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    I haven't found a thread about what the whole C# Condition system is about and I recently came across something that's in c8.5 condition but I have no idea what that means condition-wise.

    So what is this C # thing and how does it work?
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    Understand the ā€œCā€ scale
    The ā€œCā€ scale rates condition on a scale of one to 10, with a C10 rating indicating high quality and a C1 rating indicating poor quality.

    C10: The C10 rating represents perfection and is incredibly rare.
    C9: C9-rated figures have minimal defects and are excellent collector-quality toys.
    C8.5: C8.5-rated action figures are in very good condition. However, collectors may shy away from them.
    C8: Action figures with a C8 rating, the lowest collector-grade rating, have visible flaws, but do not look worn.
    C6/7: C6 and C7-rated action figures have rips and apparent flaws. Collect them for nostalgic value only.
    C5 and lower: Action figures with a rating of C5 or lower are of very poor quality. They often have large parts missing and well-worn features.

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