BT-02 DX Teletran Accessories hand thoughts?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by supervir2, May 13, 2010.

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    I'm mildly interested in this, but can't find any reviews for the life of me (my google-fu is weak today). There are some pre-release pictures, but nothing in hand. Does anyone that has this (or had it) care to share some thoughts or pictures? Or direct me to a review. Thanks!
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    Apart from a couple of pics on tformers site, i dont think there are currently any reviews on it
  3. destrongerlupus

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    I got a set, and while I can't say I *regret* picking it up, it was a largely forgettable purchase.

    I was mostly interested in Dragstrip and Octane's guns, and I love those.

    I the trailer-mount weapons are all lost on me (I don't have any desire to have any of those figures tow a trailer/don't own the figures), I gave two of 'em to my "Outback" just so he'd have some guns.

    I LOVE the sculpt on the Rodimus gun, but it can't be held by Titantium Rodimus (No surprise really), so it's kind of lost in my collection, Shattered Roddy has it, and its fine for him, but I wasn't dying to deck him out with it.

    The Drone-thingey IS cool, but I don't own the trailer it's suppposed to go in, so he's just a dioramma accessory for me, and frankly, since they went to all the effort of doing an opening cockpit with a molded interior, I'm VERY disappointed they didn't design it to hold a Diaclone pilot figure. A HAIR more depth on the seat and it would have worked...that's just not thinking things through very well.

    @25 bucks, its not a terrible deal, and if you want to use the Trailer-mounts, it's probably a very good deal, but it's a really strange set of accessories...

    I feel like they were mostly trying to trick out their Trailer, and/or give people extra reasons to buy the trailer, and then just threw in some extra stuff to pad the box. I really only wanted the padding, so that may be why it's all a little meh to me.


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