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    This is a very short (2-page) taster of a fan comic that I believe is being distributed at TFNation this weekend and at a few other places. One of the creators made a thread here a while ago, which has since been deleted, and I PM'd him to ask him to post me a copy.

    I think that it's written by Brychan Travers and drawn by Nathan Webb, although it just says 'Travers / Webb' on the front and 'created by ...' followed by their full names inside. The cover is signed 'Webb' though, so it looks like it's that way round.

    Essentially it's a very pleasant little teaser, deliberately withholding a lot of the detail while introducing us to two main characters (and a third via a Universe-style profile on the back page). The premise is essentially 'Transformers in London in the 1960s' and it's obviously inspired by things like The Italian Job, The Avengers (Steed and Mrs. Peel version), The Ladykillers, Sapphire and Steel - that sort of Brit pop culture lineage.

    The staging is well thought out - instead of drawing on the war and traditional factions, this is a disparate group of Transformers who have been marooned and are simply banding together to survive and remain hidden. For reasons not yet revealed, it looks like this is going to involve them pulling all sorts of heists and getting involved with East End gangsters.

    The art is solid, particularly on the vehicles, and the colouring is actually rather wonderful - it's light and painterly, which evokes the era very nicely. The dialogue is necessarily a little strained as it seeks to establish content, setting and character over the course of two brief pages, but it has some neat creative flourishes - I love the addition of 'boltlocks' and 'cranker' to the Transformers swearing repertoire, standing in for more familiar British slang.

    I'm undecided on the two main characters so far - M.C. is established as a bit of a chancer, a bit cocky, basically British Rodimus, while Pherral is more straight-laced and short-tempered. The most intriguing is actually the character profiled on the back - a robot fox called Vixious whose alt mode, rather splendidly, is a leather attache case. As a case, she utilises mass displacement to carry much larger objects, which I can imagine being used to great comic and dramatic effect in the full story.

    So anyway, very much recommend picking this up if you get the chance. I'd like to see it continue.
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    Thanks for the review Focksbot, glad you liked the book. If anyone who got a free copy from me at TFNATION has any comments I'm really like to hear them.

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