Bulkhead's fate

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    I just thought of this and decided to write this. I'm leaving a cliffhanger so its up to you to decide if he lives or dies. As always thanks for reading and please reveiw

    I wake up and see myself floating over my own body. I realize I'm in med bay. Miko why are you crying I'm right here. Did something happen? Why is everyone sounding like they're whispering. Why am I floating over my body. Last thing I remember was the Tox en, getting blasted and the ground bridge. Ratchet don't punch my chest you'll hurt yourself. Wait is that a spark monior.

    I look and realize I'm connected to it.
    No this can't be I can't be dead. It has to be a dream. But if it is then why can't I wake up. Why do I feel numb and at peace.
    I try to focus on waking up. I even pinch myself but nothing.
    Am I really dead? Miko. Bee. Optimus. Why does it have to be this way? No its not. I'm just having a bad nightmare. I'll wake up and go dune bashing in no time.
    I sob and get angry. I start telling Primus to screw Unicron in the aft.
    A while later I just float there at peace with my self. At least I died doing a good deed. I don't want to leave but I have too. I'm dead.
    I see a white light and familiar figures.
    Cliffjumper? Tailgate? My fellow wreckers?
    They welcome me with outstreatched arms and I go to them. Suddenlly the light and my fallen friends disapear. I see nothing but darkness. I hear voices but I can't tell who they belong too.
    Is this death or something else. Am I in the Pit? Why can't I see...

    And like I said I'm leaving the ending up to you.
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    Poor Bulkhead......:( 

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