Customs: BubbleGum Crisis Sylia/Motoslave repaint idea

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by GetterRobo, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Since I have seen Arcee Prime with the mounted side gun, I can't help but think that bike reminds of the Motoslaves from (classic) BubbleGum Crisis (BGC).

    Another thing that I noticed was that Sylia Stingray reminded me of Sari, if she was to grow up. Yes, Sylia also has the jetpack wing (not shown in image).

    So I decided to do a little (amateur) Photoshop edit to see what they would look like. Mind you, I do not have the patience to paint/mod figure and they usually end up in a storage bin if I mess them up.

    Attached are the before and after images. Sidenote, I do have the BGC figure, I was just to lazy in taking a picture to upload... I obtained the images online.

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