sites in general at times but still nothing that really stands out.

    Is there only one title going on, anymore planned? Could this explain the lack of worth of mouth or advertising?

    Is the publisher just not that well known? Comics that good?

    The title that is out, is it going to be a mini-series, small arcs or an ongoing series? Who are the main characters if there are a lot to list?

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    Right now a company caled IDW is making Transformer comics.

    - There is an ongoing series called Infiltration which is a relaunch of TF mythos written by Simon Furman and art by EJ Su.
    - There is a Beast Wars book also by Furman and art by Don Figueroa.
    - Also, a book called TF Generations is bing put out which reprints old marvel comics.
    - Soon there will be a book called TF Hearts of Steel where the TF appear in the industrial revolution. This one is by Chuck Dixon and Guido Guidi.
    - Also coming out soon is TF Stormbringer. It focuses on Cybertron and the past. Similar to War Within. This is by Furman adn Figueroa as well.

    Also, Devil's Due is putting out volume 3 of their GIJoe/TF Crossover.

    As for your other questions. We talk about all the comic in the comic forum usually when they hit. The discussions go on quite a bit.

    Advertising from IDW is actualy kind of funny. I see posters in coming shops but nothing really that major. I don't collect Wizard anymore and don't get previews because it's a big waste of a book. Otherwise I don't know how else you expect advertisement. Remember, we're not talking Marvel or DC and this definately isn't Spiderman or Superman. It just isn't worthy of the press.
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    If you check out the IDW Publishing site I believe you'll find the majority of the information you seek. I highly recommend picking up the comics, I've enjoyed every one of them.

    EDIT: Dammit, Wreck-Gar beat me by two minutes :)  Good show my friend!

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