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    I found the new wave of BWX today at my Toys R Us and decided to pick up Megatron. Incase you don't want to read the whole review, the gist of it is that it is really good and you should buy it.

    Beast Mode:

    For those who think these figures could have been deluxes in the Cybertron line, I have my doubts here. Megatron's beast mode is seriously bulky and would have to be contorted in the most rediculous ways possible to fit in the Deluxe packaging. The molding is extremely detailed and completely mechanical (even the tongue). The head sculpt has such a Megatron personality that it's almost eery. You can practically hear David Kaye's voice coming out of this figure.

    Compared to the early Beast Wars figures, and even the Jungle Planet figures, Hasbro put a lot of effort into making the beast mode well articulated. The arms have one ball joint each (at the shoulder), the hips move out to the side and front/back, the knees bend, and there are three points of articulation in each foot. The head moves side to side and up and down, and the jaw can open about 65 degrees.

    As I'm sure you have noticed from all the online galleries, this figure is knid of light on paint apps, but you really won't notice this in beast mode. The coolest paint apps in this mode in my opinion are the areas that are painted gold, which is under the eyes, along the nose, on the sides of the legs, and all the way down the back. The blue on the shins looks nice too.

    All in all, this is one of the better alt modes that I've seen in an animal transformer.


    I'm not going to go into detail with the transformation, but I will say that there are a lot of twists and turns that you will not see coming.

    Robot Mode:

    Unlike the beas mode, Megatron's robot mode is really no bigger than your average deluxe (maybe that's how they would package him in the Cybertron line).

    Again, the molding here is excellent and really evokes Beast Wars Megatron. His right forearm is the dinosaur head and his left arm is the tail, and this time there is a hand under it. The thing about the left arm is that the hand looks like some kind of deformed claw (think E. Shockblast right arm in purple and gold and you pretty much get it). Not the most attractive of hands, but it it is definitely better than no hand at all.

    The headsculpt is definitely Megatron, and in what seems to be more of a homage to the Beast Wars toys than the show, Megatron has one of those nasty grimaces on his face. The chest is similar to season 1 Megatron, with the "dino teeth" collar and the vents on the sides. The beast mode's upper legs act as armor plates as they did on the original figure, and the feet are still dinosaur claws.

    Megatron is highly posable, pretty much putting Cybertron Snarl to shame (I'm using him as an example because both figures have the "Jungle Planet aesthetic." The shoulders move side to side and front to back, the "wings" are adjustable, there is bicep swivel (pluse forearm swivel for the right arm), waist swivel, balljointed hips, thigh swivel, and the same amount of articulation on the lower legs as in beast mode. Of note is that the head is on a ball joint. I don't understand why all transformers don't use balljointed heads; it really does add to the posability.

    As far as colors go, it does not look as plain in person as it does in pictures. Sure the paint apps are rather scarce, but luckily there are enough plastic colors to make it less noticable.

    Compared to the original Beast Wars Megatron, this figure looks overall more menacing. He is skinny yet somehow bulky and powerful looking at the same time, with long legs and frigging sharp toe nails. Kibble on this figure is handled much better than on the original, to the point where it really doesn't look like there is any.

    Force Chip Gimmick:

    The force chip gimmick on this figure is on the tail. When inserted, the top half of the tail pops up to reveal a springloaded missile launcher, making Megatron's tail-arm more of a BFG and less of a pincher. When used in beast mode, it looks more or less like you're shoving the force chip up his butt, but then I really don't think any aspect of this gimmick works well for the beast mode.

    Overall, the gimmick isn't bad, I'm just not a gimmicky person.

    The "Darksyde" Predacon ship:

    Megatron comes with a little version of the Predacon shipfrom the Beast Wars show. It is made out of a rubbery, olive green plastic and actually has an impressive amount of paint on it. I guess this is a nice little trinket, but I would have much rather they used the budget for more paint on the Megatron figure itself.

    The Comic:

    The pictures are nice, and I assume it is a full version of the first issue, but the dialogue is atrocious. It was seriously embarrassing to read, and I was reading it silently to myself in my room with the door closed. Yes, the dialogue is that bad.

    If you like Beast Wars or the Cybertron beast figures, then I highly recommend Megatron. With no real sculpt flaws, excusable paint apps, and enough extras to justify the $15 price point, I give it a solid A.
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    Cool! Thanks for the review, I'll add him to my to get list.

    No, wait, he was already on there. I'll just underline or circle him or something.
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    Having had both a repaint of the original mold and the sub-par RM version, I was definitely psyched to get this figure.

    In short, he's OK. Probably about as good as one could hope for the size class and transformation.

    Show-accurate BW Megs has always been a figure that was doable in theory, but never put into practice until RM -- which executed it in the cheapest, most mediocre way possible. This figure takes a different route -- it modifies/updates the original design significantly, while hitting all the relevant points (including a removable tail).

    The bio on the back of the box indicates that the figure follows *Beast Machines* Megs in Universe-style continuity (which means the same for Tiara-Pretty Primal. Poor bastard.) Hence the techno-organic beast styling.

    In Beast mode, he looks like a cross between a T-Rex and a raptor. That's a nice way of saying he's REALLY skinny. I don't mind the new techno-organic stylings -- but the dude needs to EAT. The other possibility (that he's now a raptor) just doesn't fit the stature of the character -- raptors ARE vicious, but they're also TINY!

