California State Fair & Peter Cullen

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    Just a heads up for anyone in the Northern California area, or elsewhere that would like to make the trip.

    Stage Nine Entertainment and Toy Fusion are currently in talks with Peter Cullen to bring him to the California State Fair for a weekend appearance. Stage Nine and Toy Fusion are putting together an exhibit called Toytopia, which you can read more about on Stage Nine's webpage. Since Mr. Cullen has done many voices for many cartoons with toy-lines, he seems a perfect choice to bring out for this exhibit. Of course, being the greatest icon of all time and part of this summer's biggest blockbuster movie doesn't hurt much either.

    This is pretty much just a Head's Up at the moment as I said they are still in negotiations, but they wanted to get the word out so people can plan accordingly if need be.

    The weekend has not been decided yet, as it would depend on Mr. Cullen's availability, but as soon as anything concrete happens I will be sure to let everyone know.

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