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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Depthcharge, Mar 3, 2007.

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    Hey guys! Awhile back a friend of mine was handling my MP Alpha Fighter when, through no fault of his or mine, its left arm snapped off at the bicep joint. I really want to fix this up but I have no customizer experience of any sort.

    The main problem I'm facing is that these Toynami MP Alpha's have virtually NO visible screws so I can't get the fighters shoulder apart to get at the damaged piece. It looks to me like its all glued together but I'm not 100%. Maybe somebody else that owns an Alpha can shed some light on that.

    If it is glue, it's been suggested to me that I try boiling water or alcohol to dissolve or soften the glue enough to pry apart but I'm worried about melting/warping/discoloration.

    The white part is the bicep joint which consists of two pieces. The lower piece retracts into the forearm. The upper piece retracts into the shoulder. The lower bicep features a post (a rather thin post) that inserts into the upper bicep and is held by some mechanism I haven't seen, probably just a knob. This two piece setup gives the fighter its mid-arm swivel articulation, but in this case it created a very thin and fragile piece of plastic that has a lot of force exerted on it during transformation.

    Below are some pics of the fighter so I can try to explain how the joint works and how it broke.

    This first pic is of the still intact right arm so you can see what it looks like.


    This pic is of the forearm. Note the thin white post at the top of the bicep... that is where the breakage occured.


    This pic is of the shoulder. You can see the hole in the upper bicep that the post plugs into. The breakage on this part happened somewhere up inside that hole. I want to get the shoulder and maybe then that bicep piece apart so I can see where it broke and possibly fix it.


    Any help or advice that you guys could give me will be greatly appreciated.


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