Customs: bruticus handle molds?

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    when it comes to the enhanced bruticus maximus combiner sets the long barroled shotguns, the the fold up knife sword and the fold up extendable sniper rifle all use the same kind of clip on handle with inmolded hand grip so that the sniper rifle the, shotguns and knife sword can slot into place inside of bruticus's left and right hand in a secure manner


    are there any fellow fans here on the forums who would happen to have experieince in creating parts molds who would be interested in casting part molds of fansproject bruticus rifle shotguns and knife sword hand grip handles?

    the reason i ask is because i would like to buy some extra hand grip parts so that i can use them to mod a junkion blacksmith infintiy warfare add on weapons set so that my fansproject enhanced bruticus can use the weapon set parts in any kind of possible weapon configuration

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