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    Ok, I don't have a digital camera yet, I do at least have

    Title: Transformers: Till All Are One (I hope nobody already used it)

    Owners Avatar: Fox Kids Transmetal Rattrap (Rattrap Primal)

    Peanut Gallery: G1 Insecticons, maybe sometimes Jawas or obscure Transformers

    Comics Tone: Comedy for the 4th Wall Breaking, Serious when I hope to get epic

    Cast: Main Characters are G1 Style Transformers (Classics, Universe, Generations) with some Beast Era characters in both factions.
    Secondary Characters Movie/ Animated. Some Lego/ Bionicle maybe Hero Factory. So far no Shinki's (not sure if there will be, the more well known ones are hard to find now, and I already collect American lines), maybe MOTUC/ DCU/ Marvel Legends. MMS might show up at some point, but not for a while

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