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Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by jorod74, Oct 29, 2011.

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    I am looking to upgrade my 10 year old studio Headphones.
    (can't stand "earbuds", they hurt my ears and never like the sound.)

    i want something in the $40 or less range and are comfortable for long sessions (as i am trying to beat Batman: AC) and 4+ hours listening to podcasts/tunes on my iPhone during hospital trips.

    any suggestions?

    Extra Credit: Any opinions on Wireless or even BlueTooth headphones for portable audio uses? Prices on BlueTooth seems still a bit high, but anything to remove wires to tangle up would be good.

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    For bluetooth sets, I can suggest these:

    Rocketfishâ„¢ Mobile RF-MAB2 High-Definition Stereo Bluetooth Headphones - Black : Rocketfish

    I've used these a fair bit before and they aren't bad. The quality is decent and the charge on the battery lasts for about 4-6 hours I find depending on use. The only problem I've had is that the plastic headband does tend to hurt my ears a bit after a few hours, though that's largely due to the frames of my glasses. The price on them is 60$, but you can easily get them for 30$ on sale.

    Another option you might consider are these : Plantronics | BackBeat 903/906

    They are earbuds, but they are the type that use a rubber funnel that fits into your ear. Personally I find these to be far more comfortable than either conventional earbuds or studio headphones. The sound quality is also quite high on these, in part because they are partially noise isolating because of the shape. Granted, it's not as good as a 200$ pair of noise isolating earbuds, but it's better than most. The battery life is about the same on these to.

    Finally, if you end up getting a specific set of headphones you like, but still want bluetooth, there are clips that you can get that allow you to plug any set of headphones into it. The clip itself is about the size of an ipod shuffle and acts as a receiver for the bluetooth signal. You can get them at music shops for about 30$ and I haven't really heard anything bad about them. The one that I have is from itech and I got it at hmv for 30$, but I haven't really tried it out much to give you an idea about the quality, though I assume it would be more dependent on the quality of the headphones plugged into it.

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