    Adding fuel to that fire: the instructions indicate that he's intended to stand on the front section of his feet, with the heel claw folded in and the ankle angled 45 degrees. Mmm, no thanks; I'd prefer to NOT prematurely wear out his feet.

    The transformation is significantly modified from the original. This time, the legs DON'T spin around -- they stay facing forward. To accomodate that change, the tail/left arm now passes between his legs, and the dino head has to be rotated right-side up when becoming an arm. The old skin kibble has been split in two -- the purple half turns into a shoulder pad, and the rest turns into back kibble like the original.

    Also, the thigh armor plates no longer rotate nor have projectiles -- they simply unpeg and slide a little lower on the legs.

    The chest is no longer held in by clips -- it's pure friction, and feels kinda cheap. It's one of those things you know only happened because the mold is too small for anything better. It bugs the hell out of me because it feels EXACTLY like the RM toy -- and really, wasn't the whole point of this mold to do BETTER? I'm sure no one else will care, because the figure feels solid otherwise.

    Bot mode looks really good. Picture the figure scaled to Ultra size, and he easily out-beefs the original, particularly in the shoulders. Paint apps are minimal (mostly head and chest) but effective.

    The head-hand has two points of rotation (one in the shoulder, one behind the head) -- and it's possible to rotate it so the head opens REALLY wide, and looks creepy and dislocated. Mmm. Unfortunately, if you leave it like that when TF'ing back to beast, you get the "hey look I'm a DANGLING ARM" look seen in early beast photos. You'll know it when you see it.

    The tail is ... a tail. Until you pop it open with the (non-coded) Beast Cyber Key, at which time it turns into ... a tail blocking his face. With a gun. It would've been better if both halves could've split open, with the gun dangling (and CENTERED) in the middle; as it is, it's workable, but awkward -- and the key gimmick doesn't help. The claw hand holds really firmly onto a handle inside the tail; it's difficult to pry it off and clip it on again. Oddly enough, there are pegs on either side of the tail which go into a hole on TOP of the wrist. I guess that's meant to simulate holding the tail gun ... except that he's already holding it by default.

    It's definitely a better gimmick than the old spring-loaded tail claw, but I wish there wasn't a need for a gimmick at ALL -- because it keeps getting in the way of good design.

    Everyone already knows what happens when you do the key gimmick in BEAST mode, so I won't go there. If you don't know ... just don't do it. Really. You're better off not knowing. You're also better off not storing the key there ... though there's really nowhere else TO store it.

    Besides the giant, awkward looking tail-gun flap, my biggest complaint is the leg posability in beast mode. The thighs can only go back so far before the tail physically blocks them, then they go into awkward splits. (The armor plates don't help.) That means that there's not much variability in poses possible (as opposed to the original, where you could do both the old-school AND more-horizontal T-Rex standing poses). Worse, he tends to lean too far forward anyway. It seems likely that all of that stress might loosen the ball joints faster.

    Overall, a good redesign, brought slightly down by questionable gimmicks and compromises due to the mold size.

    Final grade: B

  4. Feralstorm

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    Finally found Mr. Megs.

    It may not be ten times better than Optimus, but it's at least over five.

    Except for the arms and torso being short compared to the legs, it's a very impressive design, and a great reworking of the original BW Ultra.

    IMO, of course.
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    I just got this figure yesterday, and I absolutely love it.

    I love his size. In my opinion, its just perfect. They kept his gimmicks to a minimum (thank god). His Tyrano head is amazing and has excellent poseabilty. by far the best Tyrano alt mode ever made. The sculpt is amazing, the transformation is very fun - a perfect blend of perfectly fitting shell pieces, and twisting, rotating armatures. Fun stuff, and solid. The chest piece doesn't need pegs as when properly transformed this chest meets the back pience in a solid union. Uses the same new style hip joints as seen in Deluxe Unicron - only this time the joints are very tight. I love these new joints, kudos to Hasbro for their design.

    Takara raised the bar with the Robot Master incarnation, and this version blows that attempt away, and stomps all over it. This is my favorite Megatron figure, Ever.

    Everything about this figure is top notch. If you see him, run with him to the register. You won't be disappointed.

  6. llamatron

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    I find the stupid upper thigh armour plates really get in the way in both modes - makes the arms akward and odd in robot mode, and totally limits the leg movement in Beast. I also find he has trouble holding the tail gun and his arms are a bit stubby / short. Possibly just because his legs are so long compared to the rest of the body. Otherwise, he's pretty good.
  7. Fairy Princess

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    Love both these toys, even plan on getting the Cybertron repaints since they are 5 bucks cheaper.
  8. Grimlock_13

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    Boise, ID
    I daresay this is close to my favrite Beast toy ever.

    The dino mode is absolutely spectacular...I LOVE IT.

    In fact the only thing I don't like about it, it the stubby mongloid arms in robot mode and the bombASStic cannon gimmick...I can get past it, the robot head mold is great, the details are awesome...there's more praises I could sing about it, but it's already been said.

    A- (the '-' is only for those damn arms)
  9. butz

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    I also love this figure, and wish they would apply the same formula for this update to create new figures of some of the other Beast era characters (particularly Scorponok and Terrorsaur). The arms are a tad short, but its a minor gripe. The "butt-plug" cyber key gimmick is another shortcoming. Still, its a great figure, and I wish they could've done as well with BW 10th Primal.
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    Just got this fig today. I like it only complaint are his short, stuby arms. If they were a bit longer I think he would seem more proportionate in bot mode. Otherwise a solid figure.

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