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    That's it, I've had enough of these G1 pretenders (no puns intended)so I've decided to purge my collection of these impurities.

    All my figures are in very good condition and have been transformed no more than 5 times each as I usually leave them in bot mode on display.

    Shipping will start on the 10th of December (I'm currently out of the country and will be back by then!)

    5% discount when you purchase 3 figures, 10% on four or more.

    Payment by Paypal, P&P included in pricing.

    Pics will follow shortly.

    Thrust- £38 Complete with box
    Dirge- £29 Complete with box
    Prowl- £30 Complete with box
    Sunstreaker- £30 Complete with box
    Sideswipe-£22 Complete with box
    Red Alert- £22 Complete with box
    Smokescreen- £32 Complete with box

    Starscream- £20 Complete, no box
    Hot Rodimus- £33 Complete with box

    Wheeljack- £12 Complete with box

    PM me if interested, subject to negotiation!

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