Burnout: Revenge problem.

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Dalarsco, Oct 21, 2006.

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    I've had Burnout: Revenge since soon after release. Suddenly it no longer plays music during the races. I checked the settings and found nothing to turn it off, and it as on full blast. Any clue what is causing this?
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    Well I own Burnout: Revenge for PS2 (great game by the way) and I've never had this problem. All I can say is try these:
    1. playing the game without your memory card installed(basically starting a new game)
    2. check to see if your disc is scratched (that may be diong it).
    3. your memory file for the game may have become corrupted (if your were using a cheating device like action replay) this may also mean that others game files on the same card are corrupted as well.
    4. your memory file for the game may have become corrupted (did you have your system on during an electrical storm or did you leave your memory cards in during an electrical storm (this can happen even if your system is not on, it's best to leave your systems unplugged until you play them.))
    5. may have just been a glitch. try playing it again.
    6. fiddle with the options to see if anything changes. and check your customizeable playlist, you may have turned the songs off.

    thats all i can offer as a solution. i hope your problems are solved in a good way and you don't end up with a busted game. in the meantime, good luck man!

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