Customs: Can one take any shortcuts when dyeing parts black? (and quick MP SS disassembly question)

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by David Hingtgen, Dec 6, 2008.

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    I have a MP Thundercracker on order and I want his hands, feet, and nosecone to match, and be *black*. (the factory colors are dark grey and dark blue it seems).
    Since it's freezing cold outside I'm considering dyeing instead of spraypainting, and was wondering if, since the parts are already quite dark, if the acetone etc is necessary for such a "minor" color change when using such a "strong" color of dye. Would simply hot water and rit dye be enough to change very dark blue to black? Or is getting it to nigh-boiling and using acetone really needed no matter what?

    Also, as it seems *every* MP TC has the chest missile parts switched, does anyone have any tips on removing their pins to swap them around and make them correct? It seems those are more difficult than most. (I don't own this mold yet, been waiting all this time for TC to come out--and now am waiting for mine to ship)

    PS---MP TC's hands seem to have a bit of sparkle in them--what happens to the metallic flakes when you dye parts? Do they disappear?
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    To answer the last part first, whether or not the flakes disappear is largely contingent on the color and duration of the dye job. For black, it's tough to say, but I'd expect they would.

    Dying black is the simplest of all. Hot water and RIT should do the trick, but be sure to dye for 6-7 minutes, take out, set to dry (do not wipe yet!). After dry, wipe them down and if they're the right color, let them dry some more for 24-48 hours. Especially with black, don't rush the process or you could get black residue rubbing off permanently on stuff you don't want. Patience is key. :) 

    Hope this helps!

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