Brave Revival Legends BR-05 Great Goldran

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    Here is the beautiful and enormous reissue of Great Goldran with an updated color scheme. I managed to snag a second one, so I'm passing one along.

    BR-05 was a very limited "made to order" item by Takara and has been notoriously difficult to track down. It features all three components of Great Goldran (Goldran, Leon Kiser, and Sokrage), updated with gold and silver detailing not featured on the original release.

    Here are some cool pics of the original from SF's collection.

    The box has been opened by me, but the taped seal around the plastic tray has not been broken - GG has never been touched. Good thing, because fingerprints would be a bear on this guy! The box has some cosmetic damage (see pic), mostly because GG is actually a bit too big to fit in it well - it's very snug.

    I'm offering him for $320 shipped to anywhere in the continental United States (via UPS). At the moment, I'm not interested in shipping him anywhere else.

    Shoot me a PM if interested... Paypal only, please. Thanks!


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