Bumblebee vs. Rampage Diorama

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    Now on EBAY!


    Custom Bumblebee vs. rampage Diorama

    You get everything you see, the base, the figures and accessories shown in the pics, (barrels and crates)

    Lots of goodies here,

    Bumblebee has been give the full repaint treatment with some shading for battle scourching. His arm has been modified with the blaster permantely fixed. He is no longer transformable. The best quality paints around were used, Kustom Kolor by Valspar, these are the same paints use by pro customizers Frenzy_Rumble and Encline Designs!

    Rampage has also been fully repainted and detailed with a blast effect to the chest (Bumblebee's Kill shot) and ofcourse Kustom Kolors was used on him as well. His tracks have been dry brushed for a weathered look.

    The base has been painstakingly detailed with scratch built walls of a destroyed building the second level having wooden beams coming out of the edges, bullet holes and blaster holes all over the walls as well as crumbled parts of the wall scattered throughout the courtyard, proving Rampage didn't go down easily!

    The base is covered in actual sand, that's right actual sand, not some textured paint. I went for as real as I could get!

    3- 55 Gallon drums and 2- crates help to fill out the display and add alittle more depth to the scene.

    You can see my previous work done at http://www.figurerealm.com/viewcustomfigures.php?op=4&id=6380 and I am also a member of www.procustomizers.com user name noturkidstoys

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