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    May 14, 2004
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    I was there today. Guests were Simon Furman, Andrew Wildman and Klaus Scherwinski.

    Photo from the joint comic book creator interview panel.


    From left to right: Simon Furman, Andrew Wildman, Klaus Scherwinski, TFW2005 member Desastron (interviewer).

    Later, there was a separate Regeneration One panel with only Furman and Wildman.

    Some bits I remember:

    This was Furman's second CONS, Wildman's first ever German Transformers convention, and for Klaus, it was the first Transformers convention ever. (He had attended comic book conventions before.)

    While Furman and Wildman obviously worked together before, and Klaus and Furman collaborated on Spotlight: Wheelie, and Klaus and Wildman worked together on "Draw the World Together", the three of them never worked together on one project, and Klaus never met either of them in person before. In fact, he acted a bit like a fanboy among these two veterans.

    The three of them really had a lot of chemistry, playing off each other amazingly well. Wildman in particular cracked a lot of jokes.

    When digging up his old comic books from his childhood, Klaus discovered that one of the first comics he ever got from his father as a child was actually a G.I. Joe issue drawn by none other than Andrew Wildman. And he now owns an original page from that issue.

    While the three of them were very open to the possibility of working together on a project, Wildman hinted that people might not want Furman to work on anything ever again once they see what he does in issue 85!

    Furman was asked about his opinion on the Michael Bay movies. He said that they definitely opened up the franchise for a wider audience, which is a positive thing. Even though the story may dumb.

    I asked him how working on movieverse comics differed from other Transformers projects. He didn't fully address my actual point, but he did mention that working on the prequel comic to the first movie was a blast. Working on the adaptation of Revenge of the Fallen was quite an experience, even though the script he was working from made sense! Then he saw the movie, and even though he had done the adaptation, he didn't understand the plot. Nefarious, in turn, was one of the most awesome things he ever worked on, he thinks.

    My own haul: Classics Mirage and Cliffjumper MOSC (opened now), a near mint Cybertron Deluxe Hot Shot and this Wildman sketch:


    Because Furman sorta created the "character", I had him sign it too. :) 

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    Jul 12, 2005
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    C.O.N.S. was a great event and we had lots of fun. If anyone is interested, here's the full (semi-official) report with pictures and everything:

    C.O.N.S. 2012 - The Full Report

